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My previous employer won't let me empty out my locker - my calls go unanswered. What can I do?
They moved the lockers into storage in March without telling me. A few months later my contract was up, and I'm not returning. Two supervisors have said they don't care, and the top boss isn't returning my messages. I'm the only employee affected. Do I need to go to small claims court or something?

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Dave T
get a good lawyer and sue their *** off

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devora k
Is there something of value in it?: What is his reason for not giving you your things? If he thinks you stole, even if you did not, is it worth it to go to small claims court? It will take forever. Consider the answers to my questions and then make up your mind

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You need to go to the cops and file a report first. If you are still unable to retrieve your personal belongings or once you do retrieve your belongings you find they are damaged or anything is missing then you pursue it in small claims court.

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Smiles. :)
who cares if it has something of value in it? its your stuff. personally, i would march right up there and demand to see the head boss and if that failed then id grab a lawyer. good luck with gettign your stuff. shame on them.

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meet with an attorney and find out what u need to do. Most will give u a free initial consultation (1st time free). Laws are different everywhere, so ask someone who knows what they are where u live. good luck

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Talk to them in a nice way to call their attentions.

Its your right.

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Johnny B
Go the work office and speak to someone in charge and wait till you get a result there.

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Kathryn P
It's your stuff. Go in there and get it. Go to the police station, and ask for a police escort if you believe you are going to have trouble.

Go to the supervisors who have no problem with it, and have one of them escort you.

the big boss cannot hold your property. That's illegal. Just call the police, tell them your circumstance, and they should provide you with someone to go with you to enforce your getting your things back. It is like leaving an apartment, and your roommate won't let you back in to get your clothes, or furniture. They can't do that, and the police can escort you to go get your stuff then, too.

Good luck.

Bosses like that just suck.

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Ace Archer THE Michigan Madman
Contact your states Dept. of Labor, they're in the blue pages.

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Hmmm -- THEFT. I like that one best.

And add Collusion...that's when the Supervisors and their boss "work together" to stop you from getting the Stolen ITEM...

And Where's the notification that the lockers were being exchanged on a specific date and did they give enough time for ALL employees to access it??
That's important....

Of course ONE CALL from a Good Lawyer makes people DROP a Load in their pants.....And I'd start with the BIG BOSS that doesn't answer your calls....

NOW....what is so darn important? Stocks Bonds WALLETS? Better not be Make up or Condoms....

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Get a lawyer.

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When someone has something of yours with out your permission and wont give it back that's called theft .Call the police!

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Write up an inventory of what you believe is in the locker and the estimated value of each item. Write a *brief* note to your employer saying in as few words as possible that these items were in your locker at the time the lockers were moved, and that between March and October you have spoken with Ann, Bob and Carol seeking access on [number] occasions, but that you are still being denied the opportunity to retrieve your belongings. Send this note by certified mail to a person who has authority to allow you in (try not to go either too high up or too low down on the food chain). Make sure everything is neatly done, polite, straight forward, and properly addressed. Indicate that if your belongings have not been returned within 2 weeks, you will pursue other legal options. Do not cover any topic other than the return of your things. Keep a copy and get a return receipt that confirms delivery.

I doubt the police are going to be of much help, but they might be. If your letter does not result in the return of your things, start there. Take a copy of the letter and return receipt showing that they are on notice that they are wrongfully holding your things. The police may advise you to take out a warrant yourself or they may explain that criminal proceedings are not warranted. One benefit to you of treating it like a criminal matter is that there will be no fees. On the other hand, if the police or a magistrate explains that criminal charges are not appropriate, you'll want to listen. Also, the point of criminal proceedings is generally more to punish than to get return of your things.

In my state, bringing a civil (non-criminal) warrant in general district court costs about $35. There is also a fee to serve the warrant on the person you are suing. So if you are missing a $35 jacket, you will spend more than that getting it back. I cannot imagine that the contents of your locker are sufficiently valuable to warrant hiring an attorney. And most attorneys are not going to want to give you a free consult for this kind of a claim.

If criminal charges are inappropriate and the contents are sufficiently important to you to warrant paying fees in your locality's lowest civil court (its called something different in every state), then go and start that process. It's usually just a matter of filling out a form, paying a fee and waiting for a court date. Be clear that you are seeking the return of your things or, if that is not possible, their monetary equivolent.

If this is mostly a matter of principle, or hurt over your supervisor's calousness, and not about a true need for these items, do not take up police and court time (not to mention your own time) with this matter. Do not spend money and a couple of days of vacation time trying to retrieve something of negligible value. Irreplaceable family photos? Your favorite sweater Aunt Jean knitted? Go for it. A jacket and cheap brief case you've gotten along without for six months and 5 month old utility bills? Your life is too valuable to spend it seeking things you do not really need.

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