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How long does it take to become a general from a private?
I have a question about how the military rank or hierarchy system works. I realize there are many ranks in the military such as private, corporal, captain, lieutenant, major, colonel, etc.
Suppose you want to become a career soldier. How long does it take to become a general (the highest rank) from a private (the lowest rank)?

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Well, it don't exactly work that way. Normally, you enlist and remain an enlisted person, or you get a commission through ROTC, OTS, or a service academy and become an officer.

Sure, there are cases where you can get a commission after serving in the enlisted ranks.

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god is not real
you cant really once you get to an E-9 pay grade you cant get any higher unless you started out as an officer. there are 3 levels, enlisted personal (private through Master Sargent of the army), NCOs (non commisioned officers) (Chief Warrent Officer 1 through 5), and officers (2nd leuitenant through General of the Army or 5 star which can only be achieved during time of war)

go to http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/Rank_page/USArmyRankInsignia.htm it is a link to a page from The Institute of Heledry click all of the 6 links.

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It usually takes a long time, and hard work with dedication. If I was to guess, I would say over 10 years, maybe around 20.

And FYI, general is the 2nd highest rank. Commander in Chief is the highest.

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Mr.Been there
Since Generals are made by Washington Congressmen, it's possible to go from private to general overnight. ( unlikely but possible).

From Private to Full Colonel a person is graded and promoted based upon that grading system ( in theory).

From Full Colonel to each of the General Grades, Congress makes those promotions.

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Angels Raising Hell
it takes years and it also depends on your service record.it doesn't hurt to know people in high places.

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If you want to ever become a general don't start out as a private. You need to be an officer before you go in or else your chances of ever becoming an officer is very slim. I know I went in as enlisted and quickly found out that it is close to impossible to become and officer if you come in as an enlisted person. If you were lucky enough to start off as a private and become a general I would say it would take at least one lifetime. I am not trying to be funny that is the reality of it.

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Today is the Day
a long time

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Yeap, that ain't the normal way to go around it. There are 'mustangs' (not sure what the Army calls them), but they're pretty rare. One guy, Mike Walsh, enlisted in the Navy and ended up as a Lt. Commander (equivalent of Army Major), but that's pretty rare.

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I don't think you could. There is probably a historical example but I can't see how it could be done now, at least in the UK. If you went up through the ranks and then became an LE Officer your career path would still be slower and you would be hugely unlikely to go much beyond Major. My husband went to Sandhurst as soon as he left University and was fast tracked but only one of his year is thus far a General. Remember there is a pyramid, and alot of people who are superb Officers will never make General simply because there are fewer jobs at the top and therefore much greater competition for them. There are also 'windows' so for instance, if you haven't been promoted to say...Lieutenant Colonel by the age of roughly 42, then you get into the rut of being defined as a 'passed over Major' (with apologies to any Majors of 42+!) and unlikely to advance. Your field is also an issue. You can be blocked simply by the next rank being specifically for someone with a certain Discipline. So.... there's a huge amount of luck involved!

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In order to go from an enlisted rank (Private, Seargeant, Command Seargeant Major) to an Officer rank ( Lieutenant, Major, Colonel, General) one must attend OCS (Officer Candidate School).

In my expereience and to my knowledge unfortunately no OCS officer has ever made General, West Pointers make up the bulk of Generals followed by ROTC.

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Well usually to head for the General ranks you either start there or at a minimum start in beginning of the officer ranks(depends on the country).

Education, steering away from controversy, avoiding demerits(keeping your nose clean), putting in the time in the 'right' assignments, and luck(and availability of open slots)...

Pray for war as that is when advancements accerlerate and if going from Private than you're looking for battlefield commision...
though I know of no case of a private going to general(highest Colonel BUT I'm no Army expert historian).

So forever or an entire career would be my short answer.

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depends on your service and leadership abilities

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Bullwinkle Moose
Most generals rise through the ranks of officers (2nd lieutenant and above). It is extremely rare for an officer to rise from the rank of private.

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Probably Never - most a private gets up to depends on branch - but there aren't that many generals. Also if you are in a branch - Engineers or Med etc then you wont be promoted without a different degree etc. And often you're not career. In combat consider yourself lucky to make lieutenant. Lots of politics, like everywhere else. History of military - officers brought their own skills, families and money - common rabble were rabble. Sergeants were introduced to control the rabble and free knights up during battle, and well it goes from there. Modern equivalent is you come in with some skills, a brain, and a degree and become an officer. Private means you’re an average human being, and the army isn’t going to change that, especially enough to make 'an officer and a gentleman' of you. (note the phrase) You can get really good at marching, walking and being bored. If you want to do this career wise study hard and go to west point or Annapolis.
read 'The Things They Carried' by O'Brien

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Dave the Wiseman
It depends on how fast you can eliminate the people in between.

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Nathan Bedford Forrest went from Private to Lieutenant General during the course of the civil war.

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depends on how many of us they kill and how quickly!

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it doesn't work that way you need to have a bachelors degree and start from 2nd Lieutenant

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First off you need to realize that there is 2 different levels in the Service. A Private is an enlisted person, this group of people is usually not college educated and are basically the workers of the Army, Air Force, Navy and Marines. there is about 9 levels in this group and many people retire from this level.

Officers are a separate part of the service their ranks starts as 2nd Lieutenants and goes all the way up to General I believe there are 10 levels. These are people who will come from the service academy's or have achieved a college degree (usually in Science or Mathematics)

The two groups do not socialize together. On a base there is an officers club and an NCO club they are different.

Soldiers can become officers if they are able to go to college and get good grades and be accepted into the officer training but this is actually quite rare.

Most people do not achieve the highest levels of the service the enlisted people on average get to the 6th level E-6 and officers can usually make it to major which is the 4th level

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Charles D
General is currently the highest rank in the military. Commander in Chief is a position in the chain of command (president) not a military rank. As others haev noted, privates, if they go career, generally end up as senior enliste (Sergeants Major) not officers. Now, if they go and get commissioned, they can become an officer then work their way up to General. General Tommy Franks, now retired, worked his way up that way. He did four years enlisted, got out, went to college, came back in as an officer, and worked his way up to General. Took him about 35 years all told. Almost no one makes General (four stars) in less than 30 years. Retired General Barry McCaffrey and General John Abizaid both took 30 years, and that was from 2nd Lietenant, they weren't enlisted. They're the two fastest ever.

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