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If you meet minimum qualifications for a job is an employer obligated to hire you?
In regards to the above question. My friend currently works at a preschool. Her aunt owns the preschool. She hs been working there for a couple of years know. When her aunt hired her at this preschool at the time she had met minimum qualifications, which are 6 units of child development, a high school diploma, clean fingerprints, and be in good health. About a year and a half ago her aunt had fired an employee. My friend and this employee got along but didn't really talk.

My friend attends a non-donimal church. At a nearby Mormon church, some teaching positions had opened up, so my friend decides to apply for one of these positions. Not soon after she ahd put in her application she had interviewed for this mormon church. To make a long story short my friend did not get the job and found out that one of the teaching positions was given to her ex-co-worker. So my friend goes over to this church and asks for the director of the school and demands to know why her ex-co-worker was given the position over her. The director basically told my friend nicely "I looked at your application, and as far as your education goes you meet mimimum qualifications, and have a couple of years of work experience. Most of the teachers that we had hired on have a mimimum of an A.A. or higher, and some of them are about to receive their A.A. When we hired people on, we looked at 3 things. 1. Education, 2. Work Experience and 3. Who we felt was most qualified for the jobs. After looking at your application and notes from the interview you did with us, we don't feel that you are the best qualified for this position."

Then my friend thretened to sue this church.

Does my friend have a case? If so what for?

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Mormons have the best lawyers in the world.

Think about it, many Mormons go on Missions. Mormons pay for the opportunity to have people slam the door in their face and get less than two baptisms on the average over two years.

When they come back to civilization some go to law school. Just like a mission, they dedicate and consecrate themselves to the acquisition of knowledge about their profession. Mormons are well known to be overachievers in every profession that has Mormons in them,

Now lets cut to your friend. She feels that she has been wronged. The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints no doubt believes that it acted in accordance with the law. The law can be a little murky sometimes. Right or wrong a lot of times it comes down to who has the better lawyers, at least in this crazy world that we live in.

How much money for a lawyer does your friend have?

Even if she was able to get a lawyer, she would be going up against a great lawyer. And even if she was able to get a great lawyer, then The Church that she is suing would then just simply get a better lawyer.

You are suing an organization that has a lot of money so they can get all the lawyers that they want. In addition to that, all the legal work could be donated if that is what the Church wanted. So there is really no limit to the resources that The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints can muster.

The LDS Church can get some of the best lawyers in the world (if not THE best) and NOT EVEN PAY THEM, and they could get an army of them, and they could keep that army working as long as they wanted to. And it would not cost the Church a thing.

Your only chance is to take the matter, to the higher up officials in the LDS Church. Mormons have a high sense of morality, so you would probably get a fairer shake then what you would get in court. Threatening to sue the Church will get you a big yawn, that is about it. Here comes another one. This will be fun.

The LDS Church complies with the law more than anyone in the world. They do this, because it is a matter of religious faith. Indeed that is a tenant of the religion.

If a local leader truly did something substantially inhumanly wrong, as your friend is indicating, then The Church will try to work with that person.

That is part of the good neighbor policy. But if you do not have a leg to stand on, then you might want to advise your friend to go back to school and get her degree. Just sayin'

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I am NOT a yahoo worker
no. as in any job, and especially in a church environment, you have to know someone on the inside, because people who hire you want to hold someone accountable for your personality if you turn out to be indesirable.

places who have to hire people don't know WHO they are hiring, they use all available means to find out, and the main one is to have a reference.

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Michael V
I am confused. "Nearby Mormon church(es)" do not have paid teaching positions. Everyone in a typical ward or branch serves in their church callings as unpaid servants of Jesus Christ. Neither do we post teaching "openings;" a member of the bishopric extends a call from the Lord to serve as a teacher in one of the church auxiliaries. There are church schools like Brigham Young University where teachers are paid, but these are definitely not neighborhood churches. And at least around here, we do not even house preschools; I am not sure whether or not we would let a preschool use our building, but I feel certain the church itself would not own or be operating that preschool.

Are you sure it is a unit of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints you are writing about? There has to be more information which your post is notably lacking.

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Stuart H
NO, the church or anyone else has the right to hire and fire as the company sees fit to meet the company's needs to survive. Filing a suite in this case would be a waste of time and money unless there is proof of some form of discrimination

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By minimum, they mean the least possible amount of experience/training they are even willing to consider for filling the position. That does not mean they have to reject anyone with more than the minimum - or hire every single candidate that meets or beats the minimum requirements.

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If someone more qualified applied for the job, they can hire whom ever they want. If they HAD to hire everyone who met the MINIMUM requirements, they would have to hire every applicant.

it sounds to me like her ex co-worker was much more qualified for the position. At least, according to the school.

In fact, I have a feeling that she has the job she has only because her aunt owns the school.

I think she should get more education rather than try to sue them. I don't think she has a case.

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No. Why would your friend have a case? An employer doesn't have to hire you just because you met the minimum job requirements. Maybe they just didn't like your friend? Who knows? With your friends fuzzy logic she "should" be the president as long as she meets the minimum requirements. Get real.

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how bout that
didnt get chosen for a job thats life. i didnt know mormon churches have jobs, do they? mine doesnt

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Your friend met the minimum qualifications = if NO ONE else applied, she would have gotten the job because she had the basic amount of qualifications.

However, your friend wasn't the only one who applied. People who had more education and more experience than her applied. The person with the BEST combination of education and experience was the one that got offered the job.

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My wife tried to sign up for an Evangelical Baptist program that promotes abstinence before marriage. She was denied the volunteer position because she wouldn't sign on to their trinitarian credal articles of faith.

We thought that this was very ridiculous as it was not a religious teaching position but merely supporting good moral values.

We shrugged it off as religious intolerance, and didn't give it another thought.


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18 gibbs 20
Absolutely not. They do interviews for a reason. They're part of the process. Each person met the minimum requirements so they base it on further things...

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Ghost of Zeuz
No case.

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Tell me about it...
Um no.

An employer can hire someone who maybe has a less entitled attitude- which judging by her previous experience with nepotism and barging in and demanding to know WHY she wasnt hired when she meets bare min reqs is very possibly the reason she was overlooked.

Im betting at her previous job she wasnt any better than her co-worker but the aunt wasnt about to fire family. Either way, she sounds like she has a serious attitude problem.

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Of course not. Think about it. Say a company has 1 opening, and has 65 applicants who meet the minimum qualifications. Would they be obliged to hire all 65?

The hiring person even told her that most of the people they hired had better qualifications. As long as they don't discriminate based on some protected class, they can hire whoever they want to, even if that person appears to be less qualified.

Your friend has no case whatsoever.

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No, especially if there are others with better qualifications. It would only be illegal if the person refused to hire someone based on skin color or religious affiliation.

Your friend doesn't have any case at all. The man didn't say that she wasn't hired because she wasn't Mormon, or even that religion was an issue. He only said that she wasn't the best person who applied. How is that illegal? Wouldn't any employer with common sense want someone with the best qualifications?

She can go ahead and sue, but she'll just be wasting her time and money. No judge would take this seriously.

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