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It's the hair
Guys: How do you stop looking at other women when you are happily married?
Most guys can probably relate. You're out with your beautiful wife, and another attractive woman walks by. It's like this unknown force is acting on our bodies to move our heads and look. How do you stop this! If my wife catches me doing this, I'm going to be in trouble!

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2007-11-08 20:28:56 +0000
#1 Look, just don't touch
#2 Be subtle
#3 Recognize high risk times to look (don't break eye contact with her at a dinner to check out some other chick. if you have to look, do it when she's not staring into YOUR eyes already, much less chance of getting caught)
#4 She looks too, especially on "girls night out"
#5 Don't drool, (it's like the sun, get a quick glimpse, then look away, it's too dangerous to stare)

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2007-11-08 20:13:22 +0000
Just don't look... it's easy.... It worked for me.... for like 5 years.... then.... well..... I looked!!! lmao.... so, I can take you 5 years down then, well.... your on your own... 10 years later and 3 women later... well... I just can't stop looking... but the women look back.. maybe thats the real problem.


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2007-11-08 22:30:30 +0000
Hey I am 70 I still look, always have... I just never touched... You cant tell me your old lady doesnt look at an overly handsome man... Look dont touch.... Its ok!

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2007-11-08 20:08:47 +0000
We dudes are physical beings and when we get the opportunity to look at a good looking woman, temptation is there. Now, I was told the ladies doesn't mind if you look as long as you are not salivating at the woman and disrespecting your lady.

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2007-11-08 20:10:08 +0000
At least be subtle about it if you look! How dumb can you be. You can't nessesarily stop looking, just don't drool so much in front of your wife.

And if you miss checking out one, don't worry there will be plenty more later I'm sure.

The unknown force you speak of is idiocy and lack of self control.

again be subtle about it.

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2007-11-08 20:17:06 +0000
Just only focus on your wife. If you are only paying attention to her, and why you are there, you won't even see anything else. It works for me.

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2007-11-08 20:11:53 +0000
Guys can't help it. they are natural "predators" lol.
As long as your wife knows that she's the only one in her life and that you really love her she should know that you won't stray and will be in HER bed tonite. BUT...........DON'T PUSH IT.
Treat her right, and don't go nuts if she looks at another guy.
In other words you can look but don't touch.

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2007-11-08 20:11:49 +0000
Just try not to get whiplash by flipping around to do a double take.

Sunglasses help.

Lookie no touchie.

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2007-11-08 20:09:08 +0000
I can't stop looking! My wife understands that my natural tendency is to look and when she catches me she often comments on the lady too! She doesn't get mad or jealous!

MEN ARE VISUAL that is how we were created!

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2007-11-08 20:19:23 +0000
are you crazy

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2007-11-08 20:31:17 +0000
as singles man get this to be a habit so when they get married there body automaticly keeps on doing it. Here is what you need to do: you need to put all the attention to your wife.

you know - talk with here, look at all the clothe together, help her pick out the food or keep count to see how much your spending.

men start staring or looking at other women if they are not distracted or board

in other words make a day to the store or where ever you go another special and fun moment together.

It will take some time before you completely stop doing it, but little by little your body will let go of that bad habit.

good luck to you

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2007-11-08 20:09:20 +0000
be discreet, and if you get caught tell the wife you were just looking in amazement at the other girls deficiency's compared to your wife

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2007-11-08 20:07:33 +0000
Theres no stopping - both male and female do it, though your wife might say she don't. (LIE) It's human nature to like beauty - im very happily married and I still look, so does he. It don't bother me.

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2007-11-08 20:07:41 +0000
Oh for the love of rice cake!.....There is nothing wrong with looking....only staring, gawking and stalking....Short of wearing a bag over your head...it is normal to look....

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2007-11-08 20:13:49 +0000
my advice would be to make sure you pay enough attention and give her enough praise, and tell her how attractive she is and how beautiful she is all time and she wont be bothered by it so much if you just take a look, but dont stare or gawk. I wouldn't feel so bad if my husband gave me more comments on how I looked. He looks and makes comments about other women, but not me. It would not bother if he would make comments to me too.

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2007-11-08 20:07:06 +0000
bring it up to her before it happens tell her the truth you can't help but look but that does not mean you want to touch.

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2007-11-08 20:13:29 +0000
You're married not dead. There is not a problem with noticing an attractive person. The problem is acting on an approach. Noticing an attractive person is not disrespect full, but ogling a person as they walk by you and your spouse, that is not only disrespect full but foolish.

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2007-11-08 20:07:28 +0000
pray to the lord for strength

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2007-11-08 20:07:44 +0000
we don't mean too i am sure alot of us guys out there try and not look but just can't help it. its our nature of the beast to stop and admire a beautiful work of art. hey we are only looking not touching. i am sure a lot of women do the same thing just control it better

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2007-11-08 20:19:04 +0000
You have to make a solid decision NOT to do it. You have to find a pattern interrupt, to stop your habit of doing this.
If you have to physically move your body away so you cannot look (mainly when no one is with you)
turn the other way, and really focus on something to make you think.

Any habit can be broken in 21 days. If you really don't want to do this, make a decision you want to stop.

One example would be, when ever you see an attractive woman get out your cell phone open it and look at the picture of your wife on your cell phone screen.

You won't have to do this forever, just until you get out of the habit of that hound dog lock-on stare.

I don't think there is anything wrong with you, we all face this. The unfortunate thing is when the man isn't man enough to develp personally and improve himself...when you're single you are in the hunt, when you start a commited relationship you just have to break that habit and start a good one to build and strengthen your marriage.

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2007-11-08 20:09:31 +0000
It's very unpleasant for a woman when this happens, even when she trusts her husband. But on the other hand it is so normal to look at what is beautiful, even I, as a woman, tend to turn around and look when I see a beautiful woman.

I'd sudgest you have a small talk with her about it, to see how she really feels. This way at least, if she ever gets you doing it, she will be a little more tolerant than she would have been if you don't talk

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2007-11-08 20:07:47 +0000
looking is not a sin.
If she is so insecure that she cant stand the thought that you are noticing women, its her problem not yours.

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2007-11-08 20:07:42 +0000
Don't Look

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2007-11-08 20:11:42 +0000
You're married, not dead. What's wrong with a little eye candy? I'm guilty of visual straying myself.

Are the wives of today that demanding and insecure? Quite honestly, seeing how many women treat their guys, it is beyond me that they don't put their husband's penis in a mason jar before he leaves the house in the morning.

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