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What should I do??? My husband just spanked me???
I'm 20 yrs old and just got married about 6 monthes ago. My husband is not super old compared to me but he is somewhat older (29 yrs old) Last night he went to go put gas in my car for me since he know I would be driving around alot the next day and found a speeding ticket I got a few days ago. When he came home he asked me if there was anything I wanted to tell him about. Of course I told him no and thats when he pulled out the ticket and told me to start explaining. Honestly this isnt the first ticket I've gotton its the 3rd in one year. Yeah I KNOW I need to slow down. He told me he refuses to let me put my life and others and danger and proceeded to SPANK ME. He didnt leave any marks on me but it hurt enough to make me whimper and whine. He said that from now onthat this kind of crap will be delt with accordingly. I would have just paid the ticket and he would have been none the wiser BUT I dont work since I go to college and he pays for EVERYTHING. What should I do???
Additional Details
Besides this he's PERFECT. Literally, sweet loving, romantic, and gentle (well up untill last night when he wore my butt out) I'm confused on what I should do

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Are you his wife, or his daughter? Because both of you are adults! I can't believe you let him spank you! I'd be upset about the ticket, but the spanking was out of line!

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He should not be spanking you. He is not your Daddy.

If it were me ... I would be gone. He could spank someone else. He would learn that he could not do this to me.

This is physical abuse.

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neesa o
i honestly hope that you don't think this is normal because it is not...you are a grown woman yeah OK you got a speeding ticket so what no big deal how many has he had Mr perfect how would he feel if you hit him for leaving the toilet seat up or not taking out the trash ... be very careful this could be the beginning of an abusive relationship.. by the way when was the last time you got a spanking from your parents?????

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so basically if ure a bad girl then u gonna get a spanking? that crazy and u gon accept it and try to behave. u need to spank his azz when he screws up too

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Look for counseling before is too late. It didn't hurt now but it might in the near future...

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It seems a little like he wants to be controlling of you if instead of talking wih you about this he's spanking you. It's almost liek he is older so he is the disciplinarian- which in a relationship, there should only be equal halves.

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Tootie Grey
Tell him you won't tolerate being spanked like a child. He isn't your Daddy, you are his wife. Also tell him you will change your driving habits and then follow thru. He's right-you are endangering yourself and others. Did he know about the other tickets? I don't think he should have spanked you and I am not defending him but perhaps he was frustrated at the fact that you have not learned from the first two tickets not to mention the waste of money.

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You need to grow up. Your last question about spanking contradicts this question


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Tell him flat out stay off the sex stories site and he should have been more considerate to sit you down and discuss how he'd like to try a new way in your marriage , he wants you to be his sex slave and obey him , he think's if he has to play daddy by bailing your rear end out all the time that he can play daddy and punish you.

If you dont like it tell him and threaten him with a DVO if he does it again , he'll cut it out real quick.

WHY do you people marry if your still in college? your NOT his equal , he pays for everything , if I were him I'd stop your extracurricular activities , no movies , no night's out with the girl's , you need financial security of your own get a part time job and start helping to pay the bill's that way he wont think he is your daddy , if you were my wife I'd take the car away and make you catch a bus.

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Who Knew?
Sounds like HE needs to be "delt with accordingly!"

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He sounds like an insecure little man. He involved himself with someone that he could control, “he pays for EVERYTHING.” Most abusive men are ‘sweet, loving, romantic, and gentle’ until they don’t get their way. Every abused woman says there men are sweet until they get upset.

Call 911 NOW. Give him a wake-up call before you end up like Laci Peterson..

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pj m
The problem with being an adult is that we seem to get away with many things our children would not. If you were older and had a 16 year old son or daughter who drove, you too, would be angry for the speeding ticket, the none payment of it, and the lying about it. Right?

I believe this is a sound idea in the household and should be used by both the husband and wife. It may sound silly to many people, but I believe it would make for a more sound relationship. We as adults have no one to guide us through the rough times in life. We take the wrong path, we end up going to prison or jail. Sometimes even worse. Dead!

As long as you're not being abused or spanked for every little thing, then I believe you deserved what he gave you. Also, this should never be done in front of children. Never! It should also never be done where children can hear it hapening. This sends out the wrong signals.

I wish you luck!

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spanked you? what are you, his child? O NO girl, you dont need that!

make sure you handle this...talk to him and let him know how you feel and that spanking you isn't how to handle things.

if u dont take action..things can only get worse

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Felani Perez
Sounds like you need this spanking, slow down. You're going to kill someone.

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That's abuse next time call the police he has no right to do that.I don't care if he pays for everything. Hes not your dad.

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Slow down or bend over, your choice.

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Susan M
No! I don't think a spanking was called for, but if you're going to 'act' like a child, then maybe it was called for.
He is probably so totally frustrated because of your behavior in your lack of responsibility, that spanking you was his way of getting your attention. At least it wasn't more violent than what it could have been - so count your blessings for that.
If you want to be treated like a grown woman, then act like one. 3 speeding tickets in one year is outrageous, especially on one income....Insurance rates go up. Maybe if you would be more responsible he won't spank you anymore.........

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EdGurrr Zee Genius/Cubs Fan
you know, this is physical abuse
you can call 911 if he's hurting you
and let them settle it

or idk

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How nice first he says that he refuses to let u put ur life or others in danger.................then he beats u............

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Man L
And it will only get worse!!!

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Can you say "Daddy".
Sorry but that is a little to freaky for me.
Was he seriously mad spanking you or was he in a way just playing around?
If he was serious tell him that no matter what he is not your dad and that he can only spank you in the bedroom for sexual reasons only!
Plain and simple if he hits you and you don't like it you say something! Because when its not being enjoyed by both partners than it is abuse and that is not right.

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Well clearly your collection of speeding tickets has done nothing to eradicate your potentially dangerous driving habits.

If I found that you had collected another speeding ticket, I would take you down to the police house and spank you in front of everyone.

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Until I read your additional comments I was not as confused as I am now.
First of all spanking is assault and battery IF it was unwanted or intentional. Second, if he is going to spank you when he chooses this is a complicated relationship, to say the least. So, I guess you need to decide if this "spanking" was unwanted, and whether you intend to allow it to occur again. Spanking your butt is no differant that slapping your face- except spanking can lead to things slapping your face generally doesn't.
What should you do? Demand that he never touch you in that way again, or learn to enjoy it!

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At the end it sounds like you're trying to justify what he did. There is no justification. He's treating you like a child. He hurt you. You need to confront him about this. Don't let him sweet talk his way out of it. Tell him that he had no right to spank you. You're not his daughter, you're his wife. Admit that you're wrong for speeding but also tell him that he's completely out of line by spanking you and telling you he would deal with you "accordingly". He needs to realize that you're NOT his daughter and NOT his property. Do NOT let him get away with this in the future. You need to confront him now and talk to him. He seems to just see you as a disobedient child or pet. That's is NOT acceptable.

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Philip K
Sounds like you deserved it, and maybe next time you're tempted to speed you'll remember the spanking and slow down. Which would would you rather, a sore bottom for a few hours or losing your licence? Or even worse, winding up in hospital or jail, maybe with someone's death on your conscience?

It's precisely because he is sweet and loving that he cares enough to spank you when you're behaving so irresponsibly. You're lucky to have a husband that cares.

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whao was he just goofing off or was he being for real if he was for real u need to be like um whyd u spank me lastnite like i was ur 2 year old daughter, tell him u refuse to let him treat u like he owns u

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Let him know that that is unacceptable. He could keep alot of other stuff from you to make things inconvienet. But for him to put his hands on you like that is wrong. It was wrong of you to keep doing things to cost the two of you money and you need to think about that but for him to do that was wrong. If he makes the money he should be able to make (let you know) you give up some of your extras to compensate for your mistake. Just let him know you will not do what ever it is to make up for the loss of money from the ticket like less drinks from the store or no shopping for extras for a bit.

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um.... well when I spank a girl... sometimes she spanks me back..... if it was malicious talk to him about it
your both adults
maybe he has some fantasy he wants to work out

BTW 3 tickets in 3 years means you are a habitual offender and your car insurance effectively triples

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Well, maybe you shouldnt be speeding. Your husband just loves and cares about you and doesnt want you to hurt yourself. Just dont speed anymore. You should be happy your husband cares enough to take you over his knee and correct you. I'll bet you will think next time you are speeding down the road.

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jeff b
My wife gets spankings too occasionally, but they are all in fun, not for punishments.

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Probably should stop speeding...He may send you to bed without supper along with a spanking next time...

Not everyone believes your stupid story....

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