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Amberlee's Baby Boy
Is it legal for a manager to talk to an employee about another employee's performance?
Hello there. I have recently started a new job. A fellow coworker who happens to be a friend of mine helped get me the job. Well now he is complaining about my performance and claims that he's the one everyone, including managers are going to about my performance. I feel this is untrue, and unfair. I figure if management has a problem with an employee they go directly to that employee and not another employee. He also claims he is my supervisor, but he is ONLY a regular employee. Is it even legal for him to be a supervisor without any experience or special training in that particular field?

What are steps I can take to fix this situation?

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Legal, yes. Good management practice, probably not, depending on what is REALLY happening.

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Based on your friend/co-worker is the reason for getting this job period based on his recommendations.

So management is looking to him for his input of your performance. In any new job, there is a training period or probation period to see if the new employee is working out or if there are problems that need to addressed or if you can actually do the job.

It does not matter if it is him or someone else. You just started and your employer wants to know if you are doing the job or not. Now if you are not doing the job correctly, at some time they need to point out your errors and tell you how to do, or they could just let you go while under probation if they believe you will not cut it.

My suggestion is to ask to talk to your boss about your performance and what steps are needed to make it better.

good luck

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There are legal rules and then there are ethics guidelines. Sounds like there may be some ethical problems but nothing that can be done legally.
Sounds like you need to cowboy up if you want to put him in his place.

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Yes, and particularly if the conversation is work-related, your managers and co-workers can talk about you, talk about each other, the boss, etc. A manager cannot discuss your health issues or personal finances, but everything else is fair game.

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Comrade Snarkovich
Nothing you describe here is illegal. Managers are allowed to discuss other employees' performance with anybody they want to. It's not always appropriate but it's not illegal.

Anybody can be made a supervisor by management at any time. It's not unusual for somebody to be made a mentor/preceptor/etc for a new employee if they are more experienced. Whether or not that person can take disciplinary action or whatever is up to the policies of that company, but again, there's nothing illegal about it or even unethical.

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