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 Will I get fired if this happens again?
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 I'm not getting paid for hours worked, is this leagal?
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 IN Calif., for a hourly employee, is the seventh day in a row(of the work week) doubletime?

 My former employer is refusing to pay me for hours worked because I quit. Is this legal?
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 fired after reporting stalker?
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 Could a sex offender find a job in computer tech stuff?
Random question.
A friend of mine is sending her step dad to jail, and she worries hes not going to be able to pay child support for her brother and sister....

 Is this clause legal/enforceable in an employment application? Can the employer then fire anyone 4 no reason?
Here's the clause....(note: This company is headquartered in California if that's relevant.)

“At Will” employment
I agree to abide by all current and future policies and ...

 can anyone answer this?
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 Is it legal for an employer to constantly threat to fire his staff (99% for no reason)?
If he's dissatisfied with one person because he perceives them to be low class, he says that he needs to fire everybody in his staff all the time....

 Do i get unemployment?
I was working for wells fargo and on march 31st i sent out an email to my co-workers inviting them to a drag show i was performing in. The next morning i got a phone call from my temp agency ...

 Whats the legal position on an employer not paying you when you are ill.?

 resignation fraud by employers, can they do this to employees?

 Do my employer supose to pay me for extra hour when I work on contract?

 In california how many days are you legally allowed to work for a part-time job?
My friend works at a sub shop and works more then 7 days in a row....is that legal? She usually works 10 to 12 days in a row. The sub shop is a mom & pop type place....

 I got fired the day after I complained of feeling harassed (non-sexual) It's that legal in New York State?
I know in New York State an employer can terminate employment without any particular reason but can they terminate someones employment because they complained of harassment. Even if the harassment ...

 Christmas day bank holiday?
Ok, We all know that Christmas day is a bank holiday in the uk.
Senario:- I ususally get two days off a week, due to the pattern of work these can be any two days, my employer this year has me ...

can an employer fire me for being sick?
I have worked at this place for 3 months and I missed 2 days about a month ago and I called the leave line and my sup and told him I was sick and would not be at work, He wrote me up for that when it was excusedby my doctor, Then I got wrote up again for being two minutes late on a break, he said if I missed one more day in the next 60 days I would get fired. He also stated that nothing was exuseable. If were going to miss we have to call 3 days ahead of time. I said well I can't predict when I wil be sick. Is this legal?
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Spock (rhp)
answer depends on local law where you are -- use google

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Rick B
Who cares. If it is that bad, find a better job. Why would you stay at a place like that?

But, in most states you can be fired with or without cause. Being late from a break would be cause though.

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Most places have a 3 to 6 month probationary period.
Which allows them to evaluate just how important that job is to you.
Calling in sick during the first 3 months, especially if you do it
repeatedly, is one of the first reasons why an employer will not
keep you on his payroll.

They can and will write you up for being late to work - even if it is only a couple of minutes, etc.

To be honest... it already looks like they are collecting evidence to get rid of you. Basically any violation of their handbook within the next 60 days will most likely get you a pink slip.
Your boss made that already clear when he told you that you will get fired if you call in sick again within the next 2 months.
So what is it going to be? Can you make it for two months being the model employee that never calls in sick or is late and works really hard to show that Boss that you are worth keeping?
Or will you give up right away and quit?

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If Missouri is an ''at will'' state, he can fire you for anything. If you're still in a probation period, its possible they can let you go. As a former boss myself, I hated it when new employees call in sick repeatedly. Maybe next time offer to bring in a medical slip to prove you're really sick.

TIP: Never call in sick on a Friday.

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very legal and done all the time Dr's note don't excuse it just says where you were, the Dr. doesn't pay your salary the employer does so they call the shots

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