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Is it strange for a wife to refuse to kiss her husband/?
Claims it is her asma but didn't have problem before.
Additional Details
I don't have bad breath made sure and she would have told me in the past if I did. This is she never wants to kiss me unless I make it a big deal and then closed lips

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2008-10-23 15:59:26 +0000
maybe she has a cold sore and is embarrassed. It is a form of herpes and she probably doesn't want you to catch it. Type 1 can be carried in childhood. Ask her in a nice way. I have it and my outbreak is once every couple years or if I get a bad flu and stressed out. My hubby was confused at first until I explained to him that I didn't want tp pass it on to him. Ask her. There could be an innocent explanation. I have been married 8 years and we know when to buy the Abreva.

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2008-10-23 15:54:52 +0000
If this is a NEW thing, I would be very worried. It means there is something wrong inside her head. It could be any number of things - an affair, disconnection from you, general unhappiness. Hard to say.

If she's always been apprehensive about kissing you, then she just doesn't like it.

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2008-10-23 15:47:56 +0000
Yes. Sounds to me like something is up

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2008-10-23 15:51:57 +0000
sounds pretty strange to me

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2008-10-23 15:53:10 +0000
I don't like to kiss my husband. I'm not cheating on him and we've been married 14 years. I don't have a reason other than I don't like it anymore.

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2008-10-23 16:18:45 +0000
i would agree it's strange...but you should ask why

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2008-10-23 15:51:00 +0000
Get thee to a dentist. Could be your breath is making her asma worse. and Asma does not stay the same all the time she could have times when it is better and times when it is worse. Bad breath also leaves bad taste for kissing so check the most obvious cause first.

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2008-10-23 15:49:26 +0000
yes it's strange but you have to ask her and talk about it.

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2008-10-23 16:14:21 +0000
Very Strange!

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2008-10-23 15:50:02 +0000
strange,, how is your relationship? hows your breath? if both are good then i would just flat out ask her for the real reason why this is a problem...

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2008-10-23 15:51:10 +0000
Heres waht I know for sure. The reason she gave you is a bunch of crap. What is the real reason? Your breath and she doesnt want to hurt your feelings perhaps? Or else she just isnt feeling it man. If she isnt feeling it you should be experiencing lack of affection on a larger scale than just this one medium though. That is how you will know.

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2008-10-23 15:50:09 +0000
Not only strange..It is WEIRD! Do u brush your teeth daily? Just to know! :)

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2008-10-23 15:51:44 +0000

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2008-10-23 15:58:14 +0000
Depends what sort of kiss - a simple kiss on the cheek/lips shouldnt be a problem ; but any more, I find it hard because of my asthma. I have to keep gasping for breath. Maybe she's just got to the stage where she'd rather not have to go through it..

On the other hand, maybe she's feeling a bit down about herself and is doubting why you would want to kiss her, so shrugs it off thinking of any excuse, just because she doesnt want a meaningless kiss, even though it wouldnt be - its just how she see's it?

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2008-10-23 15:59:50 +0000
Do you not brush your teeth? Or not take regular showers? lol, this might sound wierd, but really, my dad was raised in a family where they didn't brush their teeth. It's not his fault, his mom never made him brush his teeth, so it's not important to him... He had to get dentures early (a warning to everyone--BRUSH YOUR TEETH! haha...) Anyways, sometimes my mom would not kiss him because he hadn't brushed his teeth. But sometimes he does...
But I would say, if she seems like she is holding something back, or maybe like she has built a wall between you, then something might be going on.
People do fall out of love, too. It's possible if you have been married for a while that she is not "in love" with you anymore. I know this sounds like a terrible thing to say, but it does happen, and usually all it takes is a little time. So make sure that she likes you as a person. Loving someone and caring about them can be different than liking them. So then if she falls out of love with you, she still likes you, and then will usually stay in a relationship with you until she falls back in love. When my mom was engaged to my dad, my grandma asked her "Do you like him?" and my mom replied "of course I like him, I love him!" and my grandma told her that if you don't LIKE someone also, then it's hard to maintain a relationship if you fall out of love. It's very easy for people in a relationship to fall out of love, you see? Especially if they are in a marriage like you are. Just try to bring back some excitement. plan a romantic evening sometime, or when you watch TV tonight, put your arm around her and tell her that you love her. Try to put a little spark into it! :D IF she is cheating (sorry to use that word!! :-/ ) then you have to make your relationship a little more exciting! People cheat because it's exciting and they get bored in their own relationships (she still most likely deeply loves you, and cares about you!) but if your lives have come to a dull-ish place, then people can get bored.

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2008-10-23 16:45:18 +0000
I don't think its strange. My 1st husband and I weren't big kissers but when he finally kissed me (a year or so into dating) with an open mouth & tongue it was amazing! However, in the 8 years we were married i'm sure we never kissed more than 10 times.
Fast forward my new husband LOVES kiss open mouth with the tongue! Its taking some getting use to and although, I DON'T like it enough to initiate. I allow my husband to kiss me during intimate times and often enough to let him know that if kissing is what he likes then I love him enough not to reject him. I reciprocate his kisses as passionately as I receive them.

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2008-10-23 15:56:11 +0000
Poor you, it sounds to me as if there is a problem and you might not find out til it's too late. Talk to her

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2008-10-23 15:56:05 +0000
The only situation I have heard of was a woman would not kiss her husband because his teeth were rotten. I have asthma and kissing doesn't bother me at all and I don't see how it could. I think you have more trouble in your marriage then just not getting any kisses.

I read your other questions... stop going to the strip club and fantasizing about that gal. Work does not make a man but it can break him if that is all he has. I believe you need to go see a psychologist. You may be depressed.

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2008-10-23 15:52:13 +0000
strange. could be a bad breath problmes. but all together, it's strange.

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2008-10-23 15:59:33 +0000
"Strange" would be an extreme understatement.

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