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Terri C
My son is 14 years old and works at mcdonalds. His shift is five hours long, is he entitled to a break?

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sun day
When I would work a 4 hr. shift, I was allowed a 10 minute break.

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In this state a 30 minute unpaid meal break after 5 hours.

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j b
Your answer will depend on the state you live in. In most states the rule is one 10 minute break if the shift is in excess of four hours. And if the shift is in excess of 6 hours an un paid meal break. In the state of California, the meal break is after 5 hours. You can access this information on your state's website, under labor laws.

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Cali Guy
where the hell do you live Im 14 and cant even get a job at Mc Donalds they say Im tooooooo young

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Yes legally a 10 min. break is required... if not contact "Human Resources"

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yes in canada he is, where are you from?

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It depends on your state. Federal law doesn't require breaks, but many states do, and there are often special rules for minors. Check your state website, or call wherever he got his working papers.

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Francesca Thomas
in Canada, no - 5 hours is the MINIMUM work shift before a break is required. So if they schedule him for 5 hours, then he must work the whole 5 hours.

If he gets scheduled for 6 hours - then he is allowed to have one 30 minute break.

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walk on water
yeah but he's 14?? thats a bit young to be working a real job like that hes only in like what 9th/8th grade?? im in college and I don't have a job only had one this summer 2 save up but then again my parents thought my studies should be priority, followed by tennis and swim. they gave me extra $$$ which was cool. u should consider jus having him do chores and maybe like mow the lawn and crap and let the job wait atleast a year or two. But hey suit urself just my advice

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Yeah, a 10 minute break. Well that's at my work, I'm not sure if it's different. I'm pretty sure legally they are obliged to give him a break.

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