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 Has anyone lived at the Atsugi Naval Air Base in Japan?
Hi I just found out my fiance's main base in the Navy is going to be in Atsugi, Japan. Has anyone lived there, especially as a Navy spouse? How hard is housing to come by? Would it be possible ...

 Can anyone recommend a detailed urban survival manual that offers suggestions, advice and techniques?
I am looking for a book similar to the US Army's Survival Manual. However, the Army's survival guide does not have a section on urban survival. I live in a major city and want to get ...

 painting condo red white and blue?
i am thinking of painting our condo red white and blue in support of or troops in Iraq..what do you think about this?...

 How much is 45 days of leave worth?
i'm getting out of the Navy in May and i want to how much money i would get (as an E-4) if i sold back the 45 days of leave i have on the books....

 need someone who really knows Army info who can help...?
Hi there! Let me explain my situation and hopefully someone can help because I'm sick of getting the "i don't know" answers from my chain of command and branch...

I re-...

 Our terrorists our "best" enemy's ever?
Now before you get started up with the "your supporting trerror blah blah blah",what i mean by best enemy is the fact that unlike our last enemys communists,terrorists cannot fall like the ...

 Can i join the Army Rangers with asthma?
I was thinking about joining the marines but then i found out that if u have asthma over 13 u cant get in so i wondering if i can join the army rangers instead. My asthma is mostly trigered while ...

 What military vehicle is this?
It looks like a small truck, but on the back it has this thing that lifts up and shoots all these missiles one after another. Does anyone know what they are called?...

 How many POW's from the US does Iraq have?
I was sad to read about the 2 POW's that were just found murdered. I am wondering, does Iraq even have POW's or do they just kill their prisoners?...

 How successful are you after the navy?
I'm thinking of joining and wondered about afterward....

 If a soldier is taken as a prisoner of war, is it possible they could be considered AWOL?
I speak only of the American military. Is it possible the soldier is considered AWOL if there is no way to tell they are a POW?
Additional Details
To be more specific, have there been ...

 What can I I bring to Air Force BMT?
Well I'm leaving next week and was wondering how much civilian clothes I could bring to BMT. On the website it says to bring a couple days of clothes but the problem is that I wont be back home ...

 Marine Infantry and College?
I've read before from military forums that it's hard to be in the Infantry and go to college. I've always want to be a Marine, but I'm also ready to start college. I was wondering ...

 i am a disabled iraq war vet. why do i feel like i need to go back and die there like i almost did?
im just a war vet having problems with feeling like i have to go back to war and die like a soldier like my friends ...

 area 51/area 52 question?
what are they? whats the difference between the two? and also what sortof things do they do in there??...

 What would be a great gift for someone who is going into the armed forces?
I have a friend who is 21 years old and he is going into the Army. We are having a going away party for him, and I want to get him a gift. What is something that would be a great gift for him? U...

 why do americans try and take all the credit for the first and second world war?
when in fact they did very little and came in last minute it wasn even there war and they did save our bacon
Additional Details
we could have amereicans anyday us brits americans are ...

 what's the difference between a Sergeant-Major and a Warrant officer?

 Has the US the statesmen the likes of JFK?
Having just watched that great movie "Thirteen Days"and the balls of JFK and his enterarge.Imagine what could have happened.
Additional Details
Maybe he was a womaniser and was ...

 Hi why the Russian President wants to help our U.S. troops in Afghanistan?

Additional Details
We could use some Spetsnaz troops in Afganistan....

What does a WOMEN'S physical exam consist of at MEPs?
I'm leaving for the military soon and I was just wondering what exactly the women's physical exam was like at MEPS? Do they send a women to a gynecologist? What STDs do they test for? I know they test for things such as HIV/AIDs, but what else, if anything else?

If anyone who has actually been through this and could help me out I would appreciate it. I'm just curious on what I'm in for. Thanks! :)

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Kembo Kenyatta II
A manly middle aged female physician will examine your "private" parts in detail!

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they only test for aids and they check ur vision for sight, colorblindness, and depthpercption and check ur hearing and also a dr. will check ur private parts and make u do some weird *** walks. trust me iv been to MEPs but since im a guy i been there almost the excat same thing.

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No more than your own Dr.Not a problem! Complete Physical.

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Yes they check all those things, you even take a pregnancy test. aha.
and basically at one point you get sent to this room, and are told to basically take off your clothes and put on a gown. You will be in the room with other girls. Then someone will go in the room and tell a couple of you to do some exercised such as a duck walk [ super embarassing and uncomfortable] and others exercises. then in another room a doctor will check your vajajay =X. yeah, but i mean all the girls have to go through it so i mean its no biggie.

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I was there a month ago. They take all of the women into a room and have you strip to your bra and underwear(make sure your underwear completely covers your butt). Then they have you do some exercises...just like bending over to touch your toes or rotating your arms...Just to make sure everything is working right. Then we had to do the duck walk..it's not that hard. They weigh you and check your height. Then they have you take off your bra and panties and put on a paper robe(there are curtains, you don't have to change in front of everyone)...individually the doctor will see you, mine was a woman. She checks your breasts for any lumps. You then lay on the table and she glances down at your genitals(I had heard I would be getting a Pap smear, that's not true). Quick and easy. You get you ears, eyes, and throat looked at, as well as have blood drawn and give a urine sample. They also give a breathalyzer and take your pulse. It's not that bad at all, you just have to wait a long time in the lines. It took me 12 hours to get out of MEPs on the 2nd day, but that's mostly due to all the paperwork. Good luck!

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