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Why do married people argue over the stupidest things?
Right now hubby and I are at war because I sleep with an Electric Blanket at night because I'm cold all the time but yet he refuses to cuddle with me at night to help me keep me warm. He wants the blanket off to save on energy and the power bill but won't cuddle and I want the blanket because he refuses to cuddle?

Why do we as married couples tend to stand our ground on stupid crap like this?

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cuz their sick of eachother and need a divorce

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tell him to cuddle with you so you no longer need the blanket.

it's love :)

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von L
Probably because we have nothing better to do. He probably is upset about something else and is just using that to argue with you.
I agree with you, we all argue over the silliest things and its usually about something totally different than what you really want to say.
*shrugs shoulders* Just got to defuse it and go on, I suppose.

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the people you love the most are useually the people you fight with the most

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lol, thats what makes it fun, yep me and my hubby argue ove the sillyest things too, as far as the electric blanket thing we have one with double controls so i can have my side on and he dosent have to, and they actually dont cost that much at all especially if there only on number 1 or 2 :O)


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Hey I have an electric blanket, and my husband get hot, so I put it on my side only. If he doesn't like it tell him to turn up the heat!!!

a balnket is cheaper to run then the furnace!

Why do married people feel they have to give in to their spouses every wish or complaint?

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The average Human believes they are right on 95% of the things they say or think, and normally they are only right about 15%.

Humans have an issue (mainly males) with conforming to other ideas unless they have no other choice, so you shouldn't take it personally, it's just his personal behavior, perhaps even more-so because he may consider it "Ridiculous", but even so, it most likely isn't to you, and so you should try to get him to understand that.

I'm always cold, even when it's 70 degrees, because I prefer temperatures like in Arizona, nice high non humid temperatures.

We are all different and we shouldn't be crucified or thought of as "weird" because of it.

I'm sure if you sit down with him and explain that it's important to you, that he will change, however he may do it reluctantly, but sometimes not all marriages are really for the best.

It's up to you, and best of luck.

I hope I've helped.

- Del.

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Myce Elffe
My wife and I don't argue that much, and I don't think we have ever argued about something that trivial. ... perhaps it's just because you two don't communicate enough?

How about you try cuddling with him, since he won't cuddle with you?

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say it all...
Status quo...just like you'd argue with a sibling - spouses can get on your nerves too.

Instead of the blanket - how about investing in a really comfy and heavy and seriously warm down comforter? It works for me - and surprisingly doesn't overheat my hubby.

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people need to learn to compromise, get a down comforter, it will keep you warm, save electricity and is much healthier than use an electric blanket.....

in the end, what kind of blanket you used to keep warm doesn't matter at all.....

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mela a
If you cuddle with your husband, you won't even need an electric blanket.

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Jim K
I think people argue over dumb thing because they are mad about other stuff and don't want to talk about it so the fight and argue over the little stuff in place of it


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Who knows
Because we get annoyed with each other more easily now that we're together all the time. It's totally normal! We tend to forget the reason we are married and how we use to not get mad at the stuff we now get mad about... Most of the time I just have to think about the beginning, and how I wouldn't get mad about it, how I would think it was cute... I know it's hard, but again, it's totally normal! : )

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Electric blankets cost pennies a night.
Tell him there are dual control electric blankets he can keep his side off. But to deny you comfort at night whether a heating blanket or a cuddle makes me wonder what his problem is.. I would suggest marriage consoling.

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SGT. Dillers Wifey
I hear you sister. My husband got mad at me last night because i was watching tv while i was on the phone with him. he said i should have turned it off and put him first instead of choosing the tv over him. he wasnt talking htough what was i suppose to do sit cue over him breathing? i think not! i have no idea why it is the way it is but its been going on a long time and probelly will continue for a few hundred years.

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Green Pagan 4.0
I think they do it because it's entertaining for them... Some people are just used to arguing and fighting, so when everything is fine, they keep little pet peeves to make life more "active" or interesting.

Nobody likes to just shut up and sit in a corner somewhere.

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Ben. The man.
its love, i know it sounds stupid but honestly, its all about the love, just tell him hes being an idiot and if he doesnt want to cuddle you then you should be allowed to use a blanket.

Electric blankets use like 1p of energy per day, if left on constantly, so dont worry about the bill.

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I know what you mean.. At lease your husband sleeps in the same bed as you, my husband sleeps on the couch every night and sometimes he sleeps in my sons room. I feel extremely lonely.. Why do husbands ignore there wives? That's my question.. Did you try telling your husband how you feel? I tried to tell my husband and of course he had an excuse, which is you like to sleep with a night light and I like it dark. So there goes a stupid argument right there..

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Its fun!

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totally agrees with Melany..

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We all do it. I think we all stress out over the bigger things and things we can't do anything about, and then lose it over the stupidest little things. We never address the real issues.

The truth is you are both stressing over his health and possible forced retirement. The blanket is just a distraction, but at a given moment it becomes the focus of all of your stress. You aren't really fighting about the blanket, it's all of the stress coming out at once.

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Isn't this the truth. I think it's because you've already gotten used to everything they do so you tend to pick on the small things that come up. It's too funny...

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Miss Coffee
LOL thanks for the laugh, one of the biggest fights we have had was over a stupid light bulb. I have no idea why married people argue about this stuff, I guess when you live with someone for so long it just happens. And if your husband is like mine and does not talk when he is angry then little things like light bulbs and electric blankets become big things.

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Go figure....its the name of the game.

Worst part about this is you're not going to save any noticable money by keeping one blanket off.
Its sort of akin to driving a car and to save on gas you empty the ashtrays to lighten the weight of the vehicle for better mileage.

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because the spouse is always THERE. i wouldnt argue with anyone as much as my fiance because i dont SEE anyone as much as my fiance, except our son, and our son is just too perfect to get mad at.

could you get mad at this face:


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Perhaps it's a control issue. You can tell your hubby that electric blankets don't draw enough power to make a dent in a power bill. Tell him to do the math himself:

A 200W blanket running for 8 hours a day for a month, at a cost of $0.11/kW-hr (average for the US) = $5.28/month

It sounds like he needs to learn to choose his battles. Of course, this should not be one of them.

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This appears to be a page from our household. One hot bloodied and one cold bloodied, causes many sleeping problems. So tell your husband he is not alone, but he is being a a**hole for worrying about the energy that a electric blanket uses. If he insist, tell him you will give him the one or two dollars a month, that should cover you cost of comfort. Good luck. Hey! Have a great weekend.

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haha...my fiance and I got into a HUGE fight over whether or not my Uggs would get ruined if I wore them in the snow, even though I sprayed protective spray on them. I couldn't believe what a huge fight it was.

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It's just human nature.

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lovin my man
LOL thats just the way it is.We know how to bring the best and the worst out of eachother.

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Cuz if you don't stand your ground thigns will always be the same! :) Marriage you know it's forever unless you get divorced .... or stick up for yourself LOL!

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