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 end of probation question?
Since i moved to the south west 10 months ago i have had 4 lots of siknes ( more than i have had in the last 25 years) all certified by a doctors certificate. at the end of the 6 months probation, ...

 can i be disciplined for not being late?
My friend works at a highstreet shop who work with a rule they say is "a reasonable management request" by which staff MUST arrive to work 15 minutes before their schedule shift according ...

 Law or Accounting Major?
I would like to apply for the FBI special agent position when I grow up and I was wandering if I should get a major on Law or Accounting and maybe even get a minor on the other
Also I would love ...

 Do I have to pay an old employer back if it was their mistake?
I was a graduate student at a school, and left after one year because I was being very badly treated by my advisor and had been very misled. At the time I was there, I was a graduate assistant and ...

 i would like to get a job as a juror and i have some questions?
what schooling do i need??? what should i put on my resume to look good??? whats the starting pay??? any advice for someone whos been working as a juror for a long time would be great thnx!!!!...

 in the states you have to be a citizen to get a good job, and...?
not only that, a lot of jobs now run a credit check, i think that is ridiculous. who agrees wt me?
Additional Details
i mean i have a college degree and my credit is good but im trying ...

 Questions about paralegal training and work opportunities.?
My college is offering a paralegal training course in 6 weeks. I am thinking of taking it, but unsure of what it is that a paralegal does, earns, and work hours. I am a single parent who has work as ...

 im going down to part time at my company and they are telling me I will lose my vacation time. I have?
two weeks of vacation that i had been saving. Can they do this? My dad said they have to pay me for the two weeks of vacation time....

 If im a practicing lawyer, and I want to open my own law firm, will i need a different licence?
Lets say your a practicing lawyer and you've already went to law school and done your articling, and your intrested in opening up your own law firm. Is there further licencing requirments for ...

 Am I entitled to unemployment benifits if......?
The place I tended bar was sold the new owner infirmed me she was going to "keep me on" then two weeks later she fired/laid me off because she "couldnt afford to keep me" am I ...

 I was unemployed for 6 months, found a job. Unhappy?
I was really happy when I found this job. I was taking a pay cut but hey with this economy I went for it, but now one of my bosses is being a total jerk and is telling me he's tiered and ...

 is it hard to get a job as a paralegal?
or work their way up to one?

how did you do it?
im 18 and thats what i want to do but i want to take classes for it also and get a ...

 is their such a thing as a part time security guard?
I want to become a cop once I'm 21, right now I'm a senior in high school, I'm in my police departments explorer program, and after I graduate I'm going to go to Riohondo college ...

 Covering for LOA and people on Sick Days, Vaca etc.. - Where do I draw the line?
At work I am currently a 40 hour employee and paid hourly (not salary). I work in a fast paced and demanding job and so do my co-workers. I have been covering one person out on LOA and someone else ...

 Is it there any way that a hiring employer may find out about my previous employment if I do not include it?
When I was younger, less mature and inexperienced in the ways of the working world; I had two or three jobs, that, basically I walked out from. If I am currently looking for employment, is there any ...

 Can an employee be legally prosecuted if it is found that the reason that he gave for resignation was a lie?

 Can an employer make an employee have insurance to continue with employment?
I'll try to make this short and sweet. If you need more detailed information, or know where to point me in regards of asking the right person, feel free to send me an email. Thanks for your help!...

 Can my Probation Officer tell me who I can and cannot socialize with?
I am on Deferred probation for truancy. I am 16 years old and. I have alot of friends that are over 17. My probation officer told me i could not socialize with any of them. I understand to some ...

 What should I put on resume for 3 yrs. of non-employment? I was a stay-at-home mom, how to word it?
I stayed at home for 3 yrs. taking care of my children (no volunteer work). Now, I need to go to work but I have no idea as to what tp put down for that gap....

 Is it legal for a public school bus driver to do this ?
The other day on my way home from school on the school bus my brother and his friend got off the bus (they're both 16) at the same time at another boy that use to be their friend (he's 15). ...

Why isn't Same-Sex Marriage legal?
I truly want to know why it is not legal in all 50 states. This is an issue of equality, so I want to know the ETHICAL arguments of why this is not legal yet...no sexist, racial, biased, homophobic, or ignorant arguments or social conventions please. Legitimate arguments wanted.
Additional Details
To clarify, I am not looking for a history lesson. I just want to know what is going on in Congress/Senete/Supreme Court that is convincing SO MANY representatives to vote against SS marriage?

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People are just hateful, simple as that.

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It's not legal because in most states laws haven't been passed making it legal. It's that simple, not a matter of ethics.

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The Real Obama
You can always move to Canada!

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Lynn Bodoni
The US was founded by mostly Christians. Now, they were not all Christians, and they weren't all believers in something, anything. A fair number of the Founding Fathers, for instance, were actually freethinkers (what we'd call agnostics or atheists today) who went along with predominately Christian culture of the time. Christianity (and the other two Abrahamic religions, Judaicism and Islam) has some writings against same sex activities. Mostly, this is interpreted to mean "homosexuals are evil", while some will interpret it as "homosexual activity is evil", meaning that it's OK to be homosexual as long as a person doesn't act on his urges. In such a culture, same-sex marriage is frowned upon. Interestingly, until last century, some states and territories allowed polygynous marriage...not polygamous, which would mean several husbands and wives in a marriage, but polygynous, which is one husband with several wives. The women usually refer to each other as cowives or sister wives, and generally don't have sex with each other.

I'm not saying that this is a GOOD reason to ban same sex marriage. In fact, I'm all for allowing SS marriage. I'm just saying, this is the historical reason why.

Edit: Oh, you wanted to know why it's not legal NOW? It's because many people still won't accept it. If their legislator votes for SSM, s/he'll get a lot of letters from angry constituents, informing him/her that they'll never vote for him/her again, ever. These constituents generally have religious reasons why they don't like SSM. Some places are more liberal, some are more conservative. I think that society is gradually changing to be more accepting of SSM and homosexuality in general, I know that attitudes have changed greatly in my lifetime.

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