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Military wives cheating while there husbands are on deployment?
How many military wifes do you know or have personally experienced that have cheated on there husbands while they were away on deployment? Whats up with that? Why do they do that? Dont you think its a little messed up?

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from your other questions you seem pretty worried about wives cheating.. is it perhaps because you are a cheating husband.. and do tell.. is the kid yours ..........

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It is messed up, but unfortunately it seems to happen. I, myself, think it's selfish of them to think of only their own needs while their husbands go through the hardship they do.

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here to help
only one i can think of. yes it's bad,but taking away custody of a persons child is worse

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The Original Magic 8 Ball BILF
We just got finished with a one year deployment in March for my husband's Unit. Two wives cheated on the 'civilian side' of the deployment. FIVE Soldiers in the desert, males, got caught cheating with women that were not their spouses (obviously). The women that they cheated with were two female soldiers from our unit, unmarried, and the rest contractors and support personel.

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Some (my neighbor last year) don't realize whats going on until its too late. A sensative, understanding guy comes along... he's a great friend, she begins to trust him, then one night she's had a few too many drinks and winds up in bed w/him. She was crushed.

Some do it for revenge... because they believe (truly or falsly... it happens both ways) that they've been cheated on first.

And a good many of us DON'T!

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John T
Wives cheat on soldiers that are away. Facts are facts. A civilian friend of mine who grew up near a base said it was always easy pickings when the men were in the field and Desert Storm they weren't just available but on the hunt.

BTW, he for one claims to have maintained the moral high ground.

Too many of my friends have been devastated when they finally realized the truth that their wives weren't being faithful on the homefront.

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I've don't known any Air Force wives or husbands that have. My husband is AF and been in Iraq 4 times in the past 15 months. I've never cheated on him and he's never cheated on me. I think that someone has to be serious f*&ked in the head to cheat on thier spouse while they are deployed! I feel that we become closer as a family everytime he leaves. Of course, I do know a couple Army wives that have messed around on thier spouses!

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the reason they cheat is because they dont care. if women really truely cared about there husbends they would not cheat on there husbends. She would masterbate if she really cared and get a vibrator or something.

The excuse of missing being sexually active is no excuse to cheat on your spouse . Thats why they have porn for, so while your spouse is away, you can masterbate without haveing to dishonerably cheat on your spouse.

It may not be as great as real sex but it will help prevent you from cheating on a spouse.

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A lot of the wives that I know, and husbands for that matter, that decide to do such a thing are young and dumb. They find themselves away from home, away from the person they moved to be with, and they are desperate for attention. They just don't realize what a mistake they are making, and they don't have anyone to talk to about it. All of their family is far away and they just do it.

Yes, it is a screwed-up situation, but it happens.

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Ticked off American
I don't know anyone that has cheated. But if they did they are pretty messed up in the joint. The last thing a soldier needs to hear from back home is that their spouse is cheating on them. That is down right dirty and wrong. They do it b/c they miss being sexually active and they miss having some one to cuddle with. Now personally I think anyone who cheats on their spouse is retarded and needs to knocked in the head really hard. And I will be more then happy to do that for anyone. But hey to all out men and women out there who are serving....God bless you and you are my heros!!!!


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i do think it's messed up for it to happened i think it takes a strong woman who loves and respects the relationship to stay true that i have met two but from what my husband tells me alot of them do the sad thing is that everyone finds out about it and well being in the military is not easy and being a military wife either but if you can't deal with it then move on.

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Watch Jarhead and you will find out.
But the main reason is that they are HUMAN. They need loving, and the weak ones can't hold out that long. Boredom takes over, hope is lost, and relationships deteriorate.

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nancy jo
we live in a disposable world where there is little regard or respect for ourselves. any person who cheats within the confines of a marriage is unethical.

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Marine Wife
They arent the only ones cheating! guys cheat too. and most women in the military don't cheat its those sluty ones that give us bad names

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People cheat on their partner for lots of reasons. What they lack is honesty, commitment, loyalty, faith and trust in each other! I believe that when you truely love someone and are committed and faithful and know where your loyalty lies then there is no reason for cheating at all.

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People who cheat would do it sooner or later regardless of military life and deployments. And its much more accepted in our society these days.
I've been an Army wife for 18 years and never cheated. If any one I knew cheated, I didn't know it. But my hubby has had buddies whose wives cheated on them. The women were runarounds before they got married, they just never stopped. There are some women who they do crack under the stress of being alone during the deployment and wondering if their husband will come home alive. I've had days when I was so wrung out that I really needed a pair of strong arms to hold me up and wrap me tight and tell me it will be okay. There are guys that take advantage of that time of weakness. I'm not condoning the wife's giving in, just understanding the circumstances. People just have to keep themselves away from those temptations.
And there are just as many soldiers cheating while they are away from their wives thinking they can get away with it, or using the excuse that they can't go that long without. My husband had a classmate in BNCOC that was that way.
A lot of people just don't take their vows that seriously anymore.

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I know 13 military spouses who have cheated, a few have resulted in pregnancy. I live on post and I see it all the time. I tell people who want to know what it's like being married to the military, if you can't handle the deployments and being lonely sometimes, then don't get married. It's one thing to cheat when they're at home, it's another to cheat when they're deployed. I'd like to smack everyone who's ever cheated on a deployed spouse, but then again, if I did that, I wouldn't be leaving for my training in a few weeks.

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I'm not sure that it's just the deployments that are to blame in cheating situations. Long deployments are hard on all involved. My husband has been deployed 30 out of the last 37 months and he just left again two days ago. Cheating hasn't crossed my mind. I keep myself busy and I know that it won't always be this bad. I also think that maturity in handling the situations that deployments pose could be some of the problem. Bottom line....people cheat whether spouse is deployed or not.

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I have been a Navy spouse of 6 years and I have NEVER cheated and he has NEVER cheated on me. It takes strong realationship to make it. Some people from what i know since i have had friends that have cheated get lonley i guess.. i dont know., I couldnt do it , I think it's messed up and lack of respect

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Lake Lover
There is NO excuse for that! None - zero. Nada.
They don't deserve to be married to a military man if they do that.

I have a beautiful friend that just broke up with a man and she's heartbroken. Why can't the good people seem to find one another?

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