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 How much time do you have off in Airforce?
After bootcamp of coarse like do you have off weekends?
What time on average do people get "off" their jobs?
What time do people have to wake up?...

 Why is it that PTSD in US soldiers is known around the world but of other armies of the world's isn't?
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 Crazy situation that makes no sense....?
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 Marine corps infantry question.?
are the Infantry men the guys that go in most of the combat missions....

 At 31 years old what branches of the us military can I join?
I'm an active 31 year old male skill-trade worker looking to join a branch of the U.S military and wondering what my options are....

 do you have to jump out of planes in the u.s. special forces?

 how to deal with husband in navy boot camp?
the waiting......

 i want to send a letter to someone stationed in yokota base in japan, but the adress is so confusing, so can?
someone pplease help me....i have
78 BOX PSC 1439
APO 96326-0014

 Questions about joining the Navy.?
I plan on joining the Navy after high school. (or the army, but that is unimportant really.)
This is a multi tiered question.
1. What can I do as an enlisted person fresh out of high ...

 Enlisting into the Marines..?
im 16 turning 17 in a month. I was wondering if i could go ahead and enlist even though i want to wait to go after highschool. is that possible?...

 How many of you agree?
That the reason obama wants to postpone the tv transfer is so he can get the boxes for as many peeps as he can so he can then control what we can watch. Just like ...

 Who was the better military leader- Alexander the Great or Juluis Ceasar?

 Is it wise to go to college and then?
I have been wanting to join the military for some time, but I think that as time goes by I have to Focus on my schooling (working on getting into med school) But I would like to join now. I have ...

 can pcs orders be given to to a friend who has the same job & skill level? Is that even possilbe or allowed?
we are both in the air force
Additional Details
the orders were given to my friend but he doesnt want them because he is getting out and said he would give them to me if the air force ...

 Will they let you on a Military base if your ID is expired?

 Did you know that Blacks were in the Revolutionary War?
How did Blacks serve in the Revolutionary war?
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So far! I like all of your answers! Keep them coming!...

 Will bootcamp make me more confident and outgoing and less of a "wallflower"?
I've always been pretty shy and people always tell me I'm pretty but have no confidence in myself. I know that bootcamp will force me to have confidence in myself or I won't be able to ...

 What does NATO stand for?
They were formed during the cold ...

 Joining the military at 27yrs old?
I'm a 27yo male and am interested in joining the military. I have been working as a paramedic for the past year and have a 4 year degree. I'm in great shape and have no medical problems. I&#...

 bf in ait with ex gf?
my bf is in fort lenoward missouri for ait and he left a week ago and it so happens that his ex gf is in the same unit but they leave at different times he is already there and she leaves tomarrow......

Bobby E
How often do you get to come home while in the Army?
Hello, i was just curious, how often do you get to come home to visit your family and for how long? And i mean when you are not deployed overseas, because i know you cannot come home then. Is it just basically major holidays or what? From what i hear you get 2.5 days per month is this true?, so say if i worked 2 months, i would have 5 days leave. So could i leave mon-fri, and come back sunday since you dont work weekends?
Additional Details
sorry forgot to also ask this. Does the leave time start when you get to basic, AIT, or when you get to your first real job place? thanks

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2008-12-08 04:44:25 +0000
Yes it is true that you do get 2.5 days of leave a month. I am not positive when it starts accruing though whether its when you start basic or when you go to your first duty station. They are picky sometimes with leave like if too many people request the same time period off and what not. You also have the opportunity to put in for weekend passes which means you can go home for the weekend and see your family. A pass is usually only necessary when you are going to be 250 miles or more away from the bases. You will get 3 and 4 day weekends occasionally and those are always good times to put in for a pass. And a pass doesn't count towards your accrued leave days. The military will let you know when you can put in for leave, to my understanding you cant use it when ever you want.

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2008-12-08 04:54:16 +0000
My parents live in Alaska, and I have a wife and child; but I still make it to my parents' home every year.

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2008-12-08 06:12:00 +0000
my husband has been gone since june.... he had to WTC and now hes in AIT.
ive seen him for a total of a week since june 15th. thats 6 months.

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2008-12-08 04:42:00 +0000
Yes, you earn 2.5 days per month. Leave time starts accruing from day one when you get to BCT. Some places require that you have 30 days of saved leave before you are allowed to take leave (Korea, Germany, Overseas assignments) Most places do what is called block leave during the holidays and it's about 14-20 days long depending on where you are stationed. Some places only allow leave during block leave times and others will allow you to take leave when ever you choose as long as it doesn't effect training or mission. You have to get leave approved ahead of time by your command. What the process is for your duty station/unit should be explained to you when you get there.

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2008-12-08 04:43:14 +0000
Tankers hit the nail on the head

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2008-12-08 04:56:10 +0000
Tankers gave a great answer; I also wanted to mention that weekends count toward leave time, unless the day you end leave falls on a non-duty day (which then does not count.) So if you took leave starting on Monday and came back on Sunday, that would be six days leave deducted.

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