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 You ever take sexual matters into your own hands, even though your spouse were home and available?
Say if s/he's playing a video game, cooking a bundt cake or something....

 why men worried about how big they are!?

 what does it mean to have a husband if i'm 14?
i have a husband and i dont know what to do.
should i kiss him and stuff like a real husband?
or what?

 Do wives cheat just as much as husbands,but you just don't hear about it as much?
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 What to do when a husband leaves?
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 I dont think my husband really loves me?
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 "When Youve Been Married a First time, then a Second time, Divorced...Will the Third Time Be the "Charm"?"
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 Do you think it's okay to flirt online? Do you consider it cheating?
How do you feel about flirting online with complete strangers? Do you think it's cheating on your husband/wife/gf/bf/significant other?
How do you know that the line is crossed from just ...

 Has anyone here had success with working a marriage out....?
after infidelity from the other spouse?

Is there any hope at all to be able to stay married and work things out after your spouse cheats?

My husband cheated... we are ...

 i want to know how men know if the sex is good or bad how can they tell ?
i mean how they know if the sex was good or ...

 Do you look at your spouse and see a stranger?

 Hypothetical? You catch your spouse cheating with a STRANGER in a motel or hotel....?
Are you more likely to take it out on the stranger who probably didn't even know your spouse was married? Or do you take it out on your spouse, the one who is truly decieving you? I know that ...

 Why do so many men stray when their wives / girlfriends are pregnant?
I was with my husband for 12 years blissfully happy. We tried for over a year for a baby and when I found out I was pregnant we were over the moon! But soon after my husband got it into his head our ...

 Where does a home maker (male) draw the line? She works revolving schedules which causes?
problems with the kids sleeping routine. Should she have already requested HR to make a change in her scheduling?The kids have been losing sleep and our sex life is suffering a bit. We no longer get ...

 I want to file for divorce, my husband will be moving back to England, can he legally not sign the papers?
I am filing for divorce from a man from England whom I married here in America less than 6 months ago. The papers have not gone through yet for his American Permanent Status and I am happy about that....

 What do you do when you want to get back at your spouse?

 Does a person's individual "happiness" outweigh their responsibility to their children?
What surprises me is that people get married, then get divorced over things that I think are inevitable in any marriage - the spark is missing, they don't feel "in love" anymore, etc. ...

 What are some good date night activities for a married couple?
We've been married 10 months now and are lovin it. During those 10 months we've also ran out of ideas for dates besides the usual dinner and a movie. Any fun ideas for the newlyweds (...

 DIVORCED MEN AND WOMEN : How long did your marriage last ?
Did you OR Would you ever get remarried ?...

 Why do I ATTRACT men who are ATTACHED to other women?
I am a BEAUTIFUL, SINGLE, child-less 25-y/o woman. I work full time, have my college degree and volunteer on the weekends. I am not saying I am PERFECT, but I think that I am a damn good catch. I ...

Storm Shadow
My brother's wife asked me to try something new?
I frequently sleep with his wife while he is away and recently she has expressed interest in having anal sex while watching explicit movies where the same act is being done. My question to you is, what are the acceptable methods for this type of penetration? Should I be gentle or should I set up a diving board near the bed and go in with a swan dive type of move? She likes it rough anyways but I want to make sure I don't get TOO overboard with my gusto. She also mentioned something about a "Hot Carl" and "Cleveland Steamer". Please provide me only serious and mature answers for this dire and serious dilemma I find myself in. PLEASE HELP!!!
Additional Details
Add: I wasn't going for sublte Happy, I'm looking for answers. BTW, I am not a high school kid. Just like to contribute to the ruining of some one's day. Looks like it worked with some already. Ask your wive's, they can attest to my age and size of my c0ck. At least what they can fit inside of their mouths or a s ses.

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lube well and start slow

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Try sticking stuff up your rear and see what works best for you.

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Wow.. she is a whore and you are a skumbag.

Seriously?.. You have no problem sleeping with your brothers wife? I sure hope they don't have kids.. do you realize how horrible this situation can turn out??

People like you and her make me sick. I hope your brother finds out.

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One word...DESPICABLE!

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chris b
aside from you being a troll, i will answer you... go gently, and it is very imperative (too big of a word for you?) that she relaxes while you penetrate.. after the initial insertion you will be fine as if you were having vaginal sex. use a condom and lube to make it easier on her and to prevent STDs that are spread easier through this type of sex.

edit- who are we to judge people.. maybe his brother and her set this up so she wouldn't need to go clubbing and get guys while he is gone.. maybe they are trying to be surrogate parents due to his brother not being able to get someone pregnant.. there are many other reasons besides her being a whore and him being stupid.

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I'm Sorry, But your Brothers Wife, its just wrong,

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By all means jump right in.

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Common sense isn't anymore..
I didn't know today was a holiday, shouldn't you be in school kid?

FYI, go ask your gym teacher for a cleveland steamer, he would be happy to help you.

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i think you entered the wrong website address.

this isn't a porn site. i'm sure as freaky as you are, you can find another place to whack off to.

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You again, seriously?

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yeah yeah yeah you sound like a bored high school kid

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I can't wait till your inside my azz.

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Kim: *Has Bangs*
Oh, Shadow...I can't imagine what you're going through right now...must be horrendous!...I'd say, have an economy-sized bottle of lube next to the bed to use as needed...for the back door, you'll need a lot (unless she's a tramp and takes it in the rear regularly)...

good luck!

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You misunderstood, she wants to do you with a strap on. But then again, that wouldn't be anything new for you.

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A tip for you: in order for people to take your troll questions seriously enough to get riled up, you need to be a lot more subtle.

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ĿỉŁF™ #8 - still sideways
Give her the whole gusto in one good hard ram...that way there will be no backing out...haha...

Don't forget the Dirty Sanchez.

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