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MILITARY* cannot reenlist due to medical reasons?
I have been in the navy for 8 yrs now, I get out may 30 2008 and had planned to reenlist on that date for an additional 6yrs. During my reenlistment physicals, they were unable to mark me as "FIT FOR REENLISTMENT" reason being is that 2-3yrs ago started have back pain, went to medical NUMEROUS times, this past april they finally put me in for an MRI and found degenerative disc disease in 2 discs and a tear in another disc. I was referred to Neurosurgeoun with apt pending on 28may 2008. also for the past 2 years I've had numerous problems with stomach pains and blood in stool. went to medical numerous times, did a CT scan of stomach, came back fine referred me for colonoscopy and upper GI. The referral for colonoscopy and upper GI was put in april 15 2008 and I called ever other day to schedule and they kept telling me nothing is available.
what are my options now so that when 30may2008 comes around, I want to be able to stay in. do I submit a medical extention????? Please help.
Additional Details
I appreciate everyones feed back. Here is some additional information to cap on what some of you have recommended or stated>
I "CAN" pass a prt very well without a problem. I can score in the goodhigh/goodmed catigory but the deal is that the last PRT cycle, my PCM put me on LLD and waived me from the PRT pendng MRI results. Now doing the PRT does hurt, I'm not going to lie but I can do it. I can do my job at work and I feel I am deployable. My ailment does not hinder me from doing my job in my belief in anyway what so ever it does just make it a little more stressful.

I spoke with my PO1 earlier and she told me that we will submit a medical extention that will give me the time I need to finish all my pending medical apts. once completed, I will get the word on if I'm fit or not.
another funny part is that my command has a strong belief that all apts should be made on days off...well, I had my neurosurgery apt on a day off but had to cancel due to manditory safety training!!!!!!

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2008-05-23 18:19:36 +0000
You can't submit a medical extension.

Medical holds are requested by the Medical command, not the individual.

You get out and apply for VA benefits or pay for your own medical care.

Those are your options.

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2008-05-23 19:06:27 +0000
well you can not get a medical waver with the problems u r having i have the same thing and i am now on a pension from the navy. also you are unable to pass the prt test that is required by the navy. you can not put in a medical extention that is not up to you . under the the navy u have to wait till u see the neuro doctor and it will be up to them if u can reenlist .and if u can stay they will either with a honorable or medical discharge but since it is time for your eaos you will be discharge with honors.

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2008-05-23 18:20:50 +0000
Submit an extension but it looks to me that you're toast their buddy, sorry! will you get medical compensation for the injury? something you should ask about, like a medical retirement! Thanks for your service!

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2008-05-23 18:30:38 +0000
I would try to get evaluated to see how much of this they can attribute to your service (most likely, at least on the back, you could get 40% disability or more), and let them pay you for letting you go.

Unfortunately, I don't think they'll let you stay in.

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2008-05-23 19:11:54 +0000
if you cannot be world wide deployable they will NOT allow you to stay in.

request a Med Board and then make sure you get the VA disability rating as well.

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2008-05-23 18:45:09 +0000
WT? Well what happen to the medical board? Doesn't the Navy do a medical board to determine if your fit for duty or not. This usually takes a while and if they determine you are not fit for duty and decide to medically separate you, they need to determine what your military disability rating is and pay you accordingly (usually a lump sum). Then you turn around and apply for VA disability. Make sure you make a copy of your medical records and contact the local DAV or VA for assistance. The DAV is awesome and will tell you exactly what to do, practically do it for you. You want a VA rating of no less than 30%, but with the problems you mentioned i'm thinking you'll be getting no less than 50%.

bt7 is right....don't sign papers or leave without the Navy looking into it more.

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2008-05-23 18:39:51 +0000
You may not be able to stay in, but you will be either medically separated (which involves additional compensation) or medically retired. It depends on the level of disability (I think you need at least a 30% disability to be medically retired).

You can and should apply to the VA for disability no matter if you get separated or retired. They will typically rate your disability higher and that may qualify you for additional benefits as well, maybe even a pension of some sort.

Whatever you do, don't sign your separation papers until you finish letting the Navy do your exams and/or treatments. Notify the person at Personnel doing your paperwork of your trouble getting medical appointments or you won't have the choice.

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