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 can your boss post you job listing without firing you first? is this legal?
hes given me no sign of being fired, but I saw my job advertised online...can he dupe me into working until he finds my replacement then just fire me...this is causing emotional and physical stess on ...

 Can a person realistically expect to get into law school, after completing a BA in pre-law at U of Phoenix?
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 I need uk legal advice, help please?
I bough a carpet from a well known supplier and had to apy upfront, £3000. The carpet was fitted and was faulty, this was reported and checked. I was told it would be replaced in mid January. When I ...

 Is this wrongful termination?
I was a dining room manager at a country club at which all employees are allowed to eat from the prepared meals. From when I started I was explained that employees were allowed to eat at 1pm. For the ...

 do you contact a potential employer if he tells you are being hried and doesn't contact you for a month?
I had been interviewed 2 x both by phone internationally and told I was being put to the next level then I heard nothing back. I sent a christmas greeting and asked if he coudl give me a time line so ...

 Job Interviewing - Criminal background check (NY)?
I was asked on the phone before being given an interview date and time for a law office job whether there was anything I would like to let them know since they will be doing a criminal history check. ...

 Is it legal for my boss to subtract hours from my final paycheck?
I was doing a contract job and my bosses were located out of state. I had to be online to communicate with them and I also talked with friends while working and waiting for things to process at work....

 How much training is needed to become a Lawyer?
A life skills project about what we want to pursue after high school. The question is "how much training is needed for this occupation?" I would like to be a lawyer. i've looked ...

 Legal for employer to force students to skip school?
Is it legal for a company that employs a significant percentage of part time workers, many of which are students, to begin mandatory meetings? The students have been instructed to skip school.

 I would like to enter law school but am concerned about job opportunities...?
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 How much does a lawyer make?

 can your employer force you to go to work even you have a doctor excuse?
i could not go to work because i was on medication. i was terminate
they said i did not follow the right procedure....

 If you are over 40 and an employer wants to know your age, do you have to answer? It seems discriminatory?

 My boss wants to wait until I have my baby to hire permanently, is that legal?
I was hired through a temp agency. At the time I didn't know I was pregnant and I was told that, if I did a good job they would hire me permanently after 3 months. I have been here 5 months now ...

 I have two misdemeanors, one indecent assult, and corruoption of minors. Will I ever get a job.?
My sentence was 23 months probahtion, and didn't have too register with megans law.
Additional Details
My sentence was 23 months probation and I did not have to register as a sex ...

 How do you find jobs that don't check your criminal background.?
My friend has a criminal background and she is trying to find a good job in her area, but she dont want people to judge her and hire her based on her background but she wants them to look at her ...

 What are the legalities to starting a new job whilst on your notice period from your old job?
I am currently on maternity leave which comes to an end at the end of August. I handed my one months notice in a week ago. This means that two weeks of my notice will still be under my maternity ...

 What is it like to live and work in the city (London)?

 Is it legal for an employer to do this?
If you have a shift, they tell you you'll come to work from 6 to 3 pm, after that you finish what you were doing and say "ok, I'll see you guys", can they tell you "you won�...

 Does the salary of lawyers differ greatly depending on what professsion one is in?
If I went into law, I might want to help people and be in like family or disability law. However, I don't know if these types of lawyers make a lot of money. I don't mean to be greedy, but I...

Niki S
Is it legal to advertise my job before sacking me or making me redundant?
I heard my boss on the phone to several recruitment agencies today- discussing my job as if they were going to replace me! Isn't it illegal to advertise a job before sacking somebody or before they've hadn't in their notice? Any advice is much appreciated
Additional Details
There is no need for the rude replies. All I am saying is that, to get rid of me they would have to sack me, and they have no valid grounds on which to sack me, so would this not be unfair dismissal?

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Prof. CSB
The company has the right to advertise any job anytime. If they do advertise your job, it is an obvious message to you that your job is on the line. However, before actually terminating your employment, they are required to give you certain length of notice, or compensate you based upon the length of your employment.

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It's not illegal to make enquiries.
If you are in the UK and have been working in your job for a year, then you have the right to a notice period, this period is normally stated in your contract and is normally equal to how often you get paid (if you are paid every month then they need to give you a month's notice).
If they do advertise your job specifically with the intention of replacing you and have not given you any notice, and you have been working there for a year, they are in the wrong.
You should find out if they are seeking to replace you or just hiring an extra person.

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they cannot make you redundent then re advertise your job. by being made redundent the job is no longer there, it will not exist after you leave, therefore you cannot be replaced for that specific job.

Are they jobsharing your job and cutting hours to allow someone to work alongside you doing the same thing?
The company would not risk an unfair dismissal tribunal for getting rid of your no reason unless they had another job in mind for you leaving your job open.

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Of course there is nothing illegal about it. They need to get that position filled as soon as possible after you leave and if they wait for you to leave it could be weeks before they get a new person.

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Redundancy means there is no work for your particular job! therefore, if your job is being advertised it can only mean you are not wanted,, Or you are about to get a collegue to share your workload.You cannot be redundant if the work is still there.

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of course it's legal. happens all the time. The company is going to try to find a replacement for you before they sack you. It's common practice and good business. I know it sucks for you, but there's nothing illegal or even unethical in doing it.

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