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 which branch of gov./gov. official serves as commander in chief of the military?

 the doc just told me im slightly anemic (low iron) i need to get in shape for air force basic training?
I already know what i need to do as far as running and all that goes i just have no idea what foods i should be eating. im 5'7" around 135 if that helps any. i need something that will get ...

 Chances of going to Iraq with Navy Officer Program?
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 Does anyone know when the USS Aberham Lincoln deploys?
Any help would be nice
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Oh hey if you don't know don't answer....

 is army in the US obligatory ?

 Navy Officers and Navy Enlisted: How Big is the Rift?
In contemplating OCS after college, I was told by a few people (within and not within the Navy) that out of the four branches, the Navy had the biggest rift between the officers and enlisted sailors. ...


 Packages for men in the military?
My boyfriend is being deployed to Iraq soon so I want to send him a package, but I can't think of what I should send him. Any suggestions?...

 i am planning to join the navy right after high school and now my gf could be pregnant do i tell my recruiter?

 should khalid mohammed be held indefinitely at guantanamo bay?
why or why not?
Additional Details
let me rephrase the question a little.. Is it a good idea to hold him indefinitely at Guantanamo Bay?...

 I'am Joining the U.S. Navy and would like some advice?
My deploy date for basic training is Dec.2 and i was wondering if anyone had any advice for me besides the usual keep your mouth shut and what not. Oh and do i get a 2-week leave back home after ...

 what are some war songs?

 joining the millitary?
if you join the army but dont meet the qualifications for your mos after years of training can you switch to the marines and if so do you still get the pay for wen you were in the army?...

 will obambi allow our troops to win against the godless terrorists or will he weaken us?
why did we forget the lessons of 911...

 Christmas gift ideas for my deployed boyfriend?
My boyfriend of almost a year was just deployed last month. This upcoming Christmas will be our first as a couple. It's sad that we have to spend it apart but I'm hoping I can send a really ...

 Should I go to the Navy?
I want to go to the Navy to avoid having to pay loans back from school, to be more stable in life, and to serve my country. I my sister's raised me and now they have families of their own and ...

 What was the affect of World War 1?
What was the affect of World War 1 on Russia?...

 Am I physically fit enough to be a US Marine?
I haven't been able to find anything on Marine fitness testing, so I figured I'd ask this question. I know they test on 3 different things, pull-ups, crunches, and 3 mile run. I can do:

 Which branch of the military could I see my wife and baby most?
Please be honest, this is very important to us. It'd be great to actually be able to live with them while serving ( + get benefits for all of us ).
Additional Details
I was thinking ...

 Is it true you have to register in the military at 18?
I just turned 18 and i have never even thought about going into the military. I was reading a few minutes ago that i could be fined 250,000. Is this true?...

ASVAB! If i scored and 80% on practice...?
Do you think i would pass the actual ASVAB? 80% on the practice test, i know it isn't equivalent to an 80 percentile. Just trying to get a ball park estimate if i would pass or not. As i do know the practice test may be easier. I just dont want to waist any ones time at MEPS and me fail, that scares me terribly. =(

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2010-04-01 03:42:59 +0000
no you should do fine the tests are very similar, to me the big difference is the practice is just shorter.

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2010-04-01 03:52:56 +0000
You'll do fine. If you scored 80% on the practice test you should have no worries at all. Also, remember if you are not satisfied with the score you make on the actual ASVAB you can take it over. Only thing is you will have to wait thirty days to retake the test. Good Luck!!

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2010-04-01 04:22:35 +0000
The real test is easier then the practice. People can score 5-15 higher on the real one. I got a 71 on the practice and a 81 on the real test. So you will probably get around 90!

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2010-04-01 03:51:20 +0000
Dude if you got an 80 on the practice then no worries you are far away from getting anything close to failing. When I took the EST I scored an 86 and when I took the ASVAB got an 96. So you don't know if it's easier or harder. You'll be fine.

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2010-04-01 03:45:11 +0000
You will score plus or minus 5 points of your projected score on the real test.

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2010-04-01 04:32:46 +0000
Don't stress that's a great score i got a 80% also on my practice, and on my real ASVAB i got a 82. Only hard thing is a lot longer when you get to the last section if your like me you'll be exhausted and rush through it.

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2010-04-01 03:46:26 +0000
It means you scored higher that 80% of the 2003 test group used to make the standard. More than a good score, it is a DAMNED good score.

I had a mere 63 with a 115 GT and was given the OCS test. Only 3 of us out of the 50 man platoon took the test. One passed, we other 2 failed. He declined OCS too!

Not sure if they do that anymore.

Good luck!

Your composite scores will allow you to go places few get travel to. Medical equiptment repair, perhaps a shot at flight school, if Army.

Well Done, take a break in place, smoke em if ya got em!

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