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What can I do with my ex girlfriends stuff she left in my house?
My ex and I broke up on July 4th 2009. She has been out of my house for over a month now (she left June 28th 2009) and she left about 1/2 of her things here. She has made no effort to come get her things or contact me since she left, what am I legally allowed to do with her things?

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they (who "they" are,i don't know) say that when we leave things behind it's because we will have an excuse to return;whatever,call and ask her what she wants you to do with it--that covers your behind-no reply- give it to charity.if she gives you the a stall,tell her to go pound sand and tell her where she can find it,like local dump,but still give it to a homeless shelter or something-you'll feel better about it. if it's all crap--burn it. don't waste to much time on it. good luck!!! sasha

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Help me!!
Salvation Army and Good Will store can take care of that. Your house is not a public storage, throw it all away.

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nancy jo
inform her via phone, mail, and email that you will remove the belongings. leave them on your porch or drive way for pick up after you've agreed up a pick up date.

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Just when you get rid of them, she'll come wanting them back.

Tell her (email or voicemail etc.) that you want to get rid of the stuff. Tell her she can pick it up on a particular day, a particular 24-hr. period,she'll find everything outside waiting for her, she's not allowed to come in to get them. Tell her that if she doesn't get her stuff in that amount of time, its all going to the trash dump.

Put everything in plastic trash bags and put them out on the sidewalk.
If she doesn't come in that amount of time, it goes to the trash dump.

Legally, you have to be able to prove that you notified her of your intent to rid your home of her things, and that you gave her ample time to do that. Make written notes, dates, times, that you warned her, that she recieved the warning, said she'd be by, picked them up or didn't. Keep all of the notes.

I know it sounds like a lot, but you did ask about being "legally allowed" . If she should come back for her stuff and its gone, she could sue you for the amount that certain things are worth. All those notes would make her look very good or very bad, and you may not be liable.

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give it back if u dont want to u can sell it or give it to ur new gf

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aint settlin'
put them on craigs list or ebay... make money out of the horrid witches heart ache she caused you...if she asks ever, tell her you dont have a clue what the f she is talking about... after a certain amt of time, stuff left behind becomes YOURS , but you should find out when that may be, if you are worried about her doing something legal to you

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You should contact her.

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E-mail or text her that you will give it away. Just let her know.
Then if you don't want to keep them, just donate to some organization or somewhere. You can also help other people!!!

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Well you could just put them on her porch or where ever she's staying or just throw it away. It's on your property and she seems to not care about it. She left it. So it's her fault if it's gone. I would just put in a box and give it back or throw it away. That's what my sister did with two of her ex-boyfriends stuff that they left behind. No problem. What can she do to you anyways? Sue you because you threw away some stuff that she could probably just get again and shows no concern in?

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Jimmy B
Be a man and call her and see if she wants it back. If not then you can do with whatever you want.

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sharon j
See if you can contact somebody in her family or her.Tell them you need to talk to her or ask if its ok that you bring her things there to there home.Give them a date,keep up with what you do.So if she takes you to court about her things you have proof that you tried to contact her.

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Aunt Doobie
Have a yard sale, donate it to the salvation army, put it out for the trash pick up. Give it away on freecycle.com.

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put it in writing as well as a public notice in a local newspaper that she must pick up her things by aug 15th or it will be put in the garbage. just to protect your self

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if its things that she cant replace like....pictures or sumthin..u should try and get it to her......but if not,dont be ridiculous and throw it out...=]

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You must make a good faith attempt to connect with her to arrange for her to pick it up, or to take it to her. Pack it up as nicely as you would like her to do with your stuff.

If you cannot arrange to get it to her, store it in a safe place for a few months and try to reach her again. Keep records of your attempts to reach her and of your costs in storing her stuff.

If she tries to sue you for her stuff, you will have the proof you need to show that you made the effort to get it all back to her.

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Whatever you want, your not a storage facility

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You legally need to box it up.

Write a letter stating that she has until August 1. 2009 to pick up your things, or they will be sent to GOODWILL or left outside on the curb.

You are obligated to keep it safe. Do not put it outside.

Tell her to either get it or lose it.

Don't let her take you to court over it. Play it safe. Do the right things.

If it's big stuff...I don't know.

If it's boxed, then you could reach her and tell her it's on her porch, but if it get's wrecked you are repsonsible.

Or contact her mom and dad, and ask them to come get it so that you can move on.

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call her and tell her you are giving her stuff to the salvation army next week you got one week to get your stuff

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just me
You have to post in the local paper to have her come get her stuff. If she does not pick up her stuff by the specified time, you must dispose of it.

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I agree with Jimmy B. "Be a man and call her and see if she wants it back." If no response, drop them off at her friend's or her house in a box.

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After it's been there 30 days it legally becomes yours. Do whatever you want with it. Personally I would sell what I could and then donate what I couldn't sell.

Good Luck

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Contact her friends or family to come and pick it up. If you sell it you could end up in a whole heap of trouble. Make sure you try your best and log every attempt you have made to do this. If after another month no one comes around then pack it up and dump it on her mates door step.

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You should contact her and leave a message requesting she please pick up her things by the end of the week or you will throw it out (lie dont really do that). If she does not drop her stuff off at her parents house or her new place. If you trash her stuff she can then sue you claiming you trashed it without giving her a chance to pick it up.

I gathered all my ex's stuff the same day I broke up with him. My mom delivered everything to his house. A few days later I found more things of his so I gathered them up and dropped them off at his house after several calls and messages left on his cell phone.

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First see if you can contact her, if not sell them or give them away.

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Try to contact her, wait 60 day at least and then donate them to charity in her name.

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Take the higher road. Pack it up and leave her a message that gives her a reasonable window of time to pick it up. If it remains unclaimed, donate it all to a women's shelter or other local charitable organization.

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Hand To Hold
Well, I'm sure you've been wearing her clothes and using her toys. Just keep them and enjoy yourself.

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my lawyer's advice was to rent a storage facility for 1 MONTH, and notify her (put an ad in the paper) and forget about it. Oh yes, buy a lock from them and have them keep the keys.

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Advertise in the local paper that you have her stuff and that she should come to get it by a certain date or you'll get rid of it. That is all you are legally obligated to do. As long as you give public notice then you have covered your legal obligation to her on this matter. If she doesn't get her stuff by that date or make plans with you to get it later, then you can do as you please with it.

Keep a copy of the paper you've put the ad in, one of the first day it runs and one of the last day it runs.

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Well try to contact her so you can see if she wants them back, but really if she doesn't take them, throw it out. Or put it in storage. Or sell it :)

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