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 I told my wife I wanted to seperate but I didn't mean it. Now she wants a divorce?
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i like it in mornings....

 Why are men so spoiled in relationships?
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 what shud i wer on my wedin nite sex?????????????
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 i dont know what to do about this?!!? i need honest advice?

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Married women, would you ever cheat and what would cause it?
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 is our county going to have another depression?

 Can a relationship that starts out as an affair succeed?

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 I secretly disvocered my husband taping us having sex?
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 Help! My wife is driving me crazy!?
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 help, I can't give up my sexy ways?
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 Should killing a cheating spouse be against the law? Assuming you can absolutely prove that they cheated.?

Additional Details
why am i an idiot? In the bible in the old testament it was the standard....

 please give three reasons or two good reasons why couples should live together before marrage?
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 Why is he still adding pretty girls on facebook when hes supposed to be in love with me?

I still add guys too but it really dont mean much to ...

 MY HUSBAND WANT TO HAVE THREE WAY AND I WANT TO Have ti to but i am ska red b/c what if she do better than me?

 My H.S. sweetheart Died?
My H.S. passed recently, from drinking. He was only 27. We started dating when I was 12. I'm 29 now. We stopped dating when I was 22. We still talked on the phone hear and there and me and his ...

How can I stop my husband from hitting me?
He keep coming home drunk and angry. I try to talk to him but he just starts hitting me. While he beats me with his fists he screams "I AM IN CONTROL!". Is this a mental condition that makes him feel inadequate. I am sick of the abuse and need it to end. please help...

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2009-04-03 17:47:08 +0000
shoot his arms off.

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2009-04-03 15:33:49 +0000
Get a shotgun. Use it.

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2009-04-03 15:40:32 +0000
File police report with pictures of any injuries, get lawyer and file for divorce. You shouldn't put up with this, he's damaged and you should not let him take you down with him.

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2009-04-03 15:39:28 +0000
l e a v e

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2009-04-03 15:34:36 +0000
Pack your bags and leave.

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2009-04-03 15:44:04 +0000
You can stop it by leaving him.

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2009-04-03 15:37:25 +0000
My ex is a horrible drunk too-never hit me, but has punched holes in the wall, thrown things-I left him even though I still love the man. Please leave unless he commits to stop drinking and gets counseling!

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2009-04-03 15:43:57 +0000
There is nothing you can do but leave. First of all, don't bother to try to talk to a drunk. He's totally irrational. If you stay long enough for him to do it again, call the cops. Sobering up in jail, with charges against him, might not make him stop, but it's what he deserves.

800.799.SAFE Domestic Violence Hotline

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2009-04-03 15:36:38 +0000
Geta male friend/brother/policeman/hitman to BEAT YOUR HUBBY sENSELESS. Usually men like him are cowards and can't stand up to other men. Then once hubby ha sa few broken ribs- LEAVE and dont go back

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2009-04-03 15:43:16 +0000
Your husband is violating the law - in literally every state - and you should deal with this problem immediately, while you still can. Contact your local law enforcement agency (police, sheriff, constable, etc.) NOW. Most, if not all police agencies have trained people to deal with situations of this type and will initially offer intervention plus they are all directly connected to the necessary agencies who when alerted will immediately spring into action to help you with your problems, including help with a place to stay and assistance for your children, if any.

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2009-04-03 15:34:47 +0000
You have tol eave him. Its the only way. Nothing you can do will stop it. Its him not you , he;s wired wrong.

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2009-04-03 15:38:05 +0000
Why ask that on here? Talk to family and friends.

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2009-04-03 15:37:06 +0000

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2009-04-03 15:43:14 +0000
How do you think you could stop him from hitting you? Do you think you can defend yourself or talk him down? This is NOT a mental condition do not brush it off and think he will get better, he won’t. Get out of the relationship now! I’m warning you if you do not get out today he will continue his erratic behavior and put you in the hospital or worse murder you. It is that serious.

You do not have to take this especially if you have children. Your first obligation is to protect them from your abusive husband. Get out now!

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2009-04-03 15:51:15 +0000
Try to organise a family dialogue involving both relation (u and ur husband) in order to iron out the real genesis of his problem. Pray hard over it.

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2009-04-03 15:38:29 +0000
Your story is so inspirational

I was having some doubts about marriage, but after reading this, I really really want to get married


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2009-04-03 16:14:58 +0000

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2009-04-03 15:41:35 +0000
stay away from him

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