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 world war 1 poemm? helpppp?
i have to write a 10 line poem on world war 1 about the war, death or experience... can anyone help ???...

 What type of a combat vehicle is this in this photo?

 What is the message when the "commander in chief" does not honor the military on Veterans' Day?
Again? ... Obama Refuses to salute on Veterans' Day on US flag.


 MEPS and undergarments question..?
Are these acceptable? (because everything else I own I know isn't acceptable because of print or because of style.)


 What was Germany's most effective weapon in WW1?

Additional Details
TDs not from me....

 How has the war in Afghanistan affected Canadians?
Please explain too! (:...

 which carrier is replacing the vinson in the shipyard??
Which carrier is next to be "refueled" in Newport News??...

 Do you think that there are alot of military personel that are abusive?why?
studies by military doctors of various branches that on average show that there are over 19,587 substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect which happen over a six year period....

 Can I have a 32" HDTV when i'm living in navy barracks?

Additional Details
whats wrong with having a bigger television? ive seen small tvs in barracks and i was just curious. i'd rather not have it stored for the next 4 years. it wasn�...

 Why doesn't President Bush and VP Cheney have to answer for their criminal negligence in the Iraq war?
I think that President Bush and the entire Bush administration should be held liable for all the damage caused by the Iraq war. Everybody else has to pay for damage done by their negligence. They ...

 How many nuclear warheads does Israel have?
has there ever been an official count?...

 ARMY ID question'S.....................
He y'all, my hubby leaves in 3wks and I wanted to ask when do me and my daugther get our dependent ID cards? Do we wait til we go to his bct graduation? And when does the insurance start? And ...

 which branch of the military has.....?
the least female soldiers? i dont think that women should be in war & i was wondering which branch has the least of ...

 army or marines?
I plan on serving in the military (possibly as a lifetime career). What are the pros and cons of both the army and the marines? I can't decide which one I want to join. A lot of details would be ...

 We got him....Yea.....another top al Quaeda loon bites the dust....................?
Its working...yea!... See here for details.......http://news.yahoo.com/s/ He ate a laser guided bomb while in a 'safe house' (what an oxymoron) near Pakistan border ....

 military, navy, army, etc?
any great that does not draft, alright because i want a job that save lives, and this may work, but i dont want the deployment, because going to a new country isnt great, any, alright guys and girls ...

 Are hemophiliacs allowed in the U.S. Navy?
Are hemophiliacs allowed in the U.S. Navy?
If not, are there ways around this?? (legally? yes or no?)
Additional Details
i spoke to a Navy Corpsman, he said that a hemophiliac could ...

 joining the us navy seals?
what is the average years you have to spend in the navy to become a navy seal because i doubt very few can sign up and become a navy seal right ...

 Is there anyway to Get into the Military Without a highschool diploma or/and GED?
i never got the chance to get a highschool diploma when i was in the states i moved to a different country for 4 years and well, yeah i just didn't get the chance, but i was hoping because i ...

 was the vietnam war a civil war?

What are the towns around Pensacola like? Are they safe?
I'm moving later this year with my future Marine Hubby down to Pensacola. He will be living on-base while I have to get something off-base by myself. We're from Indiana, so we don't really have a chance to take a look around the Pensacola area.

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Pensacola is nice-it is a small town but very nice. The beaches are great. No major traffic. Some areas better than others. There is two malls-cordova and university. 2 major hospitals-Sacred Heart and Baptist(they bought the 3rd one West Florida Hospital). There is a couple of clubs- Seville Quarter and others downtown Pensacola area. There is seafood- Joe Pattii's is the best place for seafood. I think you will like it though! Just find something near the base. also there is a university( UWF) and junior college(PJC-which I graduated from!). Hope this helps out-if not google it!!

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Brittany B
i live in gulf breeze, right by pensacola, and there is virtually NO crime here. and when it comes to violent crimes, you won't find much of that at all. it's a pretty safe area altogether. there are some areas of pensacola that i would avoid, but i wouldn't worry about getting hurt or anything.

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My father was stationed at Whiting Field in Milton during 1983-1986 and I lived there about 5 years ago. Navarre, Gulf Breeze ,Milton and Pace are just outside Pensacola and are small cities. Milton/Avalon, is also home to the Moors, a golf course used in PGA tournaments (if that interests you). OR you can be really adventurous and live in Alabama. I live in Bay Minette (north end of Baldwin County) which is 45 minutes from P'cola, but the south end of Baldwin has Lillian and Orange Beach which are minutes from P'cola.

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my husband is stationed here in pensacola and he is in the navy. i dont really know which base he will be on, but there is pensacola nas, and corry station which are very close to each other. If you are going to get an apartment, i would recommend if you want to be very close to NAS, then austinwood apartments, or country wood at blue angel, are nice apartments. If he's on corry, then Fairfield Lakes will be closer to there because its on 98, and they are nice apartments too. my friend lives there and you have an alarm in your apartment and its gated. If you decide to rent a house there are some nice subdivisions on gulf beech hwy ( staying in the direction going towards perdido). in the other direction there is coral village, but after that it gets questionable. There is also a nice subdivision behind the military housing i live in on blue angel. i would recommend Pensacola.MLS if you are looking for houses ect.. to rent. if you have any other questions feel free to email me.

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