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 Whats the probability I will become an Air Force pilot?
im 16, dreaming of becoming an AF jet pilot, and I'm curious about the probability of becoming a pilot. my eye sight is 20/20, and i never look at bright lights, and wear glasses to protect my ...

 Are tanks used at all in Iraq and afghanistan?
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 housing allowance at 17?
If you have a kid can you get offbase housing allowance at 17 years old? and please don't say ' you have to be married'.

My recruiter already figured that out for me so it ...

 Mysterious Missile shot from submarine in Southern California?! Then ths morning I saw two fighter jets in a?
Alright so yesterday I saw on the news about a ballistic missile shot over the Pacific ocean near Long Beach, California and the government denying they had anything to do with it.

Well ...

 what jobs in the military do not involve killing people, or at least seeing the people you kill?

 Recruiter rushing me to MEPS, find a different recruiter?
I smoked before, frequently a few years back, then at the Rainbow Gathering in june and early july. Then I smoked a few times in august, and didn't smoke until last friday. I haven't smoked ...

 Do US Army MPs take the infantry basic course?

 How long does it take for Tricare to approve surgery?
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 How fast for a Deployment?
I leave for Marine Corps Boot Camp in October then to SOI for infantry training I want to be deployed as soon as possible how soon could that be?...

 will the army ever go back on their tattoo policy...?
mostly the one on the neck?...

 what would happen if the us didn't exist?

 I am getting deploy to iraq in FEB and i was just wondering if i have to take my class A with me or not?

 how do terrorists recruit?
i have always wondered because really, everyone is looking for them so how do they recruit new terrorists faster than they lose terrorists
Additional Details
A- give me your info (such ...

 how can i get information about how to become a Navy Seal?

 what happens if you go AWOL after 2 years active duty?
I know a guy who went AWOL after 2 years of active duty, he still has 2 years active left and 4 years inactive ready reserve. what will happen to him?...

 In some rare cases is leaking classified information a good thing?
I am referring to the video leaked by the solider in Iraq showing a attack helicopter gunning down a crowd of innocent people and children..and then also killing those who try to rescue and help the ...

 During the Civil War, why were there so many casualities?

 would joining the army reserve help me become a police officer?
i live in indianapolis IN, i need to find out if i should join the army reserve for 3-6 years or just do security for awhile to become a cop.

would any of those help me any?


 taking the ASVAB tomorrow?
And I am kinda freaking out when it comes to tests I freeze is there any tips, advice any of you would like to share I hope I do good I have been studying like ...

What does "In the field" mean in military language?
I'm talking to this guy in the Marines and he sent me an email today saying he wouldn't be able to call Saturday through Wednesday because he would be "in the field". Uhm, not exactly sure what that means! Lol, can someone help me out?

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2010-06-17 18:36:39 +0000
Probably means he's gotta spend some time on the other civie girls that he talks to on a regular basis. Don't be a Marine hog.

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2010-06-17 18:27:00 +0000
Marines/Soldiers train all the time and not all training can be conducted in a class room or the motor pool or barracks, some times they go out on maneuvers (aka in the field) to play war games.

Cell phones are typically frowned upon in a field environment.

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2010-06-17 18:25:02 +0000
NOT on base.

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2010-06-17 18:21:21 +0000
Means he'll be doing a patrol of his area

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2010-06-17 20:03:32 +0000
When service members are doing any variety of training they term it as being "in the field". During this time they are generally staying in tents, training for missions, conducting live fire exercises, weapons ranges and any other variety of military training.

They are generally unable to use phones (depending on location), will not have access to the internet, television and many other creature comforts. Another main difference is that the service member will generally eat MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) versus general food.

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2010-06-17 18:25:20 +0000
Probably doing training exercises. These are done outside of the main compound. This area is called the field. He won't be near a phone or computer.

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2010-06-17 18:22:07 +0000
It means that he will be out in the woods/desert/water...whatever environment he happens to be in for training. There are typically no phones or Internet cafes and most units don't allow cell phones, if there is even any coverage at all.

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