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 Can they legally make you take a personality test in the office?
They want to make us take the Myers-Briggs test. Do I have to take it?
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 Can I be sacked for unpaid work?
hi, I'm in a bit of a problem.
Can I be fired for refusing to come in 15 minutes early for work?
(I come in five minutes early, stick my bag in the locker and am ready for work)

 If a job says meets national minimum wage, what does that mean?

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pathfind... im UK...

 If i worked 6 1/2 hours and the power goes does my employer have to pay a full day?
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 My employer changes our clock in times after we've clocked in. Is this legal?
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 Can I get unemployment after being fired from my job for leaving without permission?
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 Do I have a legit case to sue my former employer for wrongful termination?
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 i would like to know if this is legal?
so my ex-landlord called me today and told me he is going to keep 1600 dollars that i put down on this townhouse as a down payment that was 100 % refundable as soon as i moved out. ok so when i took ...

 Which job do you consider more impressive?
FBI Agent or a Lawyer? just trying to settle an argument.
Lawyers have to do so much more to earn their job, and they make tons more, but the FBI also has a certain prestige to it as well....

 I was recently dismissed from a job with a law firm, the reason was told to me as: It just isn't working out.
My question is: I was just there a little over three months and I need to get another job asap to keep up with living expenses and other debts that I have, -- can this former employee "bad ...

 Can you sue your employer and still use them as a reference?

 I need some advice please?
my ex boy friend owes me some money. i gave him 200 for rent and 200 for gas and food for a road trip. we were in two seperate states. he asked me to visit him for a weekend and we agreed that he ...

 Can my employer bully me into working even though I have a valid sicknote?
I am signed off work by my doctor at present for a week, and my sick note is valid until wednesday. My employer has been calling me to tell me that she has booked appointments for me on tuesday, and ...

 Is it legal to post a "Wall of Shame" at work?
At my work, if a worker misses any piece of information, the company will post that paperwork along with the employee's name on a "Wall of Shame" as a way to deter this from happening ...

 do employers have to provide a staff room for lunch break?
Or do you eat at your desk? Answering phone, etc means you are still actually working when on lunch break. What is the law does anyone know?...

 Can you draw unemployment after loosing a temporary job that lasted a year?
My friend has been on this job for a year, It was full time but only temporary but they just now decided to let her go b/c they didnt need her anymore. I dont understand why they wouldnt just hire ...

Is it legal for an employer to force an employee to work past their scheduled time?
I was scheduled to work until 6pm and at 5:55 was TOLD, not asked to close down a room. (which means about 30-45 minutes of cleaning) I refused, especially because I was demanded to do so, and I was fired. I just want to know if any of that was legal. I'm not trying to file a suit, I just want my unemployment benefits.
Additional Details
It wasn't my room to clean, it was someone elses who wanted to leave early. The girl who wanted to leave early was actually the one who told me to do it, I said I wanted to speak to management, and the manager only said to me "i thought you knew" I told her I knew nothing except that I was suppose to leave at 6pm (on a friday btw) It's now 5:57 and I don't have an
extra 45 minutes to clean someone elses mess, that I had to go tend to my very ill father, had I been ASKED earlier, I could have made arrangements, and now could not. She told me that she'd F***ing do it, go home. And yes, they were going to pay me to stay, but do I not have the right as a human being to leave at my scheduled time? Do I not have the right to go home when I am suppose to instead of being demmanded to stay? Slavery ended a loooong time ago, and for the past year and a half, they have treated me as if they own me. This is just the tip of the iceburg, the straw that broke the camel's back. It's been alot worse

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I don't think they should have forced you to do that. Your refusal shouldn't have gotten you fired. You have a life too.

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You can collect unemployment as long as you did not steal or violate work rules from that company. I am not sure what State you are from but benefits vary for each state. This happened to me before where I was demanded to work more hours and I was not scheduled. I refused and told my boss that I already an obligation elsewhere and that I would have loved to help but I need earlier notice just like when I am expected to tell my work hours prior to the schedule being made which is typically week to two weeks before it comes out for all the employees. You cannot be expected to work on demand unless they were planning on firing you and needed a bogus way of handling it. If you really loved your job then you have to talk to someone above your boss. But if you don't care then go and want to find something different then collect. NO one can demand unscheduled time from you unless you are on salary. Even that, it is a respect issue. Hope this helps..

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They can just tell you to work over, they don't have to ask you if you are willing, although they do have to pay you for the extra time as long as you aren't salaried exempt.

And yes it's legal for them to file you if you refuse. So ALL of that was legal.

It would be slavery if they kept you there by physical force. They didn't.

Sorry, not the answer you wanted, I know. And probably not fair, but not illegal.

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Welcome to the real world of work and earning a living. Its not slavery you where getting paid. Want a better job, get an education and get out of those low paying no experience jobs. Its up to you no one else. You put yourself in that situation and only you can get yourself out of it. SO quit complaining, do the job you where hired to, or get another plain and simple

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Hmmm, good ?

thats crazy, I don's think they should have fired u

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Jessica Đ¯ose
Well, were you being paid for your time? It's probably not illegal to do this, just mean. An employer has the right to give you overtime if that was anywhere in the job agreement.

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Yes, they can require that you work late if there is work that needs to be done. What is illegal is not paying you for it. But if they had every intention of paying you, which I'm sure they did, they were well within their rights to demand you stay and firing you for your refusal.

Employers do not have to "ask" employees to do anything. They are within their rights to "tell" employees to follow through on certain tasks. So long as they are not hostile, racist, sexist or otherwise inappropriate in their language, employers and supervisors are not required to molly-coddle employees or sugar coat work tasks.

If you're in the U.S., many states are "at will" employment states. Meaning you can be fired for any or no reason at all. In this day and age with work as scarce as it is, I'm surprised you'd be deliberately confrontational like that knowing you would risk your job.

Benefits vary from state to state and you may or may not be eligible for unemployment benefits. What you did could be considered insubordination or refusal to do your work. Both of which will make you ineligible for unemployment benefits in most states.

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Unless you signed a contract, you are "employed at will". This means you are free to leave at anytime, for any reason. It also means they your employer can fire you at any time. (except for descrimination cases... race, gender, etc).

If you don't or aren't willing to fit your employer's needs, they have ever right to fire you.

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It is not illegal to request an employee to work a little longer if there is work to be done, or for a good reason. On the other hand, sometimes employees want to leave earlier or come in later for good reasons too. You're fired because you are not cooperative. If you left the room dirty, who is going to clean it up?

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Yes, your employer can ask you to work past your scheduled time, as long as the extra time "goes on the clock" and you get paid for it. Getting fired in this situation, may very well mean that you don't get undemployment.

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No it is not illegal for an employer to require you do reasonable overtime. It sounds like your boss was being rude by not requesting you do it but demanding you do it. That being said most states are a right to work state. This means you have a right to leave and they have a right to fire you. You where tasked with an assigment and you where refused to do it. That is grounds for dismissal. You can still go to unemployment.

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