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If I passed the drug test does that mean I got the job?
I recently took a drug test and passed for a job. Does that mean I will get hired. I haven't been made an offer yet. Worried! Need job!

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tommy s

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It doesn't necessarily mean that you got the job, just that you won't not be hired because of drug use.
It's been my experience that a company won't drug test until they're pretty sure they want to hire, trying to save money and all, so I'd say your chances are pretty good.

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Not necessarily, but probably you'll be offered the job. Since drug testing costs the employer money, most employers don't send you for testing except as the last step in the hiring process.

Good luck.

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At least in the US where I've worked in HR, I was informed that legally we cannot require a drug test as a pre-employment requirement. However, we can require make a job offer and make it contingent upon passing the drug test.

The reason is that a drug test can be considered discriminatory. So you have to offer the position before making a person take a drug test.

I'd ask them what is going on...

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it could very well mean you're one of the finalists. Why not call them and ask if the job has been filled yet and say that you're still interested.

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that's one of the final hurdles. many companies now make drug and criminal background checks mandatory prior to employment. good luck!

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