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Are you controlled by your: Spouse/Lover/Partner or is it the other way around?
Example please♥

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it is a joy to submit my life to the direction of my master husband in every area i can

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Isn't she lovely
We control each other although I do most of the controlling. Example?? Umm I don't let him spend money, he usually will ask me if he can buy something. I never ask him yet I still hide stuff from him so he won't get mad! haha. He always consults me before making plans to go out. I don't I just tell him. BUT when I do and he says no well I won't go. Those are just some examples but like I said in our relationship we control each other and so far it's been ok haha

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blueeyed girl
Control is a strong word and a matter of perspective. I know some women who say that so and so has a controlling husband yet their marriage works. It may not be my cup of tea but if it works for them who are we to judge. Each relationship is defined by the individuals involved and what works for one does not always work for someone else. Life is compromise and there are always going to be areas in life where one partner is stronger than the other...it doesn't mean that one is controlling, it just means they are gifted in that area of life.

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Jack Rabbit
Single -- Free -- And lovin' it! :o)~
PEACE -- might be costly ... but worth the expense!

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Ja'Micah Drumz!!
Neither!!! Im doing good
To control myself!!!

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well i am single so take a wild guess, lol

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My wife controls me because she is so fine that she knows I love sex and she uses that as a tool to discipline me.

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~ Poca ~
We don't control each in a bad way.
For us, it's called pleasing each other.
Also respect, I wouldn't do anything that
he is against....neither would he.
Good thing for us, is that we have the same
morals, values, likes and dislikes.... so it
all works out good for us ~

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Neither I learned a long time ago people are just gonna do what they're gonna do.Me included.If you want to controll something buy a dog.If you want to be controlled go to Jail.

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KingAndrew III
Never, I would die fighting losing control.

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All, some, and none. Did you get that?

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Neither, we are a team.

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Zoro in Red
I like to control her in bed, other than that we are equal....Z

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oh we have our moments dont we, either on your side of the fence or mine, but we manage quite well for some time now dont we...........and will continue, I'll be courious when it time for the H_ t_ l
day, arrives who is going to be controlled. OH Baby

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I'd say both of us are in control, although "controlling" per se, doesnt sound like the correct terminology when it comes to my relationship in particular and heres why..
My fiance and I, share all mutual respects. Ie; if im umcomfortable about something than thats also my cue to not engage in that thing either, whatever it may be.
In a serious committment, I think this is the way things should be. Everything is a two way street and when we cannot agree on something we settle for a shade of grey (somewhere in between).
My biggest pet peeve has always been, that it seems that men tend to like to be the ones in control. Although thats not always the case, I dont like the idea of it being strictly one way or the other. Or it wont be okay for him to do one thing and not me vice versa.
Operating this way, has been healthy, fair, and successful to my relationship and yet still, we can value eachother's opinions if we do differ by hearing one another out.
Communication is key!

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Beefy Cheeks
Nope, neither.

He wants his own life, and I can't and don't try to control his life... if thats what he wants, then only I have control of myself to get up and leave or stay and accept it. I choose not to accept someone that wants to hide his life from me... so I choose to leave. I make my own decisions, and I am responsible only for myself... not him.

ADD: OMG... isn't life lovely's marriage sounds like a nightmare.. wow!
". I never ask him yet I still hide stuff from him so he won't get mad!"
- You know, my husband hid his spending habits from me... I still found out what he was spending his money on, and the lies are making me leave him. Just giving you a heads up, honey... your lies and hiding things will destroy your marriage sooner or later.

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teresa m
We are equal there is no control, we just have each other and things are equal.

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I wouldn't say "controlling" that's not the right word. However, we are respectful of each other. It's a good system for us. We don't make each other do anything but we respect each other enough to "check in" or run things by each other.

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Katie M
I was married to a control freak and that marriage ended in divorce. I would never tolerate that crap again. My husband doesn't control me and I have no desire to try to control him.

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My ex husband and my ex boyfriend were both very controlling. It is a pattern you don't realize is happening to you. They controlled my every move., where I went, what I ate, what I watched on tv and what clothes I could wear. I HATED them both with a passion... I have reevaluated my life and have found someone that doesn't control me and I don't control him. It is wonderful, we love one another so much. Someone that controls you has no self esteem and I guess it makes them feel good about themselves to tell someone else what to do. The relationship I have now is different because.. we trust one another, we are both confident in ourselves and our relationship. We do ask one another "Do you mind if I go to dinner with my friend tonight" or so on. But, that is out of respect and the other would never say no..

Did she really just call her husband "her master"?????? WTF??

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