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thanks for all your input......

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 really, is there life after divorce? I mean he leaves you for another woman, he takes your self esteem , trust?
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 My son is getting married next month?
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The problem is I have not laid eyes on the ex since that final day in court. How do I ...

 How do I get my husband to take me to chuck e. cheese for lunch?
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Mark O
Why do people hate their ex-spouse?
If you hate your ex, why do you hate that person?

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I used to hate my ex. With a passion. For everything he had done to me and our son. hated him for hurting me, for not being a father, for putting us on the back burner so he could party each and every night. Then, one day, I realized I didn't hate him anymore, I didn't love him, I just DID NOT CARE!! Didn't care who he was marrying, where he was working, how he was doing, or if he was breathing! Talk about relief! I was freed of all emotion concerning that man, and it was blissful!

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schooltime, sucka!
I don't hate him, but I have no respect for him and don't care about him, which I think is worse.

Why? He ignores his daughter, is a complete deadbeat in all senses of the term (she's only 3.5 years old and he's been gone for 2.5 of them), he is a drug user, he gives no thought to other people's feelings, he is abusive...this could go on. And on...

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i don't hate her i just don't like her very much and the feelings mutual but we try to be cival for our 2 daughterrs

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Cracker Jack
I dislike her, but definitely don't hate her. She left me to marry someone else, and it hurt a ton. I still love her, but I moved on. That experience made me hate her for a bit.

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Hate is a pretty strong emotion. It's also very destructive. I think people don't really hate the "ex", as much as they hate the time they invested into a relationship that didn't "pan out". They're really angry at themselves, but may not be mature enough to realize it. It takes two people to make or break a relationship. Neither partner is truly blameless. It's much easier to blame the "ex" and direct your anger there, than to take an honest look at yourself & your own shortcomings. I have several "ex's", but don't hate any of them. What I DO hate, is that I wasn't a better judge of character....or that I couldn't make better choices in a partner. I hate the years I "wasted" in unhappy marriages, but I wouldn't go back & change anything. I am the sum total of ALL my experiences....and I like the person I have become. And to borrow the words of an old song: "yes, I am wise, but it's wisdom born of pain....yes, I paid the price, but look how much I've gained". Hate is a cancer. It only destroys the one who harbors it.

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my ex wife walked out in me and our new born baby and be havent seen her since & that new born baby is a teenager now i did hate her but the hate has fadded to sympathy

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I don't hate my ex-husband. I feel sorry for him.

He's wasted so many opportunities to get his life together. He just moves from one marriage to the next...no matter that he's 37 and on wife #4.

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I was angry with him for a while, but now I'm over it. I don't hate him at all. I didn't even hate him when I was angry with him for that short time.

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You marry one person--- you divorce a totally different person! usually things dont end well---- mostly because of MONEY and KIDS. Each side pulls the good things towards their side and then its a big fight,

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Sue B
Hate was at the beginning. It's been many years and I realize life goes on. I hated because I was "beaten".

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for the fact that is why they are your ex because you no longer wanted to be with them you waited until the relationship got really sour before you split up

ex = bad

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You don't really hate them. You are mad as h*ll for the things they put you through and so you hate them, because you wanted them to be something they just couldn't be. I think that after time, the feeling of hate fade, because your love fades with it and you just come to realize that they are the ones that missed out and forgiving them comes to light.

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Nancy M
I never hated my ex but only hated the way that he had treated me while we were married. I hated that he had mentally abused my three children and me when he was drunk and sober.

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Why would I hate him? We were married 18 years. I adored him. But betrayal changes that, so I left. There is no way to get over the eeewwwwww factor. But I wished him well, and we did talk. And we remained very good friends, just no longer married.

Hate is an erosive emotion... and worthless.

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I have nothing but contempt for my ex because he's a hateful and abusive prick.

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Typically because they are holding on to bitterness and resentment for things that happened during the relationship. It's a maturity issue in my opinion. Get over it. You've moved on with your life so truly move on by letting go of things that happened in the past.

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Gentle Fox,
You obviously don't know mine, but I don't hate her per say, I just don't like her.

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I'm On To You
They are exes usually for a very good reason. Hate is a strong word, but do you really expect them to still think of one another with love in their hearts. If they did they would be together.

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I don't hate her, I don't love her, I care about her and her new children, I think her new husband is a good guy, we don't pal around and never will but he's a good guy. Hate is a wasted emotion.

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i use to hate him for destroying the marriage and walking out, but since i learned that she left him, and since he was trying to contact me, i began to feel more sorry for him than i hated him. because he truly lost out, he is now a man approaching 60, and sick and alone. u hate them for hurting u, be it abuse, or be it adultery. u hate them at first, but then you realize that it was their loss.

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