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does the husbands pays all the bills so the wife does everything else ?

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2008-10-14 21:11:40 +0000
Maybe in 1952 Suburbia, but not today. Good luck my friend.

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2008-10-14 21:16:54 +0000
not necessarily

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2008-10-14 21:12:42 +0000
No, actually my husband stays home with our kids and I pay ALL the bills.

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2008-10-14 21:16:18 +0000
50/50 now a days both have to work to make ends meet and get a little nest egg.

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2008-10-14 21:12:10 +0000
No, that's not the way it works.

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2008-10-14 21:15:41 +0000
One can only ask, in what country do you live <can't be US> that you would ask this question?

Most relationships in this day and age, at least in the US, try to strike a balance and in many cases, both husband and wife work and divide the duties of housekeepping if not child rearing. Especially in more costly living areas such as California, Seattle, WA, etc.

There is no pat rule, rather, there continues to be the need for flexibity on the part of both spouses. A good marriage strikes such a balance. Where there is often less than a balance, is when the husband works, wife stays home and expectations are difficult or not clear in meeting the needs of the family.

No one should ever go into a relationship in this day and age, and expect not to contribute their fair share, whatever that may be in their particular case.



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2008-10-14 21:20:38 +0000
i wish............

no mate... doesnt work like that im afraid.. mind you... i wouldnt mind doing everything if i didnt have to worry about paying bills... but unfortunatly i also have to work.. doing everything else is also something i do .. but thats because i like things done properly....

im also old fashioned and would be over the moon if i had a husband who told me it was his job to provide and mine to make home... probably because i do that anyway...

in my opinion...if both go out to work then both share the bills and both hare everything else..
if only one goes out to work then the one at home should do the home stuff...and the one at work should pay the bills...

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2008-10-14 21:21:07 +0000
My husband does pay all the bills. It's because we have decided I should stay at home to raise the children and before that, to be a wife. It was a mutual decision the benefits us both but I don't do everything else. I do a lot but so does he. More then any other man I have ever met. We help eachother out in whatever ways we can at any given time. I would be at work in a heartbeat if that was needed too.
If I had a job that could out earn him then he would probably stay at home.

I would even say I work harder but he is far too meticulous and energetic for that to be true.

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2008-10-14 21:13:28 +0000
Not if you are living in the 21st century!! All responsibilities need to be shared...if a woman and man are both working 40 hours...they are both contributing what they can..it's not necessarily fair that most of society still pay men more money than woman for the same job. Most woman are in the workforce and need help getting household/children responsibilities taken care of. Shouldn't we all help in anyway that we can to make for a happy house??? Today...everyone is tired...male or female!!

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2008-10-14 21:13:35 +0000
Ermmmmm NO!
It's called give and take nowadays - not mine and yours

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2008-10-14 21:32:59 +0000
it depends on the couple, and the family situation.

i feel very lucky because I am in that situation. My husband has a very demanding job that pays well, giving me the luxury to stay home and run the house and take care of him. It works for us, but that doesnt mean it will work for everyone. As far as the bills go, my husband manages the finances because he is better at it than I am, and its what he wants. :)

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2008-10-14 21:13:04 +0000
Sometimes the wife pays it if shes a single mom but mostly the husbands pay the bills some wifes are stay at home moms and clean up everyday cook and lots more

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2008-10-14 21:13:26 +0000
Sorry to kill your fantasy, but that's not how it is.
You split everything between each other, and if the kids are old enough, give them some chores.

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2008-10-14 21:20:36 +0000
i have a great husband... he gives me money to pay all the bill ++ he would do anything i asked.

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2008-10-14 21:12:58 +0000
What world are we living in? 1800s? There is no set way of doing this. If he wants to work and have you stay home and take care of the kids and the house then good for you. However, if he can not afford living then you will need to go and work to suport one another then split the household work...

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2008-10-14 21:13:58 +0000
No not at all, not anymore. The husband should help out where help is needed.

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2008-10-14 21:15:07 +0000
my husband handles all the financial things. But we both work full time, and we both help out with house hold chores.
If you are asking if the husband is the only one who makes the money, then should the wife do the house things.
I think to an extent yes. The wife should do the cooking, cleaning, and laundry and for the majority be more in charge of the kids. But the husband should also take part in taking care of the children as well since they are his kids too, and it takes two to make a child.

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2008-10-14 21:15:51 +0000
Nope, my husband pays all the bills and I don't ever plan on working again, I just take care of my daughter and he does everything else too, he does dishes, laundry, vacuums, scrubs bathroom, etc..
I don't have to lift a finger and I love it.
And the best part is, he doesn't mind doing any of it, I NEVER EVER asked him to do any of it, he does it all on his own :)
He tells me to relax and he doesn't want me doing anything...man im lucky ;)
HAHA must of been a women given me the thumbs down..poor thing has to work :'(

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2008-10-14 21:14:40 +0000
Not always, it depends on what you and your husband agree on.

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2008-10-14 21:24:04 +0000
Actually Yes this can be the case. My man and I are exactly in this situation. NO kids, just our doggies. I stay home and take care of the house. Cooking, Cleaning (mostly after him), and take care of our Dogs. He works and pays all the bills. In this society this kind of situation is considered a Luxury! And im happy to be considered exactly that.

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2008-10-14 21:18:22 +0000
Actually for some of us it IS the way it works. Although I would not say everything. I'm just not that lazy. I like to cook and hate to do dishes and she doesn't like to cook but is ok with the dishes. And so we come to many common grounds. We understand each other. We don't expect anything thing from the other and yet everything gets done. And because it works so well, we will be vacationing in on the Mediterranean. Majorca is beautiful this time of year.

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