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I work for 2 different hotels, both owned by the same owner. However one is paycheck (taxes taken out) and other is cash (no taxes)
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 is it illegal to fire some one just for looking for another job?
as above my wife got fired for looking for another job is it illegal dose my wife have a chance to sue them
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as above my wife got fired for looking for another job is ...

 can your employer give your full time hours to a new hire?
I work for a company that just hired way too many employees and now there aren't enough hours to go around and we are being sent home almost everyday so the new employees can get hours. Can ...

 is it legal for my employer to put me oon a job that they cant pay me for?
i'm getting payed for one job the the job they are having me to do all the time pays more i refused the job before and they hired someone he came in making more than me because of his education ,...

 I told my boss that I couldn't participate in the Halloween Dress Up Contest due to religious reasons?
I got very defensive and started attacking me regarding my work.
What should I do?
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He responded,"that's not a good excuse."...

 my boss completely took me off the schedule and didn't tell me why, is this legal?
I work at a Burger joint in Florida, I will not say the name, but my manager took me off the schedule without giving me ANY notice. My name isn't even on the schedule, he didn't confront me ...

My boss scheduled me for 0 hours. What do I do?
So I work at Taco Johns, and my boss scheduled me for NO hours what-so-ever. So I go in and ask him why he did that, and a manager accused me of having a bad attitude and complaining about my hours. Well all I said to the manager was that "I only had 8 hours." My attitude was perfectly fine and I told him that, and he basically told me that I'd have to wait until next week, and he couldn't promise me hours then. Can I turn him in for this? Isn't it illegal to be working somewhere like that and get no hours? Please let me know what to do. I'm in dying need.

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2009-10-25 16:30:58 +0000
I think you should get a job doing odd jobs around your neighbourhood and hire a kid, after you work at getting the clients and building the business and working. then even though your life is not easy and you try very hard that kid you hired has a bad attitude and complains about his hours. --- you will grow up at that moment.
get another job. you'll be a better person now. :-)
we've walked down your road and we all had to change.

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2009-10-25 19:03:54 +0000
No, it's not illegal for him to give you zero hours, and with your snappy comeback when he told you why, I wouldn't expect hours next week either. He's the boss, not you, and HE gets to decide who will work when.

Your best bet would be to ask him what it is about your attitude that needs to be improved.

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2009-10-25 17:00:44 +0000
not illegal in any way, maybe change your attitude like he suggested and see what happens, it appears to be punishment

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2009-10-26 00:59:54 +0000
Go back in there. Aplogize about your attitude. Ask him/her how to improve. Tell him how much the job means to you and apologize again.

If you are not willing to do that... Find a new job.

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2009-10-26 03:23:49 +0000
Let me guess...when you got 8 hours the week before, you complained to all your co-workers about your hours, what a jerk your manager is, etc. You THINK your boss didn't hear about what you were saying, but you can bet your last dollar he did...which is why you got zero hours this week. You telling your boss there's nothing wrong with your attitude, proves to him there IS, and you won't be getting any hours next week...or the week after, or maybe 4 the week after that. You're history bud. Get another job.

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