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 Why do people give us heat about using the atomic bombs on Japan?
they threw the first punch at pearl harbor, but i guess they didn't want to even think about a third?
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 Does it make sense to U 18 yr olds that you can't drink legally yet you can go to war & die for your country!
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 European Army (EU managed) - good idea?
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 Why do the American people get mad at me just because I treat the Iraqi war Veterans like dirt?
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 im so sad?
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 i want to be a marine as a girl is this a bad choice..how can i best serve my country?
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 the u.s. is the only country ever to have dropped atomic bombs on living people. horrible, isn't it?
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 What do you think the people in the military think of our dear Mr. Bush?

 Army no longer teach respect and manners or what?
Have you noticed this?

I told someone he needed his head gear while outside in his ACUs, and he pretty much told me to F off.

I'm bumped into by IET soldiers on base, who ...

 If Hezbollah is using civillians as human shields why are the civillians still supporting them?
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 What are American troops fighting for over in Iraq?
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 Why did the North win the Civil war?

 Why is Bush starting a war with Iran?
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 why can't I find a job?
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 US Marines vs Royal Marines?
Who are more skilled? What's the difference between the two? (apart from one being British and the other American obviously)

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If i join the military and i find out i dont like it and want to get out...?
can i get out of it? is there a certain period of grace time for people who want to get out?

are there certain rules concerning this?


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Liberals are 100 Years Behind
Man up and do your time or don't even join.

If they made it that easy, all the liberals would join and then get out right away just to say the were in the Military.

U.S.M.C. 1983-1990
God Bless America and our Troops !!!

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If you decide before Basic is over you can. Once you have made through Basic you're stuck.

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Sure you can! You just apply for a transfer and they put you up in a four-star hotel out by the yacht club, and you do parasailing and night-clubbing until another employer accepts you!

Seriously, if you do not like the military, do not volunteer. Join the Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard.

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The only one then was the national guard, where you'd sign up for a year and if you like it then you sign up for more. The reserves and active duty time is where you sign a contract to do a specific amount of time, 3 plus years or more. The previous two year hitch was removed. Once you sign the contract, you serve in the military or if you don't like it, you serve in the brig.

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I think in basic you can get out on "failure to adjust" the problem is that Basic is not the same as being in a unit. There are good units and bad units.

You can let your chain of command know that you want out and they will chapter you out once you are in a unit. However, my understanding, is that you would be discharged under other than honorable conditions.

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I am not 100% sure. But before you take the oath. An then after that maybe a discharge.

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If I were an employer and found out one of my prospective employees quit the military because he "didn't like it," even before he went to boot camp, I'd not hire him/her. Who wants someone so wishy washy and afraid of commitment? Not me!

If you got married and found out you didn't like it...
If you became a parent and found out you didn't like it...

Personally, I believe the military is screwing up giving those CHILDREN an out. It should be that once you sign, you're in. Stand up to your commitment.

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You really can't get out after basic training is over. You sign the contract for so many years, and you have to finish it, unless you are kicked out or go AWOL.

If you have this hesistation prior to joining, don't join.

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The way I understand it is that you can leave the service during your initial training (basic and your tech/AIT training) and your discharge will be classified as "Failure to Adjust"... it will be as though you never served. As I said, I'm not sure of the time frame for this, but the max may be 6 months.

If you are worried that it's not for you before you even join, then I recommend not even bothering. That is a bad attitude to have going in... every one is apprehensive about doing something new and the best way to deal with that is to speak to people who serve/have served. There are plenty of us here on Yahoo Answers who can give you BOTH sides of the story (lots of us, like myself, love being in the service, while a lot of other people wish they'd never joined). Also, talking to a recruiter would definately be a good idea. Although they will tell you "what you want to hear", all of the information he gives you can be verified either online or through other people if you're unsure whether to believe him. You can also ask the recruiter to take you on post/base to see how things work and talk to people who are currently serving to see how they feel.

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In the Army I know you can. I know this kid that was in the Army that went in as Comm but ended up in the Infantry. He went and spoke to some higher-up on base and he got out. Now he's an AFROTC at U of Wisconsin.

In the Marines, NOPE!!!

I don't know about the other branches.

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You can't get out without some kind of discharge that's going to look bad.

Once you're in, you are IN. That's a good reason not to join in the first place.

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briang731/ bvincent
It will be too late by then, my friend ! The armed services offers no mulligans. I believe the only grace period is that time before swearing in, after that, give your soul to God, because they will have your @ss !

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Keith C
Look it's no easy to get out because at first you won't like it, I hated it and wanted to go home so bad, I sniffled and cried like a child then as time went on I began to see myself change and I like it. I've been in 8 years now and wouldn't change a thing. Approaching service as a "well if I don't like it" attitude is the wrong answer because there will be times you don't but guess what that's life be an adult and you'll do great.

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boy, today's society is truly amazing....i feel so good that you will one day be taking care of me in some small way......

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If you're not sure - then don't join.

You can get out during basic for 'failure to adapt'.

They *will* give you a very hard time however if you do that.

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h h
Yes if you join the US Armed Forces and decide you dont like it and want to get out a serious transformation takes place.

You become what is known as a
Sh-tBird (shh-it-brrrd)
A person who joined an organization for the wrong reasons. Usually they are a person that the organization is depending on but they are too busy being self-centered, or selfish in general to put the good of others over themselves. In this process they are considered outcasts and generally hated by their fellows until they get to leave said organization either managing to get out honorably, or they are kicked out. A Sh-tbird in a combat situation is extremely unreliable and their inability to think of other people could result in those depending on them being seriously injured or killed.

Listen dude, if there is any doubt dont enlist. Seriously if you are not sure then just dont go. Or atleast take a job in the military that anyone can do and try to get a job where you can keep yourself away from combat just in case you do end up hating it and become a sh-tbird.

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What kind of imbecile are you? If you aren't man enough, you know it now.

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Absolutely, you can get out. There are all kinds of ways the soldiers get out all the time. The funny thing is I know a sure fire way that will get you out in about 6 months. It is called McDonalds! Yes, the Army will toss you out if you are grossly overweight. Just supersize yourself and poof! Also, you can do drugs, but when you do that you have about 3 months of 18 hour days, 7 days a week of hard labor. There are so many ways out, it is ridiculous. For all of you who are not in the service and say "If you sign, you do the time" please change your mind because if someone is in and wants out they will get good soldiers killed by being the lazy ***, no good $hltbag they are!

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Nope, you sign, you do the time.

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Lucine H
or you can get yourself kicked out, but it wouldn't lok good on your future record...

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