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Just curious....

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Come on all you hen picked men...you can feel free to answer the question......

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Is He Cheating? He immediately showers and washes his boxers when he comes home.?
When he comes home from work... he rinses out his boxers, puts them in the hamper and then takes a shower right away
Additional Details
I asked him and he got furious at me for asking a ridiculous question.

This is new.. it's been 3 days in a row now.

He works construction...

I've moved into spare room, we are no longer intimate.

First response was that he stood on them because he didn't want to get bath mats wet. (ridiculous)

2nd day.. wet boxers in hamper..

3rd day, wet boxers.. bottom have rinsed..

I'm thinking of going to his work and following him on his way home.. am i crazy..

this is a 14 year relationship..

I suspect foul play

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Ask him, that is weird.

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ok , this is embarrasing for me too but im gonna give my version of my personal story. My man since the first day we decided to move in together told me that sometimes he makes his underwear alittle dirty. i guess becouse he is alittle overweight(maybe not alittle). i also asked him ," why aren't u alittle more carefull when you clean yourself." he said that he does it by not enough couse that's the way he was told from his mother since a kid . "wipe your behind twice".
while my mom always told me wipe until u see nothing o n the rollpaper.(so personally im a freak about it) sometime its the up bringing... you know.
anyway, he doenst care that i got to see his dirty sh..t. i just grab them , and bleach them for an hour and they get brighter than my teeth hehehe.
The bottom line is, that after 14 years a man gets older and not younger and our body changes too.
....Oh and one thing which is very important. My husband is an engineer so he works in construction too. he does estimating and stuff but goes in jobsites too. and i have a little boy and never let him hold the baby until he takes a nice shower.

I think you should take it easy and try to talk things out without attacking him couse you wo't get any information that way. you'll push him more and intimidate him even more.

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infinite crisis 247
if there's smoke there's usually fire...and it sounds like there's something on him that your husband doesn't want you to smell. if he's washing out his boxers, it also sounds like he just got finished having sex w/ someone else right before he came home. sorry, but it sounds like you should confront him on this.

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It's getting hot, and maybe he's sh!ting his pants or at least getting a mad case of swampass. Besides, why would he need to wash his boxers if he's cheating on you. Wouldn't he just take them off? Use your brain.

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I thought my boyfriend was cheating on me, but that was before i talked to him. So talk to hm about it, you never know until you talk.

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♥♥ LINDA ♥♥
I think he is doing something fishy. Why would have to wash out your boxers when you get home if you dont have something to hide???

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I can't imagine why anyone would do that unless he's cheating...so yep.

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Well hun....my EX-husband did the same...and yes he was cheating...I'm sorry u have to go through this

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Crapping his boxers,That cracked me up!!

Your man is a dirty old dog!!

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A Leo _n_ OH@yahoo.com
;-{} MY GOODNESS: You should be thankful & greatful that he does'nt want his??? <LOVE~INTREST>??? to feel,touch,smell all that smelly,junk & oily yuk!!. So that might not be theEe best s0o`,called hints or clues to go on when trying to find out if a mate or love intrest is "CHEATIN" !?!... wow 14 years to be honest may be a good way to hide facts !?! of or about wHaTeVeR!?! because they know you well.. chances are they have a clue of how to keep certain this_n_thats hidden !! dig a`little more !! maybe you'll see for self !?! G/L~!!! r"R"r

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Teh Emo Gamer
i'm pretty sure he's cheating now =/

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ask him..its the only way ....but please stay calm and men love it when a woman yells as they turn the blame on us!

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Wilma S
Just all of a sudden? If so, it does not sound good. I would be confronting him about it soon. It is better to get it all out in the open rather than let your mind lead you to all kind of conclusions. Maybe our suspicions are wrong.

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I know it is hard to think that the love of your life would cheat or do anything stupid like that. But look at the signs I dont want to be mean about it or anything but look be smart and go with what feels right. If you think he is then sit down and have a talk with him dont go off or assume anything. maybe you need this to learn something.

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SwEEtie PiE
I don't understand why anyone would wash there boxers unless there were "stains" of some kind.

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answer me
Take a quote out of Madea's Class Reunion, where a girl turns to the elderly 'lady' for advice. "How can you tell if your man is cheating on you?"

"Awe, honey, you think your man is cheating on you?"

(The girl looks down, sadly.) "Yeah"

"That's how you can tell."

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does he eat at msdonalds? if it does it explains the washing of the boxers

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I would suspect something too. I say that if you don't end up following him or before you do that, maybe you should unskrew the shower thing or something along that line... so one day when he heads home from work he will be unable to get directly in the shower. Also, the day you do that, hide the cleaner and items he is using to clean the boxers and wash them. If hiding the cleaner doesnt work, unplug or disable the washing machine or something. I only offered up those ideas because you said you already asked him what was up... if i misunderstood and you havent talked to him yet then before any of this talk to him.
I hope that helps... :)

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I would say, "you don't need to rinse your boxers, that's why i wash them."

or when he gets home and went in the bathroom, i would walk in there 30 seconds later and see what his boxers look like before he rinses them.

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theres something wrong ,
ask him whats up with this if its something he just started doing..
sounds like he may be cheating but dont jump to any conclusions

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Maybe he sweats a lot where he works and wants to clean up. They only strange thing is washing boxes - ? I just throw them in hamper.

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Hell yeah, he's cheating!

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i think you have to take him to a phsycologist . taking shower right after comng back from the job is o.k if he is doing hard work

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Hire a detective to keep an eye on him.

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He's either cheating or going to some place to jack off before coming home from work. I'd ask him outright what the heck is going on.

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the first is normal... the second...either hes cheating or somethings medically wrong.
Ask him. If hes cheating there will b other tel-tale signs.

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sounds more like he is choking his chicken at work

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jon d
Maybe. Is his job physically demanding to the point where he might be sweaty all day? Personally I have never rinsed out my boxers, I just put them in the hamper, but everybody has their quirks.
Just ask him why he does it because you noticed it and are just curious because its kind of weird, not necessarily suspicious.
If he works a dirty job he probably wants to shower right away. If he works an office job and doesn't hit the gym on the way home, he probably shouldn't feel the need to shower right away.

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Not necessarily. May be he has skid marks on his boxers and is ashamed to show it to you. Don't jump to conclusions. There are always two sides to a coin.

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Alice W
You might be jumping to conclusions. There is a possibility he is having accidents and is too embarrassed to let you know about it. It might be a health issue and maybe you can just ask him about it.

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Either that, or maybe he craps his pants?

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