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 What does it mean when a wife says she's done doing dishes even when she hasn't done them in years?
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 Christians, given Matthew 5:27-28, is it still ok to watch porn? With spouse? without your spouse?
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 If your spouse suddenly discovered Y!A M&D, would you tell them who you are?
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 I'm in love with my husband...?
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 Does your man service you without question?
When you tell them what you want in bed, do they do it without fail or give some lame excuse?...

 Would it be inappropriate to refuse sex to my wife...?
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I mean seriously, what is wrong with her that she can possibly want sex with me in my sickened condition?...

 My hubby worked his butt off (for 2 days) installing a sprinkler system for our back yard.?
How long should I wait to tell him that it waters more of the outside of the house than the actual grass?...

 men/women how often do u Masturbate?
like to hear ur input.. thks.....

 Why was my wife so upset with her birthday gift?
I bought my wife an oil painting of a Harrier Jump jet for her birthday, as I admire the way that it hovers in the air, unlike any other fighter jet.
My wife is distraught, exclaiming that she ...

 Help what can I do to save my marriage, he wants a threesome and I don't?
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 Does your spouse like it when you touch other women at the gym?
I went to the gym today, something I haven't done in two and a half months. I made a good show on the elliptical; but is the fact that my lard rolled over and swallowed the poor gal next to me ...

 IS it considered cheating if I have long intimate conversations...?
...with myself?

I'm a sexy be-yatch, baby, yeah!...

 How important is a person's past?
How important is you husband/wife('s) past to you? Do certain actions from their past affect how you feel about them? Do you think it is wrong to be bothered by something that they did in their ...

 Which would be greater grounds for divorce? Her lying about her age or seeing her without makeup?

 After sex question?
I know that after a couple has sex, or has an orgasm, the 'bonding' hormone is released and you feel real close to each other. But what does it mean if you have a strong hate - feeling ...

 I need to get marrried, my bf is 17 im 15, we have no paretal consent?
Can somebody clear up the Mississippi Minor Marriage Laws???? I come from an abuse crazy family and this is my way out, please try to understand, I desperately need some help here. I dont want youre ...

 husband keeps asking for sex?
i think my husband is very oversexed . we have been married 11 and a half years and in this time i assume we have had sex about 3200 times or so.

now he wants it everyday, so i have ...

 I love him but he doesn't understand that what he is doing is going to drive me away.?
Me and my Fiance have been together for 4 years we have a 2 year old and for the most part our relationship is really good, all around. The thing is is we are fighting more and more lately about ...

How can I sexually surprise my husband when he comes home?
I'd like to surprise him nicely. ;) Any suggestions?

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Have a naked dinner!

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Greet him with only his dress shirt on. Guys get very turned on this way.

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put yourself in a gift box and come out naked!!

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Tell him you have given up your boy fried for the occasion.

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Kevin R
Put on spike heels , French Lingerie , Perfume , Soft music,
Candles , Low Lights , hand him a drink and ..................

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Shar B
From time to time I surprise my husband when he comes home from work. We have a glass panel on our front door and when he puts the key in the door to unlock it I will pull my shirt up and bra and expose my big boobs to him through the glass. He always looks shocked and surprised but walks in with a big grin on his face.

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just give him a letter .. .. have 6/or 7 of them .. in each one put down the way he can make love to you.. get him to pick one and you have to do it that way.. good luck.. have fun..

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Ralph M
when he walks through the door -- drop to your knees

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Sue B
just have on a short skirt, no panties and be bending over the kitchen table.

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Have your favorite song playing, makeup on, hair done, and a garter belt and hose under a kitchen apron. Spank him with a wooden spoon.

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surprise by it's definition is 'something unexpected'. Do something you normally wouldn't do and that will be a surprise.

Only a deaf woman could miss her husbands sexual requests... they may not be verbal but there is a physiological response that is evident!

Do what HE likes... If you did candles and romantic music, it is just for you. 99% of all guys will do the romance thing but would WAY prefer the wild kinky thing.

So your choice is... is this for you or him? If you answer this, the rest is easy.

If you really don't know what to do, try greeting him at the door wearing a necklace, high heels and nothing else. Be ready... physiologically... that is... make sure you don't require a ton of foreplay... do that for yourself or again... it will end up being about you.

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Effyouseekayy U
no panties under your short skirt and take his hand and make him touch your hot, wet hey nanny nanny

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Don't Bother Me
It depends on how conservative he is. And, how stressed he is when he comes home from work. My husband is conservative and stressed. Here's what I do: After he changes his clothes and relaxes, I walk up to him when he's sitting down and start rubbing his neck and shoulders. I say things like, "You know what? You're a wonderful man. You work hard and take care of me. You're brillant and romantic. I love you, honey. Is there anything I can do for you? Would you like a naked massage this evening?" I might offer some option that I know he likes. He either says yes right away or he says yes and thinks about it all evening so he's totally into it that night.

I'm sure there are hotter ways to do it. But, this is my "nice" version.

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Avoid meeting him directly at the door. A man often feels exhausted and stressed (but not truly physically tired) after work. If you approach him at the door, your husband will feel bombarded. It will appear selfish and become a turn off. He will interpret this as you wanting sex solely for yourself. This will make him feel that your consider him and his occupation unimportant. Instead try to redirect his thoughts. Do something that will transition is his mind from work to the bedroom.

Create a treasure hunt. Place a note on the front door that says, "Look beside the TV." Place another note beside the TV that says, "Look on the refrigerator." Lead him throughout the house and make yourself the treasure. Let your last note say, "Look on the bed" or "Look in the shower." Then be on the bed or in the shower naked or in lingerie or a costume. You can even get creative writing the notes by using suggestive and phrases. You can also leave the notes in areas that are special to him. Here is an example. If his favorite football team is the Chicago Bears, let one note say, "Look on your Bears sweatshirt in the closet." This will show him that you pay attention to the things that are important in his life. If he has a favorite book, leave a note on the book. If he has a favorite band, leave a note on a specific CD. If he has a favorite movie, leave a note on the movie. If he is passionate about something specific, leave a note on an object that symbolizes that passion. It is a huge turn on when a woman appreciates and understands our passions.

If you your home is secluded, you could lead him to a more provocative location such as your car or the porch or patio.

This can even work if you live in an apartment. Use the notes to lead him through the apartment. Instead of finding you, let him find directions to a nearby hotel with a numbered room key. Be waiting for him in the hotel room.

Here is another idea that is not inherently sexual, but will lead to excitement later. If your husband enjoys something that you dislike, do it with him. If you husband enjoys watching football, but you hate it when he spends all Sunday in front of the TV, take one Sunday and watch football with him. Genuinely enjoy watching the games with him and get excited about it. Doing this will make him feel that you truly care about him and love everything about him.

When your husband does something that you often overlook, brag about it to him. When your husband mows the yard or changes the oil in the car, or shaves his face, let him know that you noticed it. Tell him, "Honey, the yard looks amazing" or "You can change the oil as fast as a mechanic" or "Wow, your face is so smooth." We love to have our egos stroked. You may not experience the rewards immediately, but he will show you his appreciation later in the bedroom.

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