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Is it inappropriate for my husband to hold my sister from behind, with his hands around her waist area?
I recently caught my husband holding my sister from behind, with his hands around her waist area. Because he normally only does this to me, it made me feel really uncomfortable. But am I overreacting or is this considered an intimate hug? Are there any guidelines on what's considered inappropriate? Please help. Thank you.
Additional Details
The 3 of us were at a party. When my sister got up to go to the bathroom, my husband went after her, saying he needed to go "protect" her from some guy who was grabbing her arm. But when they didn't return after 35-40 minutes, I decided to go look for them. When I found them, they were both on the dance floor, but neither of them were dancing. Instead, I saw them standing there, hanging out and laughing, with my husband standing behind my sister and his arms around her waist.

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psychopathia sexualis
sounds as if he is testing the boundaries of his relationship with her.
a bit of dangerous flirting,laughed off if you question it.
but secretly seeing if he can "have a chance" if he could.

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I wouldn't consider it weird ... but my husband and I have been together 14 years, since we were both 17 and my sister was only 13 so to her, he is her big brother. If it is making you so uncomfortable, then it is inappropriate for him to do it. Tell him how you feel about it.

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fleur d
It probably is totally innocent, HOWEVER, I still wouldn't like it. Seems pretty intimate for an in-law embrace. If it is really bothering you, next time you see it happen, I'd walk up to them with the sweetest possible smile and demeanor and say, "I know he's really cute, but he's my man, aren't you baby?" Then take his arms off of her and put them on her. Give her a sly wink and snuggle up with your man. Hopefully that's the end of it. If there are still lots of embraces with these two, I would start to get a little suspicious; time for a talk with one or both.

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of course its much more than inappropriate, why was your husband missing for 35-40 minutes with her?
why did you wait so long to find them? i think they were up to no good and he's been wanting to for a long time, your sister needs her *** kicked.

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I think that's a bit weird... Have you spoke to him about it? It may just be a misinterpretation. Good luck!

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He'd like to get in sister's pants too!

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Everyone has a God-given alarm system within them called the INTUITION. Most times we ignore it. The times we heed it, people try to convince us everythings OK. But somewhere later on one day we end up thinking -":I always had that feeling................"?

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Salacious Crumb
Appears he is tapping both cute @sses in the family at the same time.

A guy doesn't hold a woman like that without getting an erection AND letting the woman KNOW he has an erection.

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Ithink it is weird and inappropriate. what if his brother were to that to you? I brt he would get pissed off.

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Yes to me thats an intimate gesture. A quick hug with arms round the shoulders would be more appropriate, the "holding" element is particularly intimate.

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hmmmm.... I don't know how old your sister is but something might be going on. I would do some investigating. My husband would never ever do that to my sisters that's just creepy.

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TOTALLY inappropriate for him to do that.
It's time to sit them both down and tell them that it is not ok for him to do that and why.
And your sister should know better, seriously.
It would have me seeing red to be honest.

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Geronimos Gash
Only one reason for that move - testing the waters. That's an intimate hold.

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she might as well bent over too! well then again HE grabbed HER... It could've been simply out of habit, but I'd keep my eyes wide open for other signs.

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It sure is inappropriate, even flirtatious. He's probably testing the waters and seeing if he gets any resistance from sis before he moves on to the next level. I do wonder about the circumstances behind (no pun intended) two people getting into that position, though.

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You're right, that is what I call an intimate hug too!
It's inappropriate, ask your sister how she feels about it, and see her reaction.
I would be suspicious.

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