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goth boy
Is it legal for your employer to call your doctor when you give them a doctor's note?

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Deb S
Legally, a doctor's office can't give out any info.

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Steve P
No, It is a clear violation of HIPPA law. You should bring this to their attention right away.

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For medical reasons the dr won't give info to your employee..
But if your employer is calling to see if you had an appt then yes they can call to verify and your dr will answer truthfully...
But your employer will only call if they think you are using the dr as an excuse...

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It is legal for an employer to call a doctor to verify if you were seen or treated by them and to verify the note you have given them is legitimate. They can not ask the doctor for a diagnosis of your condition, what your treatment consists of. They can call to find out if you require any accommodations for what ever is wrong with you as well.

What is protected under HIPAA is the actual condition and treatment.

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claire b
Dunno, but your doctor cannot tell him anything. Any info is between you and the doctor ONLY. Your doctor will NOT tell your employer anything about you, and will probably be very cheeky in telling him that. Its all confidential.

I think your employer is very rude if he even IMAGINES he can get away with this.

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I think it's unethical; in the event your Doctor releases medical information to them, regarding yoiur health, then it becomes a legal issue, as it is illegal to release such information.

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No, it's called HIPPA..and it's a patient privacy act...they are not allowed to disclose information about a patient without their consent.

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Yes, they can call for verification.

The doctor can't report the issues for which you are treated or the treatment procedure due to confidentality agreements and needs YOUR concent to do so.

If doctor releases the info w/o concent, he is then in breach of the confidentially agreement and may be liable for it!!

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