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But I have one year old baby and I'm pregnant with another, And most times I'm too tired caring for the child

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How dare this man say that to you. HE is in the wrong, most certainly NOT you. Please remember this. He sounds a very nasty man and his attitude is absolutely disgusting.

Seek a divorce as soon as possible if i were you. That's just awful and he has no right whatsoever to treat you like this.

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He cannot, in all seriuosness, blame this on you. He has a choice to stick to his marriage vows of standing by you through thick and thin, good times or bad. Or being a dirty, lieing cheat who wastes your much needed money on prostitutes and puts his, your and your children's lives at risk by doing so. Also sex is not a duty and a two way street, the pleasure of it is not for one partner only. Forgive my bluntness but what is wrong with a dirty mag and masterbation? Why hookers?

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your children must be everything to you. obviously not you "husband"!!! ypour children will keep you going. get rid of him and prove him rong. get to the gym i recomend gymophobics bloody fantastic. get into shape, get your hair done and give your confidence a boost. he is obviously not worth it especially if he is blaming it on u. there is support for single mom's to work through situations like this. good luck get rid of him live life and be happy. and most of all be a good mum to your children they ar in the incocent ones in this situation. let me know how you get on and send me an email

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bob f
chuck the pig out

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what a bxxxxxx. He is just trying to put the blame on you and make you feel guilty. KICK HIM OUT NOW. You and your children deserve better.

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No Chance Without A Shining Sun ❂
Cheaters always blame their wives when it's their own inadequacies that have led them to cheat in the first place. As he seems to love hookers so much, how about you give him complete freedom to spend all his free time with them via a divorce. That way, you don't get any nasty diseases, and his morally foul attitude doesn't infect your kids.

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No ur not to blame, and please for god's sake make sure u wear protection with him as who knows what he could catch........it's not ur fault and he is a tosser for saying so.....i suggest u tell him to stop it or ur leaving u don't deserve that, hell your just getting over having a baby and ur having another one how dare he say that to u........please please talk and get rid....i would also respond with (if he tells u he won't stop) that he can get his *** out the house and oh yes he couldn't be that slim and attractive as unlike most men who have affairs he has to pay for it cuz no women now would sleep with him without being paid for it...........Good luck honey and remember IT'S NOT UR FAULT, he's just gotta get an excuse from somewhere!!!!

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Farzia, listen. you have to find a way of caring for your precious children without this man. He is obviously selfish and disrespectful towards you, the mother of his children, would he have the same attitude if it were his sister this was happening to, I doubt it. Time to move on, for your sake,
you deserve so much more respect than this,good luck and a happy life ahead to you.xx

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That is so typical of a cheating ******. They try to blame you for their sickness. If he can get you to believe that, then he doesn't have to take responsibility for HIS choices and actions. That's what they do to justify being a cheating jerk-off, taking money from his growing family to spend it on getting laid, and putting you and your unborn child at risk for contracting horrible STD's. You are not to blame that the piece of crap you're married to is trying desperately to pass the buck.

Maybe you wouldn't be so tired if he were being a good husband and helping you with your child and around the house. HE is the one that has failed in his duties as a husband. Cheating on his pregnant wife and deliberately damaging her self esteem and humiliating her, isn't supposed to be part of his duties. Was that anywhere in your vows when you married this scum bucket? Sorry honey, you got one of those chauvinist PIGS. This behavior isn't going to stop either.

So unless you want to live the rest of your life, while you raise your children alone, wondering when (not if) you're going to catch something from this sleazy pig, you need to start making some plans on how you're going to move forward to secure a brighter future for you and your children. Someone that loves you would not, could not, treat you that way and then basically tell you that you DESERVE IT?!!.

If he DOES love you, then he needs a HUGE wake up call!! You're going to have to drop him to his knees, that's the only time jerks like him beg for mercy and promise to change his ways. You gotta hit him harder than hard in his pockets.

By that, I mean you need to slap that SOB with some divorce papers. But first you need to quietly set up a seperate bank acct., make sure his checks are set up for automatic deposit to your new acct, get ALL the money out of the joint acct., all before he catches on. So you gotta get your thinkin' cap on girl. It's time to get clever and get yourself properly positioned cause you need to outwit this selfish jerk.

I know this sounds drastic, but six months or a year from now you'll wish you'd have gotten started sooner. You need to drop kick him now and let HIM feel what it's like to be kicked in the gut by a mule. This situation just isn't going to improve but it will get worse. Sorry, but that's the truth. Good luck and God Bless you.

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You are married to a jerk. Don't sleep with that bum or you will get an STD. Prostitutes carry diseases. You don't want to give something to your unborn baby, either. Tell your man you want him to go to counseling with you and stop seeing other women. If he won't do either one, leave him. He doesn't deserve you or his children.

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Picture this: Four years from now, when he is doing this even more openly, your kid goes to school and tells the teacher, "MY dad sleeps with other women."
I'm a teacher, I have heard that out of the mouths of babes, more than once. Is that what you want your kids to grow up with?
Get out of this relationship and find someone who does appreciate you. My ex told me I was too fat, 15lbs after our second kid and I moved out of the bedroom until we got divorced.

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Words fail me when I think of the excuse for a man whom you describe as your husband. When it is convenient for you, Get Out. I know this is easier said than done, with two small children, but he is degrading you and your little family. Can you leave and go home to your parents?. He does not deserve you.

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what a pr*ck! you're not failing in anything, he is. he's put a ring on your finger, not through your nose! does he help out at all? i bet he doesn't. that's your duty, right? i know it's easy for me to say, but i'd get rid of him. have you got family you can go to? he's a control freak & he isn't going to change. blaming you for his inexcusable behaviour is very typical of a lot of men. none of it is your fault & he's probably been visiting prostitutes for years - you just didn't know. men like him make me so angry; you really do need to get away from him before you start to believe the cr*p he tells you! because you will start to believe it & before you know it you'll have lost all your self-esteem & be totally dependant on him. if you don't have family, please go to a womens refuge. you're going to need help, especially when this baby comes. please email me if you need to talk more, but please, please, get out as soon as you can. all the very best, diane.

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Well, if he's sleeping with whores, and you're still married to him, then YOU'RE the one to blame. Not only is he cheating on you, but he's doing so openly. Any woman with an ounce of self-respect would not tolerate this for 2 seconds. If my husband slept with a hooker, then he's history. I sincerely hope you're not sleeping with him now, because he's exposing you (and your unborn baby) to all sorts of STD's.

Pack you and the baby up, and get the heck out of there.

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It's his fault sweetie not yours. Don't let him blame you. You should leave him and find somebody who will treat you right x

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he is just wrong. i would leave him. u and ur children deserve better. i bet u could go out and find a better man that will treat u like a queen and treat ur kids better too. besides think of the stds that he could be carrying right now. also he could be buying diapers or food for the kids with the money he is spending on these women.

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cherry babe
That is so so cruel of him to do that to you. He is not even worth as your husband or even worth to be a father. he has obviously made you pregnant, so you only can be tied down with children and other duties and he can have a good time out. Its quite clear he didnt marry for love. He is not there for you nor for his own kids. Why are you blaming yourself? he is the one who has deceived you during your time of need in life. This is a time when you are going through bringing up his children and are helpless in many ways, such as depression and pressure of looking after children and your own self, and HE should be supporting you and being extremely close to you, loving you and caring for you but instead he is going out else where to satisfy himself! What will you tell your children when they grow up? neither he's a good father, nor a good husband.

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do NOT let him try to turn this around on you. if he loses sight of your beauty, especially after having a baby, then he can do only harm to you and your child(ren). you deserve so much better.

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That's sick. I wouldn't sleep with him again. Not only has he insulted you, he failed in his marriage vows and maybe brought home a disease. I think you should leave him. Enlist some help with family and friends and if they are unavailable, go to a church. They can help you take care of you and your child.

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mr perfect
what a dirty inconsiderate person you husband is, looking no further than his d.i.c.k . he dos not take your feelings into account no wonder you dammed annoyed, why are you still with him, get yourself a real man, some one who will look after you and treat you like the person you should be treated. i am so sorry but you need to get shut of selfish bast...rd.

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Apparently he finds you attractive enough to get you pregnant. All of those things he is saying to you is HIS way of making excuses and trying to make you feel like the guilty one. Another thing...I would not let that man ever touch me sexually again because you dont know what else he may be picking up when he is hooking with the hookers. What a pathetic excuse of a man. Get yourself tested so that you know you are disease free and then dump his sick *** real quick. Dont let him make you feel like you arent worthy because he isnt worth it. Get a divorce and free yourself from him. Good luck and God bless.

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kevin friend
get a divorce, dont let him near you, you may catch something from him, straight to a solicitor in the morning, you should be able to get him for every penny he owns, the mans a pig,

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I don't think you'd want to sleep with him anymore. Who knows what you might catch from him.

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all the time in the world
this man is no good. i think that you know that, too. eventually you have to leave him, no doubt. if you don't have enough money set aside to do this already, find a way to syphon off his money into a secret account of your own. once you have a few thousand behind you - leave him. there are women's refuges, you will never look back. of course, if he is harming you or yor baby, just get out of there immediately, hello women's refuge, goodbye 1970's retro man.

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From the Lebanon
Divorce him, you might catch something from him. He is horrible, lose the loser.

Edit: Actually °Muslima° mutaah laws: A husband has to have his wife's permission if he is married. So this myth busted to.
Prostitution is haram, so what he is doing is not mutaah in the first place.

If he has a Muslim wife, temporary marriage with an Ahlul Kitab woman is not permissible without her consent; nay, even with her consent, it is not permissible, based on compulsory precaution.


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Get an STD check and then see a lawyer, the money he spends on prostitutes might as well go towards child support. You would be helping him break his habit. Consider it a handout.

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it is absolutely not your fault. He has a serious problem. He should love you for who you are and the fact that he is blaming you for his addiction to prostitutes is pathetic. He is putting your health (and your unborn child) at risk with who-knows-what he may bring home after being with a hooker. You need to decide if this is the man you want to stay married to. His emotional abuse, disgusting habits, and poor excuse for a husband may not be worth staying married to - whether you have children together or not.

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Redii C
What a jerk....U should ditch th bastrad right away. U deserve wayy better.

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sarah B
thats not your fault and if he is treating you that way then you should leave i mean who knows what kinda desies he could bring home

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Your husband is a selfish idiot.
So sorry......

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James M
In some cultures it's ok for a man to commit adultery. But whoa betide a woman who does it!

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