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 What parts of US Military organization and doctrine was copied or influence by UK military doctrine?
I know that the US copied many British ideas like the SAS, MI5, etc. What parts of the US Military today are a direct result of the example set forth by the British?...

 Can you join the U.S. Army at 16 with a parental consent?
Someone told me you can join the U.S. Army at 16 if you have parental consent. I personally would like to join the Army when I am 16 if this is true. But, I don't know if it is.
So, can you ...

 old enough to kill, but too young to drink?
whats your stand on this issue?...

 How do I hire a Private Military Corporation?
Since I can't use the terms hitmen, or mercenaries, I would like to know how to go about hiring a Private Military Corporation. And, are these PMCs restricted to providing security, or can they ...

 Do you believe that the US armed forces are invincible? How does this effect your view on the war on terror?
I think that we (the US) are convinced that our armed forces are invincible, and that can be a very dangerous thing.

Our politician's are playing games with this war, as our enemies ...

 are the marines getting the same ?
are the royal marines getting the same equiptment and same new body armour that the british army is getting ?...

 How long will he be on bootcamp?
my boyfriend began marine bootcamp this past saturday and i have SOOO many questions about it. For one, well will he be out? He was told 6 weeks, then 10 then 12... and by the time he left we werent ...

 Does Shrooms show up in an Army Urine Test?

 How does your body change after Army basic training?
I just visited my brother after he graduated the Air-force basic training and he was still very skinny, Im just wondering if the Army is any different and how so?...

 Which is tougher, the Marines or the French foreign legion?
The question is about their training, knowledge, survival skills, etc.
Who is more capacitated as a human weapon?
Who is more elite?
Is the French foreign legion more like a Special ...

 Do marines wear ear plugs?
i was firing an Ar 15 and it was loud. even with the ear plugs in. how do soldiers hear what they are being told when there are 50 troops firing rifles, and tanks and turrets shooting? do most ...

 asvab next monday?????????
i have been studyinng with the asvab for dummies has anyone had sucess with it and did you study to wear you start getting confused i have studied every day for the past month any ideas how not to ...

 I want to join either the Army or the Navy, but I'm torn.....?
I'm in the early stages of thinking about the military, and I'm thinking about either Army or Navy.

So, which do you think is "better", and why?...

 US ARMY AWOL is my situation a felony?
in 2004 i was in the 101rst airbore also have a ranger tab. i had some crazy things going on and gone awol for 3 1/2 years turned my self in and my infantry unit there did not do anything to me at ...

 There is currently a war going on in Iraq, right?

 How long does it take to become a Special Forces Soldier?
How long will it take for someone who signs up for the SF at enlistment (The specific term alludes me at this time) to become an 18D or an 18C? And how can you prepare yourself physically for the ...

 why is the federal more interested in helping illegal aliens than its own military veterans?
it appears to me in the name of political correctness the present administration is more concerned with the treatment of muslims and illegal aliens than those who sacrificed for their country.

 Was the Swiss Army Knife responsible for keeping the Germans from invading Switzerland during WWII?

 Can women join the Army's Special forces or become a Sniper?
If not, why not? Also, are there any army jobs similar to those for women? I want to join a branch of service that won't put me at a desk but in the middle of all the action and involvement. I ...

 how do you get a job in a military hospital?
how can i get a job as a nurse in a military hospital like walter reid do i have to be enlisted or what?...

What kind of mental problems do soldiers get from a war?

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PTSD is usually the most common one.

Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome

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PTSD is the most common problem, which has been descibed pretty well by the others. Another problem is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). This is cause from an impact to the head, usually from a blast from an IED. It can cause memory loss, speech impediments, among other problems.

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Agent Smith
Stuff happens fast and everyone is different in how they process it.

In WWII only 1 of 3 infantry actually shot back.

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There are many. Not being a mental health specialist I will refrain from enumerating them.

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Post Tramatic Stress Disorder is the most common. Depression is another very common problem as well.

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Little Leny
Post Traumatic Stress disorder (or syndrome I can't remember). You wake up in a cold sweat and re-live that moment of you life over and over and over and over. Gets to a person.

USMC 2005-current

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Well generally speaking most conditions they get (if any) are all categorized under PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

They can get flashbacks/nightmares about experiences during the war, or they might shake and twitch (like Hanks in Saving Private Ryan)

Hollywood celebrity Audie Murphy, the most decorated soldier of World War II slept with a gun under his pillow and suffered intense nightmares in which he said he heard the voices of his fallen friends. I think these same dreams even caused him to act violently towards his wife at the time.

How they treat it, I do not know, but the symptoms of war related trauma are not pretty.

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