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 What's wrong about wanting to marry a man with money?
I just want an easier life because my life has been pretty tough and I've learned the value of money. Everyone has a preference when it comes to getting married to someone so why was me wanting ...

 does size really matter? I was curious what women really think on this subject...?
I know some women will say" it depends on the vagina...
But can a 5 incher be satisfying as a 10 incher...
Additional Details
So far its a split 4-4...

 Do you think a younger, attractive woman can truly love a rich old geezer?
I'm wondering this as I accumulate wealth and notice more grey hairs....

 How can i convince my wife that cinco de mayo is the day Mexicans commemorate the first Taco Bell?
i figure if she believes me then we're set for dinner....

 Can a 29 yr old single male get a vasectomy?
Can a 29 yr old male get a vasectomy?
im single, have no kids, and dont ever want kids. (and if i did, i would adopt one that needs a family). ive heard that they wont give vasectomy to "...

 Why are Married Women always cheating?
Before you unload on me with the: "Oh men do it, too!" crap; I've slept with a ton of married women, and most of them complained they were bored or unhappy in the marriage--but that ...

 So, not long ago, my wife and I had a "discussion" about equality...?
...in the marriage; was I right in my assessment?

Her claim is that she doesn't feel equal in the relationship, that she feels I stifle her from adding to the marriage.


 marriage and div, how rude do you find me on a scale of 1-10?
I dont think im rude,honest to heck I dont think I am but people here say I am. Everyone in real life really likes me and they think Im funny *not rude*...

 Should I see a counselor about my fixation with sexuality?
I just asked if somone would rather lose their sight or the ability to orgasm.

Someone assumed "Clearly, eyesight is more important than orgasm.

I'm sorry to tell you ...

 Do you still get that "feeling" when you see your spouse, like you did when y'all 1st met?
The whole butterflies/warm feeling... ya know... Now I don't mean *everytime* you see them, but atleast sometimes...
Additional Details
No TD's from me :)))

Oh & ...

 My wife had relations with several men before me, so during an argument was it fair for me to use that against?
her by referring to her as "used goods"?...

 if 2 cheaters commit to a relationship what potential does it have of lasting?
if the man cheats on his wife and leaves for the other younger girl and the younger girl cheats on her boyfriend with the married man. what potential does this relationship have of lasting when there ...

 how to get into mood with my husband?

 do you think that having an affair and falling in love with a married man is wrong?
if we do not tell his wife about it?

do you think having an affair or falling in love with a man who is not married but has a serious girlfriend is wrong if we do not tell her.


 My soon to be ex husband left me for another woman?
This was a around a month ago he moved out but they have had a relationship for a few months now. I cheated on him earlier on in our marriage (12 years ago) and he forgave me and basically wanted to ...

 Why do some men view women as objects?
I know a guy who has seen his first porn as the age of 6, and when I asked him what was the one thing you wanted as a child but were denied... he said Sex. I was thinking wow... he lost his childhood ...

 How long can you and your spouse lay naked together without "getting busy"?

 Is a Video Game ruining my Marriage?
My husband says I should be happy that he's home instead of out in clubs or at the bar. Only thing is we have 2 kids one 2 1/2 and one 4 months. I take care of them all by myself as he sits for H...

 Guys, your wife is EXHAUSTED but you want some lovin', will you be greatful to have boring sex?
or would you prefer to wait until she is feeling a little more lively?
Additional Details
Jessica, if you read those details I added you would know that I said it wasnt true....

 Ladies, what is your list of reasonable requests for your man?
inspired by this question: http://answers.yahoo.com...

2live Crew
How many times does the average person gets married in their life?
How many times does the average man or woman gets married to another person in his/her life?
Additional Details
Anybody who says once, is just a child that just fell in love with his first marriage.

come back to me after 15yrs.

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Hypocrisy Disgusts Me
I'd say once

MAYBE twice.

In hopes that the majority of the average people are not doomed with poor judgment

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Normally once

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Oh GOD. If this marriage does not work out, I am so not ever getting married again. F@$# that sh!t.

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spankmaster general
It depends on what you call a average person !

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Y!A Terrorist Unleashed
27 times, my friend.
That is, if the average person is Benny Lava.

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esteban g

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E Reasonover : )
this isn't statistic but i think a person should only get married once.marry for love and marry forever : )

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3 times...

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