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If my employer closes up shop, do they still need to pay me out on my vacation?
I live in California where, I hear, there are very strict laws about paying out vacation time when you lay someone off. If the company closes down, do they still need to pay me out on my incurred vacation time? If no, does it matter that the company is partnered with another larger company that won’t shut down?

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Check with your state labor dept to see if there is something specific in California low.

Typically employers are only required to pay you wages. They don't have to pay accrued vacation or sick days. Depends on the company policy.

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Yes, but you may need to hire an Attorney to get it.

Good luck.

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Yes.....but if they don't include it in your severance package what are you going to do..........sue..........they don't exist any longer.......the larger company is protected by policy........sorry.......

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In CA, yes they're required to pay you. But if they are in bankruptcy, the money probably isn't there so you'll have to get in line.

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legally they must pay out the accrued vacation time BUT
"you can not get blood out of a turnip"

if the business does not have the resources to pay it really does not matter if they legally owe you the money. if the company goes into receivership/bankruptcy the employees owed wages do receive the highest priority but it could take months or even years to be resolved.

being "partnered" with a larger company is only relevant if the partnership is structured in such a way that the larger company is responsible for all debts in-cured.

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Cindy, your employer IS required to pay out your accrued, unused vacation time in the state of CA. California considers vacation or PTO time as "wages" and therefore, they belong to the employee. Remember, it's only the time you have already accrued that is payable to you upon termination. Sick time does not apply here, only vacation and/or PTO time. Go to the following website for more information:


It does not matter that htey are partnered with another larger company as you asked above. They can still choose to shut their doors and not offer you a position in that other company. But be assured that they do have to pay out your accrued vacation time.

Good luck to you!

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