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Veronica S
Why do some men like to be spanked?
I am very interested in the emotions somebody goes thoughwho likes to be spanked. I would think it would be degrading and humiliating and cannot understand why somebody would perceive this as pleasure. I am curious to find out if there are people out there that enjoy this and why they enjoy it. Thanks for all and any answers.

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I dont know

And this is just one more reason i'm single.

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well most men liked to be spanked by other men. they like the feeling it gives tthem, becase most of these men cant get a women so they must turn to men they think its a women manhandeling them

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I don't. I think it's strange behavior. Not only strange, but stupid as well.

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its fun for young couple

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homey d
haha i hate that stuff

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its dirty and kinky and sexy and fun

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Cracker Jack
They have gay tendencies.

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Maybe they feel that spanking/punishment will make them a better person.


They could just be masochists who love being dominated and want more when they can get it.

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nerves in your *** send some pleasure bull **** to ur dick and it does the same for women

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there are pleasure receptors in the butt which sometimes turns a man on when they are hit.

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Andrew Mann
Well there are multiple answers for this. in truth some people do like to be humiliated, and others just like pain. but the most basic answer, is that your body is wired to like it. You see, in a male, the nerve endings in the buttocks are the same that run through the shaft of his penis, while in females, the nerve endings are the same that run to the clitoris (in females its known as the pundendal (spelling?) nerve cluster) So, when you are getting spanked, you are actually waking up and exciting the same never endings that can give you an orgasm. That is the basic reason

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They like to be submissive sometimes cause its sexual. Plus, they know they need it and maybe deserve it!

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fhorn marching band
pain derived from stinging and cuts releases endorphins which can cause one to get pleasure out of it, it gives some individuals a rush

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One Eyed Crows Fan
For the same reason other men, & women, like to participate in all types of kinky; sadistic; belittling activities when it comes to sexual gratification.

It is like asking why some women like to be spanked.

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I have always wondered this myself. Every now and then my hubby gives me a pop on the rear and I give him a glare if not an earful LOL!!

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During sex some people perceive any intense sensation as some sort of sexual pleasure. Some merely act as though they enjoy it because they think it is what their partner wants. I'm sure many people think it's degrading, but some people just don't care. I don't understand why it would be degrading or why everyone, it seems, is so easily offended these days.

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When you have total trust and love for your partner it is not the least bit degrading. It is a release of all your inhibitions and a complete giving of yourself to the person you love and trust. When you give yourself in that way you are putting complete trust in another person not to hurt you. The ultimate gift of trust.
In some cases that is not the case and thing in peoples background can lead them to think that the only way they deserve to be loved is by being hurt, taking advantage of someone like that is wrong.
In a normal healthy relationship it can be very erotic.

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idk its so bondage.
dont people think thats sexy?

im not sayin im into that though,,
because im not.

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I actually saw this on the show MANswers.

People like to be spanked because the nerves in the *** are actually directly connected to the nerves on the tip of the penis or the clitoris, depending on a male or female. Being spanked causes the clitoris or penis head to become more sensitive, thus arousing the person being spanked. It's a personal thing, though. Some like it; some don't.

But that's the reason some people do get aroused by spankings:

Nerves on the *** connected to nerves on the penis head/clitoris.

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Some women like it too!!!

Probably because it's taboo, and it gives another side to your serious side! It's like enjoying being tied or bondage. It's something that isn't normal for you so it's good to "step out of yourself" and be something you aren't usually in life.

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hey its fun and of course i do return the favor, couple of pops on her bottom when I have a bottom to pop.

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It could be psychological, like unresolved issues with an abusive parent, or it could simply be a sexual stimulant for the person. Honestly, there are much strangers things people do to each other other than spanking.

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Maya kitten
I personally wouldn't date a person who like to be spanked.

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i really prefer gentleness. but guys like being spanked by a woman because.. few reasons why.

1. probably grew up around that kind of abuse. and would figure it as pleasure by another woman. least they know that you notice them. right?

2. just being kinky in general. if a guy loves women so much it doesn't matter what the woman does. this is kind of the act of the male setting permissions as you as the dominant. and them the submissive one. because the guy loves the woman so much. and needs full embracement.

3. a mans mind can be as twisted as hell on acid, or weed. and as you abuse them they are playing a story up in their heads.

4. some guys just like to beg women. which leads to spanking in their minds.

i'm somewhat like this myself. i have a female foot fetish. i love women so much i'd love them all over. work my way up. and embrace in gentleness. i may have this female foot fetish but i truly love a woman for her all she is. mind and body. and soul. connected. or so to say. get connected ;p

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Rob U
Because they've been a naughty naughty boy.

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[ cupcake ]
Well I'm a chick that likes to get spanked.

For me its a turn on- I can't explain it but it just like a rush of excitement and just makes the sex more fun and kinky.

But different people like different things....

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karls dream
i like to be spanked in bed but that's because i like that fine line between pain and pleasure but i don't understand why guys like it. i mean when you like things like that it usually means you want to be controlled so maybe that's why some guys would like that.

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they just like to be and feel dominated by the opposite sex- it simply turns them on=)

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As someone who enjoys a good spanking but much prefers giving instead of receiving, I can offer three reasons. First is the power exchange. Having a powerful job with lots of responsibility can be very fatiguing and stressful. Having soneone take over and provide discipline brings a sense of balance into my life. Second is erotic. For some reason, submitting to a light to moderate spanking in a romantic situation causes sexual arousal. I think this is probably rooted in some childhood experience. Third is endorphins. Runners highs and pain will cause a chemical change in your body. Being spanked results in pain but also results in the release of endorphins that is pleasurable.

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