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Jilly P
Why does my husband stare at every woman he see's?
I am a 41 year old woman, my husband a 52 year old man. We've been married for less than 2 years and we work together.

My husband stares at practically every attractive woman he sees. I'm not talking about "looking", or glancing, but that staring that can make even others feel uncomfortable.

We work together, so, this is being done in my face, all of the time. My husband INSISTS that we take EVERY break together and EVERY lunch hour together. He INSISTS that we drive to and from work together everyday. I have been fighting this for 2 years but HE says he loves spending all of his time with me.
If that is true - then why is he so disrespectful to me?

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It's those male fantasies....
I say it's ok to look as long as he doesn't touch....

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He is a control freak that deep down inside hates women and looks at them as objects.

Ugga ugga me man, you woman.

Gross, I would stop hanging out with him too. Tell him his Roger Rabbit eyes popping out all the time make you sick to your stomach and you cannot each your lunch with him.

Two years huh? You ready for another twenty? Really think about it.

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He's terribly disrespectful. Most men (and women) look but most have the sense and respect to do it discreetly.

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Because he is a man sweetheart! Doesn't mean he is cheating but if it makes you insecure then you should talk to.

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Every article I've ever read states that men do this because its just in their nature. I stare at beautiful things too, but try to be less overt when staring at people. And he likes to spend time with you....he does not seem to be intentionally disrespectful.

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your husband sounds like bad news. he is very insecure to want to spend every waking moment with you but then he has the b*lls to ogle other women in front of you? i smell a snake, missy

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He sounds a little insecure to me@

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Some men like to look... he should be more considerate to you... but the female form is like candy to a male.

Mabey he doesn't realize the extent of his staring. Mabey he doesn't realize how it hurts you.

Spending ALL your time together is not healthy... get some friends... get some hobbies.

I totally agree with Patrick's answer below.

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well he is a guy so he has to look if they dress some way that says ''pick me up'' but the one you should really be talking to about this is your husband or if your the pay back type then just start staring at other guys and see what happens. you should be happy he at least wants to be with you but I do agree with you that he is being disrespectful by staring at other women. by the way some men are disrespectful like that because of the way they were raised as a kid and they see there parents doing these things or there kid friends.
if it not that then it could be because your sex isn't good so he goes out and looks for other women to do it with.

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Because he is a man. My husband does it too when we are in stores and stuff. It's funny b/c he does it and he thinks that I don't notice him doing it. I like to call him on it b/c he thinks he's being slick. I don't care really. As long as all he is doing is looking it doesn't really matter. I look at hot guys as they pass by too. I don't break my neck to look but I look.

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He probably doesn't realize that he is doing it as much as he knows, and/or realizes that it is bothering you so much. The best thing for you to do to get it from bothering you so much is to simply speak up about it!

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start doing it back to him.
maybe he will start feeling uncomfortable. after all, he is 11 years older than you... he should be worried

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Computer Guy
You appear to be seeing warning flags. Good for you because there are a couple big ones.

You started about his leering at other women. It is normal for men to glance or occasionally check out other women. However, you describe a behavior that would make most women (and their boyfriends/husbands) very uncomfortable. The other big flag is his need to have you around him at all times. Another behavior that goes against typical husband/wife relationships.

If you feel disrespected, you probably are being disrespected. You husband exhibits traits of a very "controlling" person. If he is controlling other aspects of your life such as who you "can have" as friends. What hobbies or social activities you "may have", then there may be a problem.

I suggest that you talk with a "trusted" person such as your minister, a counselor, even with the Human Resources counselor about your feelings. Try to see if you can get in touch with what is happening, and ideally get you husband to join you.

Good Luck!

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It sounds like your husband is insecure. If he wants to be with you every second, it's because he's afraid that if he leaves you alone, you're going to leave him. As for the staring, well, that's just creepy. I mean, I know every man is going to look at a pretty woman (or even a not-so-pretty woman!) but if he does it to the point that other people notice and are uncomfortable with it, then he's got an ulterior motive. Perhaps he's trying to show you that you aren't the only woman he's attracted to. Whatever his motives are, it is obvious that he's hurting you. You need to tell him this, and if he refuses to change, then maybe he's not the right man for you. If you have only been married for two years, it will probably only get worse. Seek counselling, and if that doesn't help, consider other options.... Good luck to you

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Even though it is disrespectful, that is a man for you. Often times when I am out shopping with my man and a pretty girl walks by he stares to the point I want to slap him across his face. So, I guess it's kinda normal even though it is disrespectful. Show a man an attractive girl, and he's gonna look, stare, drool, whatever. Hang in there!

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Because, well, he's a man. However, blatant ogling and undressing them with his eyes is just plain disrespectful and discourteous to YOU.

Have you spoken to him about this. Obviously he's so accustomed to doing it he just does it without thinking. I'd bet that his significant others had the same problem. You need to discuss this with him and ask him about it. Do not be accusative or confrontational, but what if YOU watched men the same way? You can 'try' that and see if he notices, or just say something, when you see a nice young man, like "Now that guy is HOT. Why don't you wear your hair like that?" ...and see if you get a reaction. Then that opens it up for discussion. But you need ot talk to him about his behavior. No doubt, he'll probably deny it or say he's just looking and "looking at the menu" isn't cheating. Well, explain to him that it makes you feel non-existent and disrespected. He would NOT appreciate you ogling younger hotter men.

If he wants to spend his time with you, then he should do SO and not ogle other women. Or their butts or their boobs.

Remember, people will generally ONLY change their behavior when they perceive it as in THEIR best interest.

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because your sex isn't great.
& because he isn't good enough for you.

& your spending too much time around him.

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Have you brought this to his attention?

My best friend's fiance used to do the same thing. He would practically fall out of his chair staring at other woman...and my best friend is very beautiful. She finally brought it to his attention and he sincerely didn't realize. He doesn't do it anymore...he glances over but immediately looks at my best friend and laughs like "oops"

Maybe he doesn't realize that he's being disrespectful and megacreepy. You should talk to him about it.

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Peach Cheesecake
Well you could be glad he isn't checking out dudes!!! But really that is rude him checking out girls when you are around.

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thats alittle funny.. but every guy is a dog inside.. lol maybe he just shows it more.. It desnt mean he doesnt love you.. Mayne he just LOVES women.. didnt you notice it before you got married?

but he loves you, just talk to him about it

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Madame Butterfly
Well there are two explanations I can think of:

1. The fact that he wants to spend every moment with you and then goes and eyes up other women in front of you, may mean that he wants to keep you on your toes and is actually trying to make you jealous, which is extremely childish.

2. Or it could be that he is like most men, and they just cannot help it because they are never satisfied with what they have.

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Seems like there are 2 issues:
1) He's a creepy starer, and yes, you have the right to feel disrespected. Let him know he's coming across as a perv. If he refuses, what are you willing to do about it? Set a clear expectation if he changes there'll be someting in it for you.

2) He's a time hogger at work. I'd let him know you need some space in this area of your life. Again, let him know what you expect and don't allow yourself to be bullied.

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You need to talk to him about where his heart and his commitment is, and what you both can do to improve your relationship, maybe even talk to a marriage counselor.

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Because he's male. Most of us can't help ourselves. I know it's pathetic. If it does upset you though, and he does sound a little strange I'll be honest, tell him. He can at least have the decency not to do it in front of you.

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He's a man... We're like neanderthals! but ..He seriously can't
keep insulting you..if he can't stop..buy a bunch of mens mags and ..gawk at them ...see what he says!!!

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Because he's a Puss hound and he's affraid you might cheat on him like he cheats on you.

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Because your husband is basically just a rude piece of sh*t, hon...I'm sorry.

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Because he is a horny bastard!!

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he can't help it he is a man and some times we don't really realize what we are doing and if it really upsets you then talk to him about it and ask him to stop or at least be discreet about it

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Mickey V
Its ok to look, but to stare at a chick like a "mental patient" is wrong.

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This is a indication of a man who feels deeply inadequate and that he feels the grass is always greener.

He may also be dealing with his own aging and needs the attention and approval of others to validate his masculinity.

As in all marriages, we have to evaluate whether a person's negative traits outweigh their positive ones.

Ask yourself if you are happy with him in spite of this trait. What does he do that makes you happy? Is it worth it for you to hang in there if he is a good husband to you in other ways?

My suggestion is to make it very clear that his behavior makes you feel insecure and uncomfortable and that if he is unable to stop that the two of you talk to a counselor to work it out.

Evaluate if this is something you can live with because if the rest of the relationship works for you, leaving a good man because of one annoying habit may not be the best answer.

This is a decision only you can make.

Best of Luck!!!

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