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What in a background check can stop you from being hired?

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like 4 wat reasons were u in jail, how many times in jail, if u posted anything bad on the internet, wat bad things u posted on the internet

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Bad credit and a bad criminal record are the 2 biggest "no no's" when it comes to a background check.

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John Carlson
I have spent the last year 2 years researching and testing background check services for a consumer review site (http://www.CompleteReviews.net ) and in that time have run tons of background checks using many different companies. From my experience, criminal records are the biggest deterrent to getting hired, especially felonies. There are limitations imposed by the Free Credit Reporting Act as to how far back an employer can look and even what type of info can be included so there are some protections. Other than that, some employers also look at your credit report as an indication of trustworthiness but from what I have learned, most employers do not run that unless you are in a finance related job or perhaps an upper management position. You have to remember that these things cost money and most employers are trying to save money... especially now.

Hope that helps and if you have any more questions just email me at admin@completereviews.net.

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