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 Did you know that Blacks were in the Revolutionary War?
How did Blacks serve in the Revolutionary war?
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So far! I like all of your answers! Keep them coming!...

 Will bootcamp make me more confident and outgoing and less of a "wallflower"?
I've always been pretty shy and people always tell me I'm pretty but have no confidence in myself. I know that bootcamp will force me to have confidence in myself or I won't be able to ...

 What does NATO stand for?
They were formed during the cold ...

 Joining the military at 27yrs old?
I'm a 27yo male and am interested in joining the military. I have been working as a paramedic for the past year and have a 4 year degree. I'm in great shape and have no medical problems. I&#...

 bf in ait with ex gf?
my bf is in fort lenoward missouri for ait and he left a week ago and it so happens that his ex gf is in the same unit but they leave at different times he is already there and she leaves tomarrow......

 In your opinion, what is the best type of?
combat shotgun? Winchester M97, Winchester Model 12, Remington M870, Benelli M1/M3, Mossberg M500 ????...

 does it matter how far you spread your feet when you do pushups?
im getting ready for basic and was just wondering if i had to keep them ...

 What time frame did soldiers used to wear flashy uniforms?
I'm doing a history project and i have to caption my picture
when did they wear these types of uniforms?
Additional Details
like something like this
but a long time ago

 what is the difference between the air force and the navy?

 Leaving Afghanistan ?
Do you think we are going to be done with our mission in the sort time of 18 months like the president said?

I dont think so I think it is going to take alot longer then that, what do you ...

 Could Nuclear powered bombers still be a viable option?
We haven't experimented with this since the 60s. Technology has changed a lot! Imagine a bomber that can fly for years without stopping.
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The question is, would ...

 If I get dreads, will I have to cut them off if I join NRTOC nurse corps?
I'm a girl, can I still keep them if they're short? What's the female requirements for grooming/hair in general for women in the nurse corps?
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 Is 31 Too Old For The Marines?
Im college educated, in very good physical shape....am i too old to go in?...

 I need help about if i should join the military!!!?
Well, its 11/09, and i graduated from high school in 04, after high school, i didn't wanna go to college, i just wanted to go in a quick job program like trucking because i knew they made ok ...

 How long should the US give Mexico?
Before we declare it a failed state and send in occupying soldiers? We invaded Afghanistan over 3,000 dead Americans. That many and more have been killed by the drug cartels on US soil over the ...

 Do DOD civilian employees outrank military enlisted personnel?
I'm trying to confirm that a department of defense employee can outrank a military personnel providing that they have a high enough pay grade....

 Can my husband live with me in the airforce if he has a bad background?
im about to join the air force when i graduate. my fiance' are also getting married before i enlist. i know he can not live with me during basic training or tech school, but once i get my ...

 Im a Male LPN (nurse) interested in Military?
Im 19 years old, and just got my LPN license (Nurse). Im interested in joining a branch in the military and going into the medical branch.. I dont mind traveling, but would like to stay in the USA. ...

 Air Force Officer jobs?
Are the only officer jobs that you can get posted on the website or are there other ones that aren't mentioned. Besides pilot, there doesn't seem to be many interesting officer jobs. It ...

 Is this true about military special forces?
Are shows like 'The Unit' ", Special ops force aka Soldiers of fortune" realistic. Or do they go overboard sometimes. I was int eh NAVY and our SEALS, SWCC, Minemen, divers, EOD......

At 31 years old what branches of the us military can I join?
I'm an active 31 year old male skill-trade worker looking to join a branch of the U.S military and wondering what my options are.

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2009-06-01 20:18:23 +0000
a few years of service and time to retire.

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2009-06-01 20:21:05 +0000
i believe the US Army will still take you. if not, there's still a trick. up until you turn 35, the Army National GUard will still take you. then, after basic and 6 months of drills you can request active duty. They will take you from there even though you are technically 'over the age limit'.

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2009-06-01 20:56:05 +0000
Navy and Army definitely. Marines are out and I think you only have til 32 for AF.

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2009-06-01 20:32:52 +0000
I'd join the Army. Just got back myself and we had brand new to the service persons who were 39 years of age. They are tightening up the restrictions again, as the Army has met some retention and recruiting quotas. So if you are interested, inquire with a recruiter. My suggestion is to look into one of the 68 series MOS'S, which are all medical in nature. They have x-ray tech, surgical room assistant, dental tech, mental health, lab techs, veterinary assistants, etc. etc. Go to www.goarmy.com, and look these up. There are several other jobs that may interest you. Trust me, you won't be the only over 30 person that will be with you in training.

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2009-06-01 20:19:22 +0000
your options are the navy and the army

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2009-06-01 20:26:46 +0000
hello this is cpl riewe with the army national guard I think that the marines is 34 the air force is 27 th navy should be 34 and we are 37 if you are intrested in joing the us army national guard let me know and I can walk you through the steps and get you a good sign on bonus 512_771_5941 guard recruting assistant

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