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Marianne T
what can i do if my old boss is giving me a bad job reference for no reason,i worked for her for 10 years?
this has stopped me getting 2 jobs i have phoned her but i got nowhere i feel very hurt as i worked so long for her and i don't have any other forms of employer referees as i worked for her all my working life, i handed my notice in and i had no verbals or written warnings.

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employers are not allowed to give bad references

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This is a difficult one.
I would like to know what she has written about you. You see, an employer is not allowed to provide you with a bad reference it goes against the Equal Opportunities Act and after all it IS only her opinion.
You say that you had no verbals or written warnings. Now this does lead me to think that there may be something that transpired at your place of work that caused you to hand in your notice.
You must not put references on your CV either as it encourages would be employers to contact your last place of work before they see you.
You are usually asked at interview (certainly in an application Form( to say whether you want your prospective employer to contact your last employer. You can always say NO! and perhaps give a reason when you go for interview.
This is possibly the best way round your problem.
You can also speak to your Union about is or even CAB.
Dont lose heart and keep trying.

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Kelly J
i would go to cab see what you can do must be something, i had once heard they you cant be given a bad ref, can refuse to give one but cant give a bad one. go do c.a.b

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Your old boss is almost certainly NOT giving you a bad reference! No one these days gives a bad reference. What she might be doing is either not giving you a reference at all (and she does not HAVE to) or is just confirming the dates you were employed without any other comment.

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By law she is not allowed to give you a bad reference, she can only refuse to supply one which would make you look bad. I'm guessing there's no other people in charge at your ex-workplace you could ask?
You could sue for libel, and you should let her know this, she may buck her ideas up if she knows you'll take it further

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It is not legal for her to give you a bad reference.
She can refuse to give a reference.
She can give one just stating the dates you worked for her & your job title.
Speak to Citizens Advice bureau.
Maybe she is just annoyed because you left & is being horrible because of it.

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she is not allowed to give a bad reference on paper anyway, what is said in a telephone call would never be disclosed, so you would have to prove it was her fault that u didnt get the jobs.

she can refuse to give a reference for you.

stop putting her down as a referee when you apply for jobs

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The Employment Law Clinic is right all the way. I'm not sure why people think it's illegal to write a negative reference and someone is even quoting fictitious employment acts, but you can take it further if what your ex-boss is saying is not factually correct.

As another suggestion, can you use the HR department at your previous company to write a generic reference without it going through your ex-boss?

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tex k
An ex employer can not give an untrue reference.Go to citizens advice and ask them but I believe if she is lying to any prospective employer then it is defamation of character and you could sue them for any losses you have incurred.
It is NOT true that a former employer cannot give a bad reference what they cannot do is give an untruthful reference just because you worked their for ten years does not mean you were good at your job but if a bad reference is given and you sue them they must be able to prove that assessment of your capabilities

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Hi you can file a defemation suit against her but to what good?

Do you have ANY one else that has been working with you? I would make an arrangment with them and ask if they would be willing to be your reference instead.

I would also take suggestions to find out what to do--google or whatever

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Dr. Tom Brown
I had the same problem and here is how I stopped the problem instantly! I hired a company to call my employer and get his bad reference on record. When I got the official reference report, I wrote my boss and told him that I have never received a negative eval, etc., therefore, the statements that he is giving to employers are defamation and I asked him kindly to stop or I would take legal action. Guess what? When the reference company did another check, my former boss was singing a different tune. The company I used is at www.employeejusticereport.com.

You should first start by finding out whether she is giving you a bad reference. I checked my reference at www.employeejusticereport

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Employment Law Clinic
Employers have a responsibility to employees even after the employment has ended. If they have breached the implied term of mutual trust, you can take legal action against them to recover any loss of earning you may have suffered because of their behaviour.

It would be sensible to first write to the employer, complaining about their conduct & warning of potential legal action for breach of contract. If you don't get a satisfactory response, take legal action.

It is not true to suggest that legally an employer can't give a bad reference - an employer is not obliged to give a reference, but if they do, it must be an honest reference, and if the facts from the employment are "bad", so too will be the reference.

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