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Jack J
I am on leave from AIT (Ft. Leonardwood) and I can not go back?
I have been home 2 times now during training, once during week 5 and now during AIT holdover, I am in 21B OSUT training and my fathers health went downhill fast after I left fro training, however my leave ends on the 23rd and my fathers situation is not better, and I was not able to get any help lined up, and my wife has already too much to deal with ( our house, and 7 year old daughter with special needs) now she has developed several stomach issues, and ulcers because of all this, but my command doesn't want to release me, I am thinking of just going AWOL please help I am desperate, I can not leave my father this way and I can not leave this burden on my wife. Please help, serious replies only, anything mean or sarcastic, or just rude will be reported, I am in pain here I am being forced to choose between my family and really job training, HELP
Additional Details
I cant get a compassionate discharge, I am still considered "trainee" status, so the best I could hope for would be ELS or chaptered out, I really done know what to do, Family is first always, but I cant get in trouble either, what to do? I am so confused right now, trying to help my Dad and now my wife with thier problems, but then I am also consumed with thoughts of being in trouble, I am so messed up right now.

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Ryan K
You have to go back because you took an oath to die for your country at the time you enlisted. That means you agree to experimental vaccines chemical exposure and depleted uranium.
I would go A WOL and not fight the wars for the one world global new world order. Screw em you got your own life to live. Viet Nam Vets were drafted and exposed to agent orange YOU on the other hand are dumbed down even further and fighting the fake war on terrorism. we brought you into this world and tried to not go to Viet Nam so we are telling you now, dont go.

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you need a red Cross message from the doctor to your command.

But frankly.. they don't give a damn about your issues which have already negatively impacted your military training. as a far as they are concerned, your wife is the one who needs to be handling this stuff, or another family member. if that is not possible, then just get out. your commitment is to your military contract..a legal federal document. .

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I'm not too sure about TRADOC but you need to speak to somebody along the lines of IG or EO. Technically you can go 25 days in the whole but most commanders won't let you go 10 under. All you can do is to keep fighting it or get out. And even if they do let you go, you can always come back. Just see if you can jump on the next cycle.

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You need to find a way to complete training so you can get all these people on tricare prime.

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If you go AWOL you will just make it worse. The last thing you need right now is to get your pay and benefits stopped. If your wife and daughter have medical problems then going AWOL will stop your benefits, meaning you will be paying for them out of pocket.

Your best bet is to talk to your chain of command and see about a compassionate assignment after your training is finished. One of the last things a service member who has family members who need to be in the EFMP should do is leave. The cost of civilian insurance for two people with health problems is astronomical (if it can be obtained at all) while Tricare is always free.

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call the red cross they may help you also go to braveaid.org apply for a free grant to help your dad.tell them rich jordan sent you there and let me know what happens at rjordan9937@yahoo.com

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Can you ask for compassionate leave?

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You can AWOL, and for all intents and purposes be a fugitive, to attend to your family. I don't have experience with that, but I do about ELS/EPTS/Chapter out. If you go back and get kicked out, you will more than likely spend more time there then if you were to have just cooperated and completed training.

I think the decision to pull me out of training was made on the 9th week of training. They didn't actually pull me out till the 12th week, and I stayed 2 more weeks beyond the date I was supposed to if I had been able to graduate.

Part of the military life is not always being there for your family. Job ALWAYS comes first. If it's convenient for the job, then you can attend to the family. If you managed to get red cross to pull you out to see an ailing family member, they give you a set period of days, and regardless if that member has recovered or looks close to death, you need to get back or suffer the consequence.

Consider your current visit a blessing. Some service members never got to see their dying loved ones in time. Give your family confidence that they will make it through and so will you. Enlist help with your special needs daughter. Do anything you can before you have to go back. Take it one day at a time.

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Do not go AWOL, please. Red Cross, chaplain, these are very good advices you should follow first thing tomorrow morning. Then, think about supporting your wife. She needs to know and fully understand that it is worth going through the trouble. Call local church communities for immediate help and support ( you don't necessarily need to be a member) and you will be surprised how much it will help your wife if there is somebody in the house for one or two hours doing some housework or stopping by with a cake. Or hire somebody. Try to enroll the daughter if possible in afternoon activities, offered therapies anything that gets her out of the house for a few hours. Do you have any local voluntary Veteran's something around you? Well, they help out Veterans, yes, but you never know. These guys have connections and you don't need money but an extra pair of hands and a babysitter every now and then.
Can your wife get in contact with :

//www.myarmyonesource.com/FamilyProgra… ?

Might be worth a shot too, even if they just redirect you to other sources of help.

I was once told that it is easy for the command to send a soldier away - it is not so easy to send a spouse asking for concrete help away, especially if she is the mother of a special need child. It might be an idea to let your wife call your command. They will listen to her - given that she is reasonable and open to any kind of help (being stubborn and insisting that the husband has to stay home probably wont do it)

Friends, neighbors, the school and the teachers of your daughter, the parents of your wife, try to get as many as possible into your 'boat'. If not done yet, get in contact with the health insurance of your father and see whether any form of social or nursing care is available.

And talk talk talk. Make sure, the day you go back to AIT, everybody knows you do it for a better future. And who knows, maybe your wife is stronger than you believe.

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First thing, calm down and relax for a minute. Second thing, this is not the end of the world. You have to look at the BIG picture okay? Of course you're going through a rough time right now. You're in a good spot to help your wife and child. The benefits you're going to receive from being in the military are going to help them. You just have to get through training, then things will start to work out. Talk to your chain of command about your father. They'll be more receptive than you think. I'm sure your family is hurting but they won't be any better if you get yourself in trouble plus the benefits you lose. You're not just doing this for you, you're doing this for your family. Your dad would understand this. You're the man of the house which means your decisions not only effect yourself but your family. AWOL is not something you want to come up on a background check for employment either. Remember, this hardship is only temporary. AWOL on your record is permanent.

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DO NOT go AWOL! You become a criminal at that point.

Call your chain of command, and fully explain your situation, they will understand that. Next call that emergency number that is on your Leave form (DA 31), they will help as well if you can't make it back in time. Also, call the red cross so they can validate everything. The Army wont screw you over in this situation, just be honest with your chain of command. Don't go AWOL, that is the worst thing you can do, and hinder anything you want to do when you use your social security number. Not to mention the legal aspects of not showing up. It's not like not showing up for class at college...

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Sandra M
I am not being mean or sarcastic and I understand. Do not go AWOL it will not help you or your father or your wife. You can contact your chain again and this time, you need to speak with the Chaplain. You can ask for a discharge based on your family situation or a compassionate reassignment. If you go AWOL you can be arrested and sent to jail. This is not the way to work through this problem.

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My opinion. Contact the Red Cross tomorrow. First thing.

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It sucks but you have to choose what's best for your family. You there and AWOL, eventually getting caught and going to Jail, or just finishing your time. Go back to your OSUT and talk to your Chaplain. They have ways to help you with this.

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dont go AWOL it will ruin you. Just keep going up the chain of command, be tactful

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I would suggest you call the red cross that way your chain of command will get notice of your fathers situation. This doesn't mean they will extend your leave.

Next you need to call your chain of command and talk to them. You can ask to get the chaplians number and speak to them as well.

You can ask about a hardship discharge but really you probably won't qualify. Going AWOL isn't that answer though.

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I will be totally honest with you, if you dont go back guess whats gonna happen, you will have a federal warrant for your arrest, what are you gonna do then, when you get caught and you are in the Brig, How are you going to help your Father while being in the Brig. You need to return and go directly to the Chaplin and talk with him about it. Also have your mother, wife, contact the Red Cross and tell them what is happening, your command will have to answer the Red Cross Message. Good Luck to you.

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