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Hi there
My BF lied and told me he was divorced 2 years, when in fact he was just separated. Should i forgive him?
he is divorced now though. as of last week.

we have been dating 3 months. should i forgive him and still date

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2010-11-07 02:26:33 +0000
Think about it. This is a man whose method of dealing with a difficult situation is to lie about it.
Is that what you want to deal with for the rest of your life? He will take the easy way out of any conflict and you won't have a clue about what he really does or who he is.

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2010-11-07 02:29:34 +0000
well... if you had sex with him you both committed adultery sooooooo i dont like lies. forgive him but you both better set rules and keep sex out of the mixture until you have spent some time getting to know one another, and decide to marry... do things right. Also when a person is divorced there is a wound and they need to heal... they need to deal with their hurts... and a rebound relationship might just be to soothe their hurt rather than really wanting a good new relationship...

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2010-11-07 02:40:30 +0000
NEVER ever date a guy just coming out of a marriage. You are the rebound girl. When his divorce is final, you WILL be history, trust me on that. He is also a liar and a cheat, so that will also be YOUR future also. Be prepared to be lied to, because, he will do this again, to you.

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2010-11-07 02:50:29 +0000
Any relationship that starts with a lie is not worth it.
That was pretty important subject to lie about. get ready for more lies.
I would not forgive or forget !
Your life.

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2010-11-07 02:29:49 +0000
I wouldn't date him anymore. If he lied about that, what else has he lied about??? I want an honest guy and this isn't one.

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2010-11-07 02:21:27 +0000
No, break up. Next thing you know, you're pregnant and he reveals that he's not separated but still married. Do you want to be a mistress? Get out while you can. Once a liar, always a liar.

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2010-11-07 02:24:31 +0000
NO. He'll continue to lie.

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2010-11-07 05:24:39 +0000
Big deal.

Think about how many lies you've told him.

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2010-11-07 02:45:03 +0000
no. if he lies about that, he's lying about other things too.

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2010-11-07 02:23:14 +0000
The question is if you still want to be with him after he lied to you. He might have been interested in you and he felt that lying to you was a way of making you interested in him. Sometimes women won't date men who are legally separated and he knew that. It's not up to us if you should forgive him - that's a question you can only answer yourself.

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2010-11-07 02:24:09 +0000
I would be hesitant. A relationship that starts with a major lie isn't going to be safe.

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2010-11-07 02:50:57 +0000
Girl....don't be one of those women who stay stuck on stupid and be so desperate that you devalue yourself by staying with a man who would lie to your face, without a problem doing so.

Liberate yourself and find a man who can be truthful with you....they are out there....just hold out.

This man will lie to you about other things...don't be around to be abused that way. Get smart.

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2010-11-07 02:27:39 +0000
So, for three months, this guy has been lying to you EVERY DAY, but you want to forgive him?

Ok, you can forgive him if you like, but you're a fool to keep seeing him.

You know, you CAN forgive someone, but still want nothing to do with them. Forgiveness simply means that you have accepted what's happened, and are no longer fighting it. You have come to terms with it. It does not mean that you agree with whatever happened, or that you like it ... it only means that you're at peace with it.

I think you should dump his sorry butt and find another guy.

You can do better !!

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2010-11-07 02:32:39 +0000
Well...men think differently then women. He has probably been out of the house for 2 years and been divorced in his head and maybe even signed papers...It took my divorce over 2 years to be finally signed by a judge...so find out the facts of when they filed the papers....if they filed way back...let it go...I waited months and months and then the judge wanted another paper signed, then more months...
Good luck!

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2010-11-07 02:46:14 +0000
First of all he's not your BOYFRIEND leave that Married man alone!!!

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2010-11-07 02:23:42 +0000
Depends - my friend was just separated from her husband and dating another man because she could not afford the divorce at the time. Maybe he felt like he couldn't tell you cause you'd run the other way. I mean really who wants to get involved with someone who is just "separated" and not yet divorced. As long as the divorce is now final it's ok.

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2010-11-07 02:26:16 +0000
Lying seems to come very easily for him. He will lie to you again because once it's tolerated it continues. You enable him to lie if you forgive him. In his mind you are saying, "I know you lied for whatever reasons and I forgive you.." so he's thinking "Hmm... cool. That was easy. I can lie any time I want and still get away with it."

As of last week, you are not an adultress any longer, are you ??? The man lied and a lie is a lie. He will lie again. Leave him.

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