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 Has the USA ever taken directt Military action against a Nuclear Capable Nation?
This why the USA will do nothing about R...

 US Troops & ethics?
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - U.S. military commanders in Iraq on Thursday ordered ethics training for combat troops, after accusations that Marines murdered unarmed civilians in an Iraqi town last year. W...

 bf leaving soon?
So, my bf is getitng his 2nd deployment soon. Id like to do something great for him before he leaves. Any ideas?...

 Did the Twin Towers go down from aeroplane hitting them or inside bombs?

Additional Details
According to world top architects, the steel that constructed the buildings would not have melted under impact or high-octane ...

 Do you think that women should be allowed to be sent to war?
so first i want to say that I'm not against woman's rights at all. The only thing is i don't believe that we should send women to other countries to fight in wars. Some of the reasons I...

 Any advise on what i should carry with me for self defense when i go jogging at night in lonely places?

 Im aware that the BNP is pretty much a racist party but is it really true they dont allow black people 2 join?
Im aware that the BNP is pretty much a racist party but is it really true they don't allow black or Asian people to join,? Is that even legal?
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Im aware that the BN...

 How come 70% of America oppose troop increase in Iraq?
Poll: Americans oppose Iraq troop surge By NANCY BENAC, Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON - Seventy percent of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq, according to a new poll that ...

 Can women be part of any millatary?
Like, this may sound stupid for people who are in the millitary, but I don't know. Like, can they be part of everything or just some things, or what?...

 How many Deaths Do You Expect in Iraq?How long Is the War Going To last?

 Oh by the way, did I mention my son is dead?

 How many countries have ever dropped a nuclear bomb into a civilian population?

Additional Details
Check out the Tech man getting all excited. I asked a question thats all. Youre the one reading things into that.

The fact is the US is the only country ...

 What is this ship?
This has been bugging me for so long! I can' remember the name of it.
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Please note it has ...

 What do u think is in Area 51?
hmmm i ...

 What is the benefit of leaving Iraq?
Lets say Pres. Bush caves in to the idiots who want us to leave Iraq what do you think would happen in that country? Everyone knows that answer. CIVIL WAR. So you are basically advocating innocent ...

 MP Wife...Are officers or other MPs allowed to reprimand military wives for their appearance?
I have heard, and my husband was telling me, that military wives can be reprimanded for their appearance...i.e. messy hair, dirty, unkempt looking. I was just wondering if this is true and if so, ...

 who won world war 2???
I believe that the Soviet Union won the war,25 million Soviets died,less than 300,000 Americans died,the Americans and the uk only helped the Soviet Union after they began winning,when the Germans ...

 I Want to become an army officer.please give me some details about army?

 What are your thoughts on 20% of suicides in the US being carried out by war vets?

Additional Details
Smelly foot it comes from usmilitary....

 Which Bush is getting a ship named after him??
Is it Pappa Bush or Little Bush that is getting an aircraft carrier named after him and when will this bad boy be in the waters? Do you think either Bush deserves to have a ship named after him? I ...

Military people, why did you want to serve?
My mom asked me today why I want to join the army when I get older and I said I see it like this basically, I said freedom isnt free so I want to do my part in securing it, its a challenge in the constant struggle of life, a way to be all I can be, a huge selfless sacrifice, puts life in perspective knowing you could die (just like how when foreigners come to america from an opressive country they appreciate the freedom so much more) having your life on the line helps you to appreciate life more, I said also that personally its a challenge, the conflict of good and evil, you really live. What do you think? Why did you join?
Additional Details
Oh and I didnt say this but it is a great adventure.

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Serving isn't the only way to be patriotic. I have several family members that serve and they've since come back saying the Army is bull shenanigans and now they are politically minded. I understand you want to "secure freedom" but throwing your life into a war machine is not the only way. I understand all the "if your speaking english thank a soldier" type stuff, I see it on bumpers all the time, all I'm saying is in the Army you have no choice in the cause you are fighting for, they may make you think you are "securing American freedom", but in reality, all the current troops are doing in Iraq are baby sitting a civil war, spreading democracy (world police) and securing foreign oil contracts. As that one guy said in Waiting, "Ehhhh, I don't know what I wanna be when I grow up, join the army!" I am not against soldiers or the Army, I'm just saying that more kids should honestly think about what they're doing before they sign their lives away, or at least large chunks of it, to a government who could honestly care less. To them soldiers are a disposable commodity, and war is a good form of population control. Think before you sign. And if you do, beware the message parlors.

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True American
i am not Military but i have family in military. they serve because they love their country, love it enough that they would die for it.
if they didn't love their country, they wouldn't serve it.

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Because some of us Americans really do believe in the U.S. and for what it stands for!
Where else in the world can you start your own business because you want to?
Where else in the world can you go to any college/university of your choice if you can come up with the tuition?
Where else can you load up a rental truck and live anywhere any the country you choose?
Too many people today just bad mouth the U.S. for no real reason. In many countries today, bad mouthing your govt/country will land you in prison. Its easy to sit back and find fault with everything, it takes a person of character to make a change for the better!

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I originally planned on joining the USAF but the day I went to the recruiter's office, the AF recruiter was away. I knew the Navy recruiter because my gf used to baby sit for him. I went in to talk to him and left...in the Navy. I mainly wanted to GET OUT OF DELAWARE and see the world. I did: 5 ships, 8 oceans/seas, 6 continents (including 13 months in Antarctica), 32 countries(some more than once) (stationed in 3). I can go to 6 countries now and not have to stay in a hotel.(Japan, Sardinia, Mauritius, Kenya,Sicily, Taiwan(last two was because of my present job) because we keep in loose touch (except for Vince in Sicily...we email frequently). In 1985, I went on 10 days leave to Sardinia and a family we had become friends with was insulted because I wanted to camp out instead of staying with them. My wife still keeps in touch (recently by email) with a friend/neighbor in Sardinia. I spent over 20 years in the Navy and would gladly do it again.
To be honest, patriotism didn't have anything to do with my decision back then(Viet Nam was just starting to escalate). I retired in 1985, but until recently (this time last year) I really didn't think about my feelings about patriotism. When I joined the Patriot Guard Riders (you can do a google.com search on them) my feelings became very strong. It might have been there all along, but nothing brought it to the front like the PGR's do.

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Jim C
The reasons you gave are good enough.I served because I felt it was my duty to do so and I was not ready for college or the job market.Looking back it was one of the smartest thing I ever did.I have been out for 20 years.

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I wanted to do my duty in securing freedom for the us and to bear true faith and allegence to the US. I wanted to help make a difference and help my country and others less fortunit then me, and i joined before sept 11

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i joined for the college money, also the fact that it was an easy transition to move out of my parents house. and also to travel, and i definately got to do that, ive been to lots of different countries and several different states.

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Because my MOS is fun, satasfying, it pays, the benefits are great, advancement opportunities come at a pretty good pace, college is free (for me), and because I'm Army Strong :-)

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At first, it was to get away from home. To try and make something out of my life. No money for college (or grades either), was getting into more trouble than I care to mention, and did not want to end up in jail. After entering, I began to gain a new perspective in life. I learned a whole lot about respect, discipline, leadership, and "being all I could be". I also began to understand that while you are in the military, you give up your rights and freedoms, so that others might have them. I now have freedoms that I served for. Not all Americans can say that. The fact is though that very few in our country, gave their life for this way of life we can now enjoy. I gave of my life without having to lose my life. I am grateful to God for his divine protection over me.
I pray for those who are totally selfless, by choosing to serve their country at a time such as this. May God bless them and keep them.

I am now a hard working, taxpaying, American who has changed his uniform. I now serve in The Lord's Army. His guidance and example are awesome! His selfless service is the greatest. He gave his life for mine. There is no greater love than that. If you want to serve mankind, travel the world (as a missionary), The Lord's Army is looking for, not a few good men, (no one is good but God) but for a few lost men (or women), who are willing to put their trust in The Lord of all Creation.

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Alpha Wolf(Bringer of Rain)
Why does a bird fly?....Why does a lion hunt?........a boxer fight?.......Instinct!....something inside you....follow your heart it's there for a reason............

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I joined the military because it was always something I wanted to do; even, before 9/11. I always wanted to serve the country so that everyone could continue to enjoy the freedom we have. I wanted to see the world and I also joined for the education benefits.

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You got it all, Socrates. I joined in 1971. It was in the middle of the Viet Nam war. I didn't want to fight or be put in a situation where I would have to kill. But I did want to support my country. I was able to do both by going into military intelligence. I was stationed in Thailand during the war, on an intelligence gathering mission, electronic warfare. I thought I made a great choice, still do actually (other than I should have stayed in). But I was given a harsh wake up call when I returned and my best friend asked me, "So how many babies did you kill?" You're lucky, you'll be going in during a time when most of us remember what it was like to do a job that others were too cowardly to do. We appreciate the sacrifices our troops make, the importance of the job they do. You do what you believe is right. Know that you will be getting the best training possible. But also understand, the pay sucks, the hours suck, the work environment sucks and there are still jerks out there that will spit on you simply because of the uniform you wear. Good luck.

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My father was a Marine, so I was always taught that being a soldier was the bravest thing anyone could do, and the greatest honor. I also wanted to be a doctor since I was little, so I figured who better to heal and aide than our military? Who could possibly need and deserve the help any more?

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The price of liberty is eternal vigilance. I joined a couple months after 9-11. I wanted to face the islamic menace, in the hope that my future children would not have to face this scourge. However, more and more it is turning into a generational war. The decisions the government makes, now, determines whether or not this is a generational war, or a hundred years war.

If you want to know Good vs Evil, download and watch any of the beheading videos. you will see, in living color the nature of our enemy, and the satanic evil that infiltrates them. Listen to the screams, the gurgles, the shouts, and the allah akbars after it is done. and ask yourself if this is something you want to pass on to your children to deal with. Or is this something you would want to spend your lifetime destroying from the Earth. We all want to leave this earth a better place than how we found it. The truth of this concept is that evil people must Die.

Einstein himself said that evil prospers when good men do nothing. We no longer have the luxury of doing nothing.

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Wow... you listed some lofty principles there, and should be commended for it. However, my advice is to be realistic about your expectations. You're not going to cruise down to the recruiter and then go out and save the world. You're probably going to spend a good amount of time on your first enlistment mopping floors or scraping paint or sitting in a hole with a gun somewhere.

That said, here are some reasons I've stayed in for the last 12 years:

1. The people: You'll meet some of the best folks anywhere. Sure, we've got our share of clowns like anyplace else, but by and large the people you'll serve and fight wars with are far more professional and competent then anything you're gonna find working as a "cube jockey."

2. The mission: You get to be part of something relevant, and important. In corporate America, it's all about making somebody's stock go up, and management will work you into your grave to this end. In the military, it's about achieving your command's mission objective. You're gonna have some tough jobs and put in some long hours and spend a lot of time being lonely, homesick, uncomforable, scared, or pissed off. At the end of the day, though, you're working toward something that truly matters. Granted, you may only be a small part of a much larger operation, but you're part of it nonetheless.

I hope this helps.

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