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 why was the vietnam war a just war according to jus in bello?

 Which bases have you been to?
which bases have you been stationed at why did you like them and if you didnt like them why didnt you:)
Additional Details
i eard ft gordan is realy ...

 question for MILITARY MEN?? women can answer too!!?
haha ok sorry if this is kinda out there... BUT i wanted to know what kind of things you LOVED getting from your wife when you were on a deployment. (sexy things)

my husband and i have ...

 How do you feel about banning smoking in the military?
I came across this in the news where they state they are trying to ban military personnel from ...

 what would I have to do do arrange an old time 40s USO dance hall party our troops to enjoy? suggestions?
I realize I would have to get the go forward from the USO which shouldn't be too difficult and a building in which to hold it. Advertisement I have no issue with. I'm pretty well known in ...

 If people stopped volunteering for military service, what would happen?
Now, I was over there and saw some hardcore ****. I was wondering one day, if people just stopped volunteering, would it send a strong enough message? Who would back these foolish politicians up? If ...

 Do We Have the Right Strategy in Afghanistan?
There's a huge difference between saying we should simply leave Afghanistan, and saying that our Counter-Insurgency (hereafter CI)strategy will not work there, and we should use a different ...

 Why are Marines so tricky?
A large group of Taliban soldiers are moving down a road when they hear a voice call from behind a sand-dune say, "One Marine is better than ten Taliban."

The Taliban commander ...

 what would africa be like if the nazi's won the war?

 Maybe President Obama had nothing to do with the meltdown, but do you believe massive spending will save us?

 Thanks to our VETS this Memorial Day?
Just want to Thank all VETS past and present for defending our freedoms and safety...love you all
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you folks are correct this is a day for our fallen comrades who didn`...

 Name three things you found invaluable?
For you personally what are 3 things that you learnt while at basic have you found invaluable?...

 Is it time for the UK to scrap its expensive nuclear weapons? Why does it need them?
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/ Details
The UK's nuclear deterrent should be scrapped, according to a group of retired senior military officers.
Field M...

 How has Switzerland manage to stay out of wars for the past 200 years?
I find it amazing that during world war 1 and world war 2 that every single country surrounding it was taken over by enemy forces, but it managed to stay out of trouble. Why is this?...

 How similar are Marine special operations to the Navy SeALs?
how similar are they in their operations and training. How does the selection process work for marsoc. I was also interested in the SeALs but it is important to me to become a M...

 Do you believe in War?
Paul Hardcastle - "Nineteen"


 Not a scape goat but my 1SG is setting me up for failure?
I was 3 1/2 months pregnant when the doctors found a tumor in my tummy.I had surgery to terminate my pregnancy a month ago.I return to work from a 2 week bedrest profile and I have to take a APFT.A...

 Need help joining the British army!!?
Hi to all, i am Joe from India 18 age ,Me & my friend wish to join British army for challenging life to work for UN. But they have strict rules about joining, one of them is that i need a British ...

 What Is This Area Called?
A garage for airplanes? Indoor flight grounds? For the military?

Please and thanks. :)...

 Soldiers, will you please give me the COLD, HARD facts, and your opinions on this?
Do you feel that Liberal American civilians are supporting you, and the troops fighting in Iraq?
I, as an American don't think they are, but my opinion doesn't matter, now. I want and ...

How Much Does It Cost To Feed And Clothe An American Soldier?
I am curious to know how much our government spends to feed and clothe every individual soldier in our United States Armed Forces? Can some please provide an answer?

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With Haliburton selling them $650 toilet seats, I'd bet the cost is STAGGERING

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Ok, there's a lot that goes into this. Where do you draw the line between feeding and clothing them (us) and paying them. First off, you get your base pay which goes by rank/grade and time in service. Then, you get the BAS that the other person mentioned. Then you sometimes have the option to live on or off the installation. If you live off base and are state side, your pay for housing usually goes by the area code you live in and you get a set amount, due to rank/grade. If you are overseas, it's a bit bigger of an equation, but basically you get a cap amount, and the government pretty much gives you what you need, up to a certain amount, and then they give you utility money. Plus, you have to figure in COLA, and clothing allowances, possibly bonuses for certain jobs, hazardous duty pay, sometimes tax-free pay, and other benefits, like almost free schooling, cheap health care, and life insurance. I could go on for days. Long story short, most of the time a military members paycheck is not that big, and for what they are doing, and the crazy hours being worked, it isn't enough. Truth is the compensation helps in making up for the money we don't see by paying for things that we would have to pay for anyways.

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Theresa W
Nothing. It comes out of their paychecks. When our enlisted men and women are deployed they are deducted $274.00 per month for food ( and this includes if they live in the barracks on base). They are given a $300-$400 per year clothing allowance.

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Martyr Machine
I just read in Soldiers Magazine that the average soldier takes $17,000 of gear with them into a combat zone. I also know that the Basic allowance for Sustenance is about 275.00 a month. The combat gear is an Army stat, but the BAS thing is service-wide. If you consider the soldiers that eat at the Dining Facility into this, hat BAS number would be substantially reduced due to the fact that buying food en masse is cheaper. in short, you have asked a very tough question and I'm not sure if it could be answered.

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charro c
More then having him on welfare , let's get those poor marines out of Iraq, and put then on welfare.

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Navy Sailor - GAI
Nothing, it is part of our pay that we earn, just like vacation time for you. It is part of our pay package. AND it drives all military personnel CRAZY when you lump all of us into the terms of TROOPS and Soldiers. We are not troops or soldiers, we are Sailors, Marines, Soldiers, Airmen, and Coasties. If you are not sure which title goes to whom, look it up. Also do you also complain about all the BS money wasting that goes on by the Union Teachers and Administators in all public school systems. Kids in America today are dumb as rocks and teachers run around saying they are starving to death. BS. Take on a local cause!

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Why, you looking to something free from our government?

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Somethings such as your Q.U. can not be answered because you cannot put a "price" on our great men/women that defend our country.

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