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 Legal Lunch hour entitlement for working in the uk?
Hi Everyone,

My boyfriend starts work tomorrow. he has to work from 8.00 till 5.30 and he has to commute 2 hours each way (as company said he would work local but now changed the contract ...

 How old do you have to be....?
to become my beneficiary?
I am a Wal-mart employee and I need to decide who will receive my money if something were to happen to me. I must choose 4 benefactors, two of which are my parents. The ...

 Getting let go from a job for dating a coworker?
I am 22 year old student who works at a coffee shop, and have been dating a co-worker for 2 years. We are both equally employed, and never work together. Human resources just contacted us and said ...

 is my boss breaking the law?
I work for a small privately owned company. I have only been there for about 3 and a half months but I am increasingly uncomfortable with the situation there. Basically we have clients who pay a lot ...

 If I sue my job can I get unemployment?
I hired a lawyer and I am suing my job for issues related to discrimination, harassment, and workers compensation. Because it is likely that working there will be impossible after they get slapped ...

 Im a legal secretary working on a affidavit of financial means...help?
i have the clients last three paycheck stubs and i need to figure the average gross, net pay and deductions. Any advice? do i just simply add all three and divide each by three? for some reason i ...

 Who do I go to to get a work permit? I really want a job.. im 15

 What masters degree would be best after completing a BA in Law and Society?
I'm looking into patient advocacy or working for the FDA if I do not get into law school....

 What does it take to become a Paralegal? ?
I'm thinking about taking a course and getting a Paralegal Diploma... would this help me to become one?
Additional Details
accredited diploma and school, btw....

 I have a felony for drug possession, Are there any programs in CA that will assist felons getting work?

 Time limit for employer to claim back overpayment of wages in the uk?
I was overpaid by my previous employer almost a year ago and they have just recently discovered their mistake. Is there a maximum amount of time an employer can try to get the money back off you?

 what should i do? be upfront or wait?
i pretty much "have the job" once my background check comes back, clean. when i applied, it asked me if i had ever been CONVICTED of any felonies/misdemeanors, and i said no.

i ...

 would u think i have a good lawsuit to file it?
i got into a car accident in january...i got t-boned right on my passenger door by an f-150 truck....the car was totaled and i had 4 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, dislocated shoulder as well as some ...

 In the state of maryland can a child be taken away because of the moms sexuality?
I'm not looking for any RUDE/SARCASTIC answers/comments.....Thanks!...

 Background check and drug test?
I smoked weed exactly 28 days ago and I rarely smoke weed I have a drug test in 4 days. Will I be able to pass my drug test?...

 What kind of lawyer defends corporations?
What kind of lawyer defends corporations in both civil court and criminal court?...

 what can i do if my previous employer didn't pay me for mileage as they said they would?
my evil stepsister put a hold on my mail using my fathers name after he passed away, from nov08-mar09. i moved afterwards and forwarded the mail to my new address but nothing has came, called the ...

 Good lawyer in STL for personal injury?

 Do you think I would get hired?
I quit my job recently at Subway, because of personal reasons. I am wanting to put in applications at other subways, but I did not want to give a two week notice. If I used them as a refrence do you ...

 Put yourself in the picture!?
American hi-tech contracts you (in Europe) for 3 months in Africa, first month spent looking after their interests in Europe and then Africa does not come off due to the company being totally ...

Freak On A Leash
What field of Law makes the most money?
Lawyers, Detectives, Police, etc, which job makes the most money?

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2010-07-04 19:54:07 +0000
I know that my divorce attorney makes $550 an hour.

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2010-07-04 18:13:02 +0000
LOL! There's an old joke that the most remunerative specialty for doctors is 'diseases of the rich'. 8^)

The best paid lawyers are probably experts in corporate law for large corporations. Whoever is running the BP legal defense team, for instance, is probably one of the highest paid lawyers in the world.

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