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 im currently applying for unemployment?
now its kind of tricky cause i was there for less then a mnth however cani receive for dependents?...

 is there a set law on how many hours one can claim?
just for showing up for work? I am a retail merchandiser and sometimes the store we are assigned to has enough people so we are sent home,or sometimes we are sent to the wrong store. I was told by ...

 Is it possible to decline a job offer after you signed the contract?

What is my legal obligation, if I sign a contract, then reject that offer and accepted another offer from another company?
Additional Details
The contract has not ...

 employment history? when you can't remember?
i'm filling out an "uppity" app.....It has been twelve years since i've had to remember all the dates of previous!!!!!!!!! how do i get an accurate list?(there will be a ...

 Giving notice at work--What can my employer do once this happens?
I live in IL and, due to poor working conditions as well as my pregnancy, I've decided that I no longer want to work at my place of employment. I have not told them I'm pregnant yet (I'...

 how much time do lawyers have to spend with family?

Additional Details
which law professions are most "family friendly"?...

 Discrimination at work ?
Hi there, I was on long term sick leave from work for a year due to an undiagnosed muscle condition. My muscles spontaneously break down due to exertion. Doctors dont seem to know why my muscles ...

 Is it a good idea to get your paralegal before you become a lawyer?

 Accredited online paralegal school?
Does anyone know of a regionally accredited online schools for paralegal studies, I have 3 years of college credits but I cannot got to school traditionally because I have to work. I was thinking of ...

 employer back ground check?
i am being given an employer background check in the state of california. i was fired from a job for stealing about a year ago. i did not put that job on my resume, and there was no arrest or ...

 What job should a pre-law student do to get experience?

 Is it legal for an employer to conduct a meeting with an employee in the dark with a light shining on them?
I recently went to my employer to discuss physical effects of my job on my health. My boss shut off the lights and turned on only a light next to me and he repeatedly questioned me for an hour and a ...

 How is salary supposed to work according to law?
I have searched the internet a bit, trying to find out what the rules are for salary. I can't seem to find anything on the subject. Does anyone know how being on salary is supposed to work ...

 Are there "Too Many Lawyers?" Should I forget about Law School?
I've been doing lots of research...reading articles, talking to recent law school grads, searching for legal internships, even reading the answers here on Yahoo!Answers and the reaction I'm ...

 Convicted Felon Question??
I am a convicted felon, I have a felony DWI as a result of an alcohol problem, and even served 3 years in prison. I got out in June, and I have been sober all this time, have my priorities in order, ...

 My job and my pregnancy...what are the laws to protect my unborn baby and myself?
I have been employed with a major health company in the state of Louisiana since June 30, 2008. I work as a security officer. I found out July 31, 2008 that I was Pregnant. The doctor advised that I ...

 Employment Law......................?
I've been working as a warehouse general operative this past twelve months and the time came last week to "let people go". A points matrix was used and three people scored bad ...

 Am I required to list a juvenile misdemeanor on a job application?
This is what the application says:

"Have you ever been convicted of a crime? If yes, please list all convictions completely and state the circumstances with regard to each. Include ...

 Lawyers; law school; etc.?
Why do some people say that lawyers "feel" miserable? Are they? What is the deal with this occupation. The reason I ask is because I'm considering becoming one....

 Someone at work has made a complaint about me...?
It is an unfounded complaint, and I can prove they are lying.

However, my boss has ''investigated'' the complaint and found me to be in the wrong (in other words, my ...

My boss cut my hours?
I have been working as a waitress since the restaurant opened, and have not called out sick once in five months. Sunday I called out because I had been vomiting all night long. I know that I put my boss in a bit of a bind by making her lose a waitress that day but now she is not allowing me to come into work tonight because I missed Sunday. I don't believe this is fair, because I don't know what else I should have done. I didn't want to go into work at get other people sick, or worse, get sick in somebody's food.

Also, I know that my boss did not like a waitress before and cut her hours back to only six a week, because she wanted her to quit. She refused to fire her because she said then the waitress would collect unemployment. Is this legal?

I am afraid my boss is going to do the same to ME even though I am a hard worker. If this happens what can i do?

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maybe its because you complain to much and dont just do what your told without question. if you dont like it quit. plus if it isnt legal what are you going to do? spend a few g's on a lawyer and sue?
no way to prove that is the reason the hours were cut back

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Your boss has not done it yet so don't worry about it. Prove yourself and work your butt off again

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While it's not fair, it may be completely legal. Companies are not required to schedule anyone for a minimum or maximum number of hours.

Regarding the situation of scheduling only 6 hours a week so someone would quit: If they were to file for unemployment, they could be eligible. If they can show that a "reasonable person" would have quit for the same reason (being scheduled down so they could essentially not afford to keep the job) the employer may be on the hook. You need to check the laws in the state you work in as every state has their on laws - and they vary greatly.

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In most cases, your job is 'at will'. I would find a new job than remain with such a jerk.

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Unfortunately, she can do whatever she wants with your hours. As far as I know, it's completely legal to cut your hours.

The only thing I can think of with her not letting you come to work today is because of health issues. I work for Chipotle and if you'eve thrown up it's in our handbook that you cannot come back for a week since you've thrown up. There are a lot of issues when you're handling food.

You need to talk to your boss about the situation. Ask her calmly if she plans on cutting your hours, ask her why, and explain the situation, do not get hostile or defensive- show her respect.

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