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If we go to war with Russia?
Will US and Russia fight without Nukes? well i mean considering the fact that they can both anialate each other and basically end humanity.

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IF we go to war with Russia would we have any other choice? We're spread too thin now as it is...

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hahaha you moron forest...not USA Georgia!

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Yes, both side are not stupid enough to risk nukes, whoever uses it first is demonized. they will only use it for self defense if the other side use it first i think.

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If the us and russia went to war with each other it would obviously lead into a world war and many other circumstances would come into play. Our allies have nukes as well they could preemptively try to strike russia with one of their nukes leading to russia to retaliate against that country with the allies retaliating against russia and so on . The US has set up missile defense systems throughout the country and even the world now so the amount of nukes reaching the US can not be known. The amount of destruction caused by the nukes that get through can not be known either because of the differesnt strenght of the smaller portable nukes compared to the larger ones in the silos. But yea im rambling , to answer your question at the beginnin of the war yes they will fight without nukes testing the strength of the military powers against each other ( giving the people of US dont cry about the war constantly) but as it drags on nukes are inevitable but I dont think the first one will be fired by either country but by one of their allies.

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Pənny Proud
The USA is already heavily involved in the Russia/Georgia conflict: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtboailmEpNklMWd3VYMwfDty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080810114733AAweYJ8

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Warren G
OMG! russia is already in Georgia, USA. What should I do? I dont see any tanks but im sure there out there, HELP!

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yes there won't be Nukes and I really doubt that the "fight" even happens. NATO is gonna end this soon. Don't worry.

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Berg O
You see in the cold war the ussr (communist Russia) had enough nukes to annihilate the entire u.s. once but, the u.s. had enough to finish off the entire ussr twice. therefore, if russia uses it than they are good as done and if the u.s. uses it they are as good as dead.

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tiernney b
We have to fight without Nukes.
It is not legal to fight with them right away
unless it gets out of hand
because it would end humanity

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Definitely, yes. US and RUSSIA can fight anytime with Nukes. And the leaders who will promote this war are insane, mad, nonreligious, barbaric, uncivilized, demonic, and whatever you call them. It is our basic duty therefore, as citizens of the world to prevent this thing to happen. Let us all join hands to prevent this catastrophe to happen, my friend.

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Hornet One
If they were to go on an all out war, I think they would.

Both sides will use nuclear as a pre-empitive strike to hit the opponent's nuclear arsenal such as bunker and silo, at the least.

An exchange of nuclear warheads over cities, however, I don't think so, unless the war gets dragged into a very critical stage. trying to nuke each other cities is going to be irredeemable. its going to change everything, i cant even find the right word to begin to describe it.

Anyway, I think both sides would first tries to disable each other nuclear's arsernal, using the air force and special force or whatever possible way to destroy the opponent's nuclear arms, in hopes that a nuclear war could be avoided, since they both knows the consequences of one

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No it will always be a puppet war. Its suicide for both side to fight one on one. Maybe NATO to Russia. Nukes will be unlikely because whoever shoot nuke will be annihilated. Russia might have tonnes of nuke but most of them are not active. And US and most of its allies got nuke the only power Russia can rely on is China if the Military alliance of both country still exist.

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Lynn Z
My guess is that Russia and the US will go back to the cold war and use proxy armies to fight for us.

Behind the scenes we'll support one regime, while Russia will support the opposing regime - and then those two countries will kill each other and waste thier countries' resources with our weapons and support.

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Carl Marks
It would be nuclear. You can't hold back during a war.

Russia's conventional forces can't match the USA one on one. At some point the side with the disadvantage has to use all the tools in its arsenal or the side with the advantage decides to keep the upper hand, by using a first strike.

Basically, the choice is no war OR complete destruction.

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if we had a conventional war we would win. if we had a nuclear war nobody wins because there is nobody to claim to have won because we would be wiped off of this planet.

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Nick O
Ok, in theory if this happened Say good-bye to NYC, the whole state of Colorado, All major cities on the coasts, and Chicago etc... Also, there is no Moscow. The United States would be a big waste plant of nuclear waste and as would Russia. It would probably be close to a full world nuclear holocaust. That's just me though.

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I sure hope not. (as does everyone I suppose) I don't think that anyone is going to risk a nuclear holocaust over Georgia (and thats too bad for the Georgians) but something has got to give.

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Are you serious? Have you not read history? You really need to put on your thinking cap and perhaps you should think real hard about your own question!!!! I'm pretty sure the answer will come to you....It is staring your right in the face.....more or less in case you didn't know it.

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As a last reuest we would go to Nukes but the U.N would try to stop that. But I do think Russia would invade Alaska and Hawaii and then move on to the 48 contiguos states. Hopefully It wont though. America needs to stay out of their grills.

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well russia is pretty much already in a war with a country named georgia... and they are using bombs but not nukes..
I think for the moment that Russia is kewl with us...
but if we ever did get into a war.... yes we might lead to nukes and we are ******

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My Thoughts U Can't Decode
It's the end of the world as we know it... it's the end of the world as we know it... it's the end of the world as we know it... and I feel fiiiiiiinnnnneeeee!!!!!

*gotta love REM*

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my samy
bush must take back georgia now, 4000 dead as we speak

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