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 Do employers have to replace staff who are leaving (UK)?
This has made a small regional outlet so short of staff they cant cope. They just expect my husband and the few workers left to cover the work of those who left the company through budget cuts

 Can a credit company which charged off my unsecured debt (found?
Can a credit card company which charged off my unsecured debt (found this on my credit report) now turn around and sue me to pay them now that it is charged off and now and threaten a default ...

 In California, is a paralegal allowed to have their name on a law firm's letterhead and business cards?
Can you tell me where it says so in the law?...

 Is my employer breaking the law and what can I do?
I have just started a new job working in a supported accommodation for older people, and am concerned about their break system. Basically, they insist that every staff member take an hour's ...

 i worked in a college cafeteria, where i did more than one job..so what would my job tittle be?
i worked as cashier, cook, food prep,in pizza, dish room, and campus ...

 Can I take legal action against my employer?
I have recently went on sick leave from my job due to harassment by another employee. This employee is a self employed member of staff and was making my life very difficult indeed, this resulted in ...

 Boss treating everyone like dirt, is there a law against it?
I have looked up laws and basically says that as long as the employer isn't discriminating then they can treat you however they want to. Is this true?

I have had alot of jobs 10+ and ...

 Fired from job... do I have a suit?
I was hired at a corporation that requires only a pre-employment drug screening after my pre-employment screen came back dilute. I went through new hire on-boarding June 1, and then June 4th I was ...

 How easy is it to get hired as a lawyer? Are lawyers needed, or is there too many?

 Is it discrimination if?
I worked for a large corporation as a part time employee, a full time position became available and I applied for it and was hired on as a full time employee. The manager despised me I guess because ...

 what are my maternity rights?
currently on maternity leave was hoping to return to work next month but my job position as been given to someone 1 on a 6 month contract
what are my rights??????????/...

 Can an employer fire you for not signing a write-up for insubordination?
I sent an email the prior day asking why a managerial situation was not kept within the boundaries of the management. I included that I found this to be disruptive to my work and not a team effort ...

 Fire me for looking for another job?
At my current job, I perform critical tasks that can't be done by anyone else. For personal reasons, I want to move to another part of Michigan in the next 3-6 months. I felt bad about the idea ...

 Unfair Dissmissal?
My boss accused me of forging a timesheet (saying i left at 4pm instead of 12pm) but it was unintentional as it was last week and i had been going through alot at the time and it was an accident.(my ...

 Do i have the right to ask my boss about my job requirements?
I am a customs inspector and recently joined as Assistant Public Relation Officer on transfer. My boss issued me a memo for not attending office on a certain Sunday which I was not aware of....

 What can I do if I see a job for my department being advertised for a higher salary?
Hi, I've been taking a look at jobs in finance and I saw a job description that was definitely for a role in my immediate department. Thing is, the salary range was above what I get...and I'...

 If you were fired for breaking company rules can u collect unemployment?

 question about my employer?
I have a fulltime job..I get a 30 min paid lunch only I dont get aqny breaks..Can he do that or does he have to give you breaks??? Also He gets really mad if you wont work on a saturday and this is ...

 should i be a teacher or lawyer?
PLEASE TRUE ANSWERS and tell me why or why ...

 former job keeps giving out my home phone#what can i do?
after the first and second time i called the manager and he assured me it would'nt happen again.it did and i'm sick of it,do i have any recourse?what can i do about this?...

my employer has changed my hours of work but they are not suitable can they enforce them or can i do something?
i was working 9 days straight then having off 2 days then working1 day then having 2 days off then back into the 9 day cycle Again.i asked for this to be changed because it was to much with the 9 days straight.this has taken 3 months to do.now i have been given shifts that do not suit me because i am a mother and need to spend time with my children.my new shift pattern is monday in then tue and wed off then i work through to the next tue and have wed off then back in to sat and have sun off then cycle starts again.so i never have a full weekend off and get 2 days off in the week when kids are at school.can they make me do these shifts or can i get them changed to me me half way i don't mind do-in a weekend on and a weekend off but i need time with my family.my husband also works and he works nights and days and also weekends off and on

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Noma Baird
about it you can get information from here http://sitefinance3.notlong.com/6AAwN5o

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I would recommend that you contact ACAS for advice.

From your post it seems like your employer has already tried to meet you half way. Assuming that the shift pattern you were originally on was known to you when you took the job, they have taken into account your request for your shifts to be changed, resulting in the new shift pattern you have been offered.

What are the shift patterns for other employees doing the same role as you? If they have all been changed from the old to the new then it is more unlikely that you will be able to get yours changed again. If it is just yours that has been changed then the employer can demonstrate that they have tried to accommodate your request. However, you need to take into account that an employer is well within their rights to only make changes which are suitable for the needs of the business.

You can put your request in writing for your shifts to be changed again - there is no harm in that. I would state clearly the reason for this request is due to your children - there is a big emphasis on employer's giving consideration to working parents, as demonstrated by the various new employment laws over the last few years, such as longer maternity leave, right to request flexible working on return to work, paternity leave, etc. But having said that, any employer is within their rights to deny flexible working, shift changes if they can demonstrate that it does not meet the needs of the business.

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Most employers are not looking for lawsuits or any other kind of trouble. If you asked for a shift change and got it, your employer most likely did all he could to accommodate you. Your children are not his problem so if you can't work the schedule given, I'm sure he can and will find someone else who can. I understand you want and need time with your family..perhaps another job better suited for you is something you should consider.

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read your contract of employment, if non report it, ask for hours to suite your circumstances if they say no, leave

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Sounds like you work in the care sector in a domiciliary care environment. Anti social shift patterns are virtually the norm in this sector and unless in the NHS there is unlikely to be a union presence to assist you. This sector seems to be almost a law upon its-self where work hours are concerned which is a main reason why they have such a high staff turnover.

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Your employer can change your terms and conditions with 90 days notice, they can't just impose them without giving you this notice. If they told you what days / hours you would be working 90 days ago and you did not contest it then you have no argument for having your hours altered now.

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Join a trade union and get advice and representation if you need it. If you had any form of contract with the hours of work defined you may have a case. No trade union, no weight of argument.

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